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“Tae, my Darling please stop crying”, Jeongguk said gently and held the small merman a bit away from him who was crying his eyes out while tugging onto Jeongguk’s shirt with his fists. Taehyung sniffed loudly, looking up to Jeongguk with his big teary eyes.

The tip of his nose was red as well as his eyes. “How can I stop crying if you want to give me away?!“, he sobbed loudly, burying his head in Jeongguk’s chest. Taehyung was sitting on Jeongguk’s lap, his legs curled up into a blanket next to him. Jeongguk was sitting with his Baby on their bed, holding Taehyung close by his waist.

“Baby...“, Jeongguk breathed out gently and stroked the smaller’s back comforting. “I’m not giving you away...“, the raven mumbled while staring blankly into space. It wasn’t an easy decision for him to make. But Taehyung was better in the sea, better with water surrounding him.

He was a Merman after all, destined to be in the ocean. Not on the deck of a ship. And mostly not destined to be with Jeongguk. “It’s for your best, Baby... don’t you miss being in the water? You’re a merman, Tae, this isn’t you”, Jeongguk tried to convince the softly crying Puppy and stroked Taehyung’s legs.

“It was never my right to take you”, Jeongguk whispered and it broke Taehyung’s heart. “No! Stop saying these things! I don’t wanna leave you! I love you, Jeongguk”, Taehyung whined, looking at Jeongguk with despair in his eyes. “Please don’t do this”, Taehyung whimpered.

“I want to stay with you... I don’t care that I’m better in the water! I wanna be with you, is this so hard to understand?“, Taehyung asked Jeongguk while wiping his tears away, looking at the handsome face of the pirate.

Jeongguk looked broken as well. But Jimin has said that it would be the best for Taehyung. The petite prince would die after a while from not being in the water. Not having his tail. He would just grew weaker and weaker until his body couldn’t function anymore.

And Jeongguk couldn’t let that happen.

“I love you, Jeongguk... you’re always selfish and now you aren’t?“, Taehyung was being unfair and he knew it. But he would do anything to stay with Jeongguk. He didn´t want to get back into the water.

“Tae...“, Jeongguk breathed out, pressing their foreheads together. “I don’t wanna lose you, I really don’t... but I can’t stand seeing you in pain... it will kill you if you stay out of the water. You’re already so weak it will kill you!“, Jeongguk said panicked.

Taehyung kissed him desperately, tugging onto Jeongguk’s hair and the raven tried to back away, confused from the force of the kiss. “I won’t die, silly. Is that what you’re afraid of?“, Taehyung whispered stunned when he released Jeongguk, looking deep into the pirate’s black eyes.

“I won’t”, Taehyung said and kissed Jeongguk again, laying his plump lips carefully on Jeongguk’s thinner ones.

“Don’t push me away, Jeongguk. There’s always a solution”, Taehyung begged. “Please don’t send me back there”, Taehyung pleaded the pirate and Jeongguk sighed, pulling the small submissive closer to his muscular frame.

“Why do you hate it so much? I thought you’re gonna be happy... I literally kidnapped you... and you can be with Jimin”, Jeongguk tried to convince Taehyung, ignoring his own breaking heart. He was doing the right thing. No more being selfish.

“Jiminie is a outsider there! Because he’s the son of Ursula... Appa hates him and Eomma does too”, Taehyung explained, sniffing. “And I’m basically a prisoner”, he said sadly, playing with Jeongguk’s shirt that was still tightly held by the young merman.

“I’m not allowed to swim outside, not allowed to be anywhere without any guards... a-and Appa engaged me to someone I don’t love nor like!“, Taehyung huffed at the end, puffing his cheeks out while thinking about Kai.

The prince always had have a bad feeling about the male. Especially after Kai confessed to him that he had feelings for Taehyung. Poor Taehyung was so scared that he just swam away that day, crying in Baekhyun’s arms. There was something about Kai that scared the living daylights out of Taehyung.

“Engaged?“, Jeongguk questioned darkly, his face hardened. He couldn’t believe what Taehyung just told me... he was engaged... to someone that wasn’t Jeongguk! “Y-yes, I’m engaged... so please don’t give me away! I don’t wanna marry him. H-he’s scary...”

And just with that, Jeongguk threw his decision away. He couldn’t give Taehyung away to the sea where he would be married against his will! “You’re mine, Taehyung. There’s no way I’ll let someone else besides me touch you”, he growled angrily, pressing his lips harshly on Taehyung’s.

And Taehyung couldn’t help but to smirk a little.

“But are you willing to tell this your parents too, Darling?“, Jeongguk asked his lover carefully, holding him in his arms like Tae was the most precious thing in the world. And for Jeongguk he was.

Taehyung nodded without any hesitation. “Yes. I’ll do anything to stay with you”, he said eagerly and Jeongguk smiled by this, wiping some hair away from Taehyung’s eyes. “God, what did I do to deserve such an angel”, he whispered and connected their lips again.

Taehyung only giggled into the kiss, caressing Jeongguk’s face. “I love you, Jeongguk. No matter what anyone says. I’m proud to be with you”, he confessed and Jeongguk smiled. “Me too, Baby. Thank you for accepting such a dumb cruel pirate”, he chuckled when Taehyung hit him.

“Don’t say this about yourself or no... putting your dick into my ass!”

“You mean sex, Darling?”


“Okay, I’m sorry, Baby!”

Taehyung smiled when he saw Jeongguk whining like a child. “Good boy”, he smirked. Only to get tickled by Jeongguk.

“Good boy huh?

I’ll show you what a ‘good boy’ I am.”

Taehyung shivered in excitement. “Show me, mylord.”

Jeongguk smirked, pulling his shirt over his head, hovering over Taehyung again who was now laying on the bed.

“Gladly, Darling.”

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