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Jeongguk kissed Taehyung deeply who smirked against his lips, grabbing him by his hair to pull the muscular pirate fully on top of him. The merman giggled while letting his handsome lover devour his lips. Taehyung melted against Jeongguk’s sweet kisses that soon turned into dominant ones.

No words were spoken while Jeongguk roamed his hands all over Taehyung’s body, exploring every dip and curve of his delicate frame. “Mmm J-Jeongguk”, Taehyung whimpered when he tried to pull away from the hot, possessive kiss but Jeongguk didn’t let him.

The raven licked Taehyung’s full pink bottom lip, sucking it into his mouth while grinning a bit when he heard Taehyung’s delicious whines and whimpers. He loved having so much control about the cute prince.

Loving how cute Taehyung squirmed underneath him when he bit the plump flesh of his lip, sucking on it harshly. Taehyung jolted upwards when he felt hands on his small waist, turning him around so he was straddling Jeongguk’s muscular frame.

“I love how slutty you look, Baby. You’re such an innocent Baby but now you’re my slut”, Jeongguk grinned when he finally released Taehyung from his heated kiss. The boy was panting hard, swollen red lips parted a bit while sharp unsteady breaths escaped Taehyung’s throat, messy red hair and rosy cheeks.

“You’re so beautiful, Tae”, Jeongguk whispered stunned, stroking the smaller’s cheek lovingly. “I can’t believe you’re just mine”, he said and pulled Taehyung into another heated kiss. The redhead yelped when his frail chest collided with Jeongguk’s built one when he was pulled by his nape towards his lover.

Jeongguk took a good hold on Taehyung’s neck when he slid his other hand down to Taehyung’s ass, sneaking his hand inside his pants, roaming his fingers all over the thick flesh of his ass. Before giving it a hard slap, causing Taehyung to jolt upwards. The small prince threw his head back, moaning highly.

“O-oh please”, Taehyung whimpered when he felt how Jeongguk teased the soft pink rim of his hole. The raven just smirked in return, capturing Taehyung’s already swollen lips in another kiss. Slowly drawing circle over circle over Taehyung’s clenching and unclenching hole.

Teasing his Baby until he was whimpering into the kiss. Softly grinding his hips against Jeongguk’s, burying his hands into Jeongguk’s thick raven hair. Jeongguk licked Taehyung’s bottom lip, burying his teeth into the flesh and pulling on it until Jeongguk was sure that Taehyung would obey whatever he asked him.

“So my lovely Darling”, Jeongguk said when he pried the boy off. Taehyung whimpered, trying to kiss his beloved pirate again but Jeongguk denied him his lips. “How about you’re being a good boy for me and move your hips against my hips, hm?“, Jeongguk smirked, grabbing Taehyung’s hips.

“Sh sh, Baby”, Jeongguk growled warningly when Taehyung whined, burying his head into Jeongguk’s shoulder. The raven moved Taehyung’s hips moved harder and harder, causing the petite merman to choke out moan after moan.

“Just like that, Baby, just like that”, Jeongguk groaned, throwing his head back while sliding his hands over Taehyung’s ass, squeezing it. “Such a precious little Baby for me, Darling”, Taehyung moaned against Jeongguk’s shoulder when he felt lips on his exposed shoulder.

Teeth sunk into his shoulder when Taehyung grind his hips against Jeongguk’s, their dicks collided and both males moaned by the friction. “I-I want you, Jeongguk, please I n-need you”, Taehyung whispered, whining because he couldn’t handle the pleasure anymore.

“Beg, Darling”, Jeongguk whispered before sinking his teeth back into Taehyung’s flesh, sliding his tongue all over his skin. “P-please I need to feel you, I n-need your d-dick inside of me... I need to feel how you fuck me, h-how your skin feels against mine”, Taehyung whispered and Jeongguk almost laughed by the weak attempt to talk dirty.

