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“No, Jeongguk please!“, Taehyung begged with teary orbs and rapid falling breath. He was tugging onto the pirate’s shirt like his life depended on it. “Don’t leave me”, he whimpered painfully, hiding his face into Jeongguk’s arms when the pirate looked down to the beautiful prince.

“Baby”, Jeongguk sighed and tried removing Taehyung’s arms. “Stop, please”, he said gently and softly took Taehyung’s face into his hands. “I just wanted to go to the toilet”, Jeongguk said amused and pecked the boy’s lips. “No need to be dramatic.”

“But you could have just tell me that instead of just getting up!“, the puppy exclaimed outraged, pouting his lips while speaking. He glared cutely at Jeongguk who laughed, wrapping his arms tightly around Taehyung’s tiny frame.

“God, you’re so cute, Babyboy”, Jeongguk laughed and pulled the boy closer to him until Taehyung’s head was securely laying on his chest so the merman was able to listen to his calm heart beat.

“You know that I love you, right? I mean... this is weird to say cause you basically kidnapped me... but I feel safe with you”, Taehyung confessed quietly, playing with the hem of Jeongguk’s shirt. A warm feeling appeared in Jeongguk’s chest by that silent confession and he pressed Taehyung even closer to him.

“I can say the same, Darling”, Jeongguk said softly. “I may took you away from home but I do love you with all my heart. Are you...“, Jeongguk stopped, staring down at Taehyung who was crying softly. “I never was in love before”, Taehyung cried, lifting himself up on shaky legs, wincing in pain.

He straddled Jeongguk’s torso, pressing his lips on Jeongguk’s temple, his forehead, his nose, his cheeks down to his lips. “But I love you more than anything... and I’m willing to tell my parents that I want to stay with you.”

Jeongguk was speechless. He didn’t know what to say. “I love you so much, my Baby. Are you sure of that?“, Jeongguk asked carefully, stroking Taehyung’s hair. Taehyung leaned forward, kissing his lips.

“Yes, Jeongguk.”

“I’m nervous, Ggukie”, Taehyung said when he was carried out of the cabin from Jeongguk. His strong arms possessively wrapped around Taehyung’s arms and legs, glaring at the pirates. “Back off, he’s mine”, Jeongguk growled protectively and Taehyung giggled in his arms.

“You possessive jerk”, he grinned and kissed Jeongguk’s cheek. The pirate king groaned but smiled at the cute giggling merman in his arms who played with his own fingers. All of the crew members stared at the beautiful prince, he was so ethereal, so gorgeous that it was hard to believe he was real.

Causing a certain raven to become over the top jealous.

“But you are mine, aren’t you?“, Jeongguk teasingly whined, making Taehyung giggle once again and playfully hitting his chest. “Idiot”, he grumbled amused, staring up to Jeongguk with love in his eyes. “Yes, I’m yours”, he whispered and kissed Jeongguk on the lips.

“Ew, I might have diabetes now because of you”, Yoongi said with disgust and scrunched his nose while sinking further into Jimin’s embrace who laughed, wrapping his arms tighter around him. Both were sitting on a chest, well Jimin was while Yoongi was sitting on his lap.

Hoseok next to them had one arm wrapped around Jimin’s waist while he was holding Yoongi’s tightly in his.

“Seriously, what is going on with you three?“, Jeongguk asked irritated and sat down next to them while waiting for the arrival of Taehyung’s parents. Taehyung has contacted them through the water drop Jeongguk has used before to contact Namjoon. It was an awkward conversation, with Namjoon being all worried and angry and Jin being sad and crying.

It was horrible for Taehyung but they followed the plead of their beloved son to come. After all, the cute prince was their youngest son, their precious little Baby. And the pearl of sea also.

Hoseok smirked, while staring at his captain, caressing Jimin’s waist. “Hmm, we’ll tell you later Gguk”, Hoseok grinned and pecked Jimin’s cheek, causing the boy to giggle, pulling Yoongi closer to him.

“Oh please”, Taehyung scoffed and leaned against Jeongguk’s chest when he was placed on his lover’s lap who held him in place, his eyes never leaving Taehyung’s small frame to make sure he was sitting perfectly on his lap.

“You three are so obviously dating”, Taehyung exclaimed proudly and smiled widely at Jeongguk who chuckled at his remark. “Maybe”, Jimin said and winked playfully at Taehyung. “Jeongguk no”, Taehyung said the same moment when he heard a roaring sound in his lover’s chest, shushing him with a kiss on his lips.

“Best friend, remember?“, Taehyung whispered against his lips and kissed him again. Jimin made gagging sounds but was shushed by Yoongi. Only silence was in between the five who were busy exchanging saliva- I mean kissing.

“Sorry, Baby. I’m just so afraid that anyone could steal you away from me”, Jeongguk whispered, kissing Taehyung deeply over and over again. “I love you so much, Baby. I can’t believe you choose me”, the raven whispered.

He was so whipped for Taehyung. Him, the cruel pirate king fell for a cute, lovely, innocent sea prince. Aka Kim Taehyung, the most protected merman of the sea, the youngest prince.

“Love y-you too”, Taehyung whimpered against Jeongguk’s lips and moaned softly when Jeongguk sucked on his bottom lip, pulling on it with his teeth and nibbled gently but dominant on it.

“H-hah”, the boy whimpered and fell against Jeongguk’s chest, his eyes closed and opened rapidly while the raven continued to nibble on his neck, leaving small purple marks on his golden skin.

“Now now, my Baby, I have to stop before you melt in my arms”, Jeongguk said amused and caressed his soft warm cheek while Taehyung was still whimpering, whining for Jeongguk’s mercy when his hand wandered in between his thighs, caressing his bulge.

“S-stop Jeongguk