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“So you failed, huh?“, Kai asked the two panting men coldly while crossing his muscular arms in front of his chest. He found the two drowning in the ocean and threw them back on a small isle he quickly created out of a sea turtle, making it larger so the three were able to stand on top of it.

“J-Jeon found out before we could get him!“, Wonho said, not knowing that Kai had already caught them. “Oh no, this was not the reason you two got caught, my dear”, Kai said and looked down in disgust at the two gasping pirates.

“And there I was, thinking you two could be useful for me”, the male shook his head, his large tentacles curled in anger. Yes, Kai in reality was a sea-wizard, just like his father. But to play good in front of the King and his husband, Kai needed to hide his true powers. But not in front of these two.

“I said you can have some fun with my fiancé... did you really think that it was fine with me seeing you touch the most beautiful creature in the world? That’s mine, huh?“, Kai asked the two loudly and both looked at each other, gulping.

“W-wait you promised us to kill Jeon!“, Sehun protested, his eyes went wide when Kai’s hand sparked up, dark fog appeared in his hand and the silver-haired sea wizard looked at them with an evil smirk.

“Oh, I will kill him. But you need to get punished for touching what’s mine”, Kai said evilly and the two of them screamed.

“Prove your love, Jeon Jeongguk. Are you willing to hear me out and not use the things I’m gonna tell you for you advantage?“, Jimin said towards the raven who had Taehyung cuddled up in his lap, rocking the small boy back and forth.

“Min...“, Yoongi started and touched Jimin’s arm who shortly glared at him, signalling Yoongi that he should better shut up. But to calm him, Jimin wrapped his arm around Yoongi’s small frame, pressing him against his own body.

Jeongguk looked up from his lover’s beautiful face, tears brimmed in his eyes. He was scared to lose Taehyung, fear evident in his veins. “I’ll do anything for him”, Jeongguk confessed truthworthy, his lip trembled a bit.

Yoongi never saw his captain this vulnerable before. This lost.

“Okay”, Jimin said slowly and took a deep breath. Staring at his beautiful best friend who looked pale and lifeless. “T-Tae’s... special. Like really special”, Jimin started, looking to Taehyung. His long eyelashes rested on his rosy cheeks, his punk plump lips were parted a bit, his tiny frame engulfed by Jeongguk’s arms.

“I don’t even know all of his powers... and I can’t even understand how it was possible for him to stay alive this long without the sea...“, Jimin said, his voice trailed off at the end. Then, he looked up to face Jeongguk, his brown eyes boring into Jeongguk’s black ones.

“You were after the Pearl of sea for a while, right? So desperate to get this into your hands”, Jimin mumbled, tilting his head. Jeongguk nodded slowly, still stroking Taehyung’s fire red hair. “What does have this to do with my Tae?“, he asked confused, staring down to the beautiful merman.

“Namjoon couldn’t give you the pearl in exchange for Tae... because Tae is actually bounded to the pearl.”

Silence. Both, Yoongi and Jeongguk stared shocked at Jimin who played with his hand, letting water droplets rise from his hand, then letting them disappear. “What?“, Jeongguk said stunned pressing Taehyung even closer to himself.

“Namjoon w-wanted to protect his son... so he asked my m-mother for help”, Jimin said, looking down to his lap, tears brimmed in his eyes. It was horrible for him to think of these horrible happenings.

Yoongi grabbed his hand, smiling softly at him and Jimin returned the smile shakily. “The pearl of the sea was made so Namjoon didn’t have all powers. After all, even a god can turn evil. So he decided to bind Tae to the pearl, to protect his son... y’know Seokjin and he had another son, Daehyun... Baekhyun, Tae and Daehyun were brothers... and after Daehyun was killed, Namjoon feared for the life of his youngest son”, Jimin went on, taking a deep breath.

“But that was all a trap. A trap of my m-mother. S-she was the one who killed Daehyun just so Namjoon would come to her and she can get a hold on the pearl... she helped him but then she kidnapped Tae when h-he was only f-five”, Jimin said, his voice broke at the end.

He could still remember little Tae’s cries for his Mommy and Daddy because he was stolen from them. He could still remember his Mother’s face of betrayal and anger when he revealed her hide out to Namjoon.

“Since then Namjoon became over protective over Tae, not letting him go out alone... which I can understand! Tae has so much power, yet he’s so precious, so fragile. He doesn’t even know anything about this”, Jimin explained, looking broken to his best friend.

“He doesn’t know what I did to protect him... he doesn’t know what Namjoon did to keep him safe”, Jimin whispered. “Daehyun died because of my mother... and in return... I betrayed her to save Tae”, Jimin whispered, staring at Jeongguk.

“You have him in your hands now, I’m your prisoner. You can do whatever you want to him, I’m not even able to stop you... since I’m so weak”, Jimin breathed out, he sounded so broken. All the time, he was just trying to protect Taehyung.

Taehyung, the one who all Jeongguk was searching for. With him, he could even fight Namjoon, taking Taehyung’s powers for his advantage. Taking over the ocean to rule it.

But Jeongguk did no longer wish such thing.

“Jimin, I... I’m not gonna use Tae. Yes, this was my attempt at first but now... things are different”, Jeongguk said, smiling down at Taehyung.

“I love him, Jimin... I can’t hurt him. He already has my heart and I wouldn’t hurt the one who has my heart, right?“, Jeongguk said, chuckling dryly at the end.

A cough interrupted Jimin when he wanted to reply to what Jeongguk said.

“J-Jeonggukie... I l-love you too.”

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