“Oh really Baby? Would you love to feel my long thick cock in your slutty little hole? How I fuck you hard and good until you’re drooling over my cock? Huh? Do you like that?“, the pirate asked and slapped Taehyung’s ass cheeks hard.

Taehyung whimpered, nodding his head rapidly. “P-please Jeongguk”, he whimpered while looking up at his lover with teary eyes. “F-fuck m-me”, he begged the raven breathlessly.

And Jeongguk smirked in victory while sliding his and Taehyung’s pants down. Exposing Taehyung’s beautiful golden skin. “Look at you. You’re so beautiful my Prince”, Jeongguk whispered while teasing Taehyung’s hole with the top of his massive cock.

“So are you, my handsome King”, Taehyung whispered back, grabbing Jeongguk’s face carefully. “I love you, Jeongguk”, Taehyung whispered before kissing him slowly.

Jeongguk growled possessively, moving his hands over Taehyung’s pure skin. “Mine, my Baby”, Jeongguk mumbled while grabbing Taehyung’s hips.

Moving him down so Taehyung was sinking onto his dick. The small Prince released a sweet whimper by this, throwing his head back. “God, Baby, you’re so tight”, Jeongguk groaned.

“I’m sorry for not prepping you but I just want to feel your tight walls wrapped around my cock”, Jeongguk mumbled and softly stroked Taehyung’s cheek.

“It’s fine, Gguk...“, Taehyung whispered and moaned when he sunk himself further and further until Jeongguk’s massive dick filled him whole.

“I l-love it”, Taehyung said and moaned when Jeongguk trusted into him, jolting his petite body upwards. “That’s good, Baby”, Jeongguk panted, grabbing Taehyung’s hips.

Slowly thrusting into the welcoming heat engulfing his dick. “So you can screaming my name loud and good”, Jeongguk smirked and kissed Taehyung again.

Their lips moved in sync as well as their hips, Taehyung moving his hips along with Jeongguk’s hard thrusts against his prostate.

“A-ah”, broken moans and sobs left Taehyung’s mouth while he was holding onto Jeongguk’s board shoulders for dear life. Loving how good Jeongguk’s dick inside him, fucking his hole rough and good.

Jeongguk kissed him roughly, sliding his hands all over Taehyung’s body, grabbing his ass cheeks, pulling them apart and slapping them harshly.

Taehyung whimpered with every harsh slap, every strong thrust. “G-Gguk a-ah”, Taehyung whined, opening his teary eyes and staring at Jeongguk.

His arms were wrapped around Jeongguk’s neck while he was fucked mercilessly by the pirate. Hanging helplessly and beautiful in his arms while Jeongguk smirked cockily at his ethereal lover who was panting, a crying mess.

“Yes my Sweet?“, Jeongguk asked his moaning lover devilishly, watching how Taehyung was devoured by every thrust and move. ” P-please let me come”, Taehyung begged with trembling bottom lip, knowing that he needed to ask for permission before he could come.

“Were you a good boy, Baby?“, Jeongguk asked devilishly again, biting into Taehyung’s Adam apple. The Prince moaned in return. “Yes I was, s-such a good boy for you, J-Jeongguk”, he whimpered and screamed when a hard thrust was placed against his prostate.

“Well, if you say so my Darling”, Jeongguk moaned huskily and leaned closer to Taehyung. “Then come for me, my good obedient Baby”, the raven said and kissed Taehyung’s ear while wrapping his arm around Taehyung’s petite waist.

And the merman immediately followed the command, coming against Jeongguk’s naked chest. His pearly white cum rolled down Jeongguk’s rock hard abs and the pirate grinned widely when his petite lover slumped against his chest.

Jeongguk grabbed the boy’s head, kissing him wanting to hear his beautiful whimpers when he came in the tight hole. And Taehyung did whimper, clutching onto Jeongguk’s muscle packed arms when he felt Jeongguk’s thick cum deep inside of him.

“I love you, Taehyung. So please forgive me for being selfish.”

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