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Jeongguk ran as soon as he heard his lover screaming his name in fear. He pushed everyone out of the way, ignoring Yoongi’s worried call for him. “What’s... Taehyung!“, Hoseok said shocked when he realized the source of the loud scream and Jimin immediately got up from his lap.

“Tae!“, he yelled worried and followed Jeongguk along with Hoseok and Yoongi.

The raven haired pirate slammed the door open to his cabin, growling unbelievably loud when he saw the scene in front of him. His eyes immediately shot to Taehyung who laid lifelessly on the ground, his red hair messy and dried tears on his cheeks.

Then, his attention turned to the two unconscious men on the ground near the walls. And getting his clues from it. “You assholes”, Jeongguk growled and quickly sprinted to Taehyung to pick his precious Babyboy up.

“Tae, Baby? Can you hear me?“, Jeongguk asked the petite merman worried, holding him carefully in his arms. Taehyung’s skin was glowing pearly white, his eyes are closed causing his lashes to lay elegantly on his fragile cheek bones. He looked beautiful in Jeongguk’s opinion. But when didn’t he?

“Tae, Darling... what have they done to you...?“, Jeongguk whispered and held Taehyung’s light body close to him, pulling the boy on his lap. Taehyung’s head fell against Jeongguk’s wide chest when the pirate pulled him up. Engulfing his small frame with his muscular arms to protect Taehyung from any harm.

When Jimin, followed by Hoseok and Yoongi bursted into the room, they found Jeongguk crying over a softly glowing Taehyung. Taehyung’s torso was exposed, his legs laid in a weird ankle and his chest was only slowly going up and down.

“Taehyung!“, Jimin called out shocked for his best friend and ran towards Jeongguk who was holding Taehyung in his embrace like his life depended on it. “Why’s he glowing, Jimin...?“, Jeongguk asked with huge eyes towards Jimin who knelt down next to the two of them.

“Jimin answer me”, Jeongguk growled but shut up when Taehyung released a high-pitched whimper. The raven’s attention immediately was on Taehyung by this, observing his face scared for any injury.

“Kook, they wake up”, Hoseok said and knelt down next to the slowly waking up pirates. Both, Sehun and Wonho groaned and slowly got up from their position against the wall. “Fuck”, Wonho groaned in pain and grabbed his head. “I’ll kill that fishass”, Wonho snarled angrily and wanted to get up.

But a punch sent him right back on the ground. “Call him a fishass again and I’ll fucking throw you into the sea”, Yoongi hissed furious and punched Wonho again. Sehun on the other side backed away from Yoongi who held Wonho in his grip, his eyes wandered to Taehyung and Jeongguk.

“C-Captain, it’s n-not what it looks like”,Sehun stuttered panicked and Jeongguk narrowed his eyes at him. He got up, carefully laying his merman into Jimin’s arms who wrapped his arms protectively around his best friend. Smiling in content when he pressed Taehyung against his chest.

“Oh? What does it look like, Sehun?“, Jeongguk asked slowly, his whole appearance changed in seconds when he got up, walking towards Sehun with furrowed eyebrows and lips pressed into a line. First rule on the ship: never make Jeon Jeongguk angry.

“Cause it looks like”, Jeongguk said and crouched down in front of the shivering man, his cold eyes meeting Sehun’s. “That you two tried to hurt MY Taehyung. Am I right or am I right?“, Jeongguk growled into Sehun’s face.

A pained huff came from the side, where Wonho was pinned against the wall by Hoseok who wore an evil grin. “And do you know what happens with people who touch what’s mine?“, Jeongguk said and smirked devilish at Sehun, grabbing his collar.

“I’ll throw them from the ship.”

Hoseok and Jeongguk were pushing the two badly injured men outside, catching the attention of his crew. “These two!“, Jeongguk screamed and threw Sehun onto the ground, the same happened to Wonho.

“Have tried to hurt Kim Taehyung!“, Jeongguk announced angrily and glared at both pirates who looked fearful at the people surrounding them. Murmurs spreaded under the crew and they all stared at them with hatred.

Since Jeongguk kidnapped Taehyung, the merman was well known under the pirates. He was like an Idol, unbelievably kind, beautiful but out of reach for any of them. Because he was claimed by their Captain.

“So what do you think? Are they still worth to be on our ship when they tried hurting an innocent, and helpless boy?“, Jeongguk asked the waiting crowd and they all denied, hunger in their eyes about what was going to happen next.

“Threw them from my ship”, Jeongguk ordered coldly and two other pirates moved out of the crowd, helping Jeongguk and Hoseok to grab them. Dragging them to the railing. “He was mine from the start and both of you knew it”, Jeongguk snarled towards them.

“Now you pay the prize for touching him”, the raven said and both Ex-pirates where thrown over the railing, into the deep, unforgiving ocean.

Jeongguk headed back into his cabin as fast as he could. When he entered the room again, Jimin and Yoongi pulled away from each other with wide eyes. Taehyung was still laying in Jimin’s arms and was still breathing.

So Jeongguk relaxed, smiling softly. He walked towards the three, crouching down in front of Jimin. Taehyung was only engulfed with a soft shimmer now, still looking as ethereal as ever. “Why was he glowing, Hyung?“, Jeongguk asked quietly, stretching his hand out to wipe Taehyung’s hair out of his eyes.

“Please tell me”, Jeongguk whispered when Jimin didn’t answer. The seawizard looked down at the peaceful looking Taehyung. Wrapping his arms closer around his frame. “I need to ask you one thing, Jeongguk”, Jimin said and looked towards the kneeling raven.

“Do you love him?”

It was silent for a while, Jeongguk staring wide eyed at Jimin, then at Taehyung.

Did he really love him...?

“Yes. I love him. With my whole heart.”

Jimin smiled. Knowing that Jeongguk was honest with him.

Jeon Jeongguk, the supposed to be cruel Pirate king fell in love with beautiful merman prince Kim Taehyung.

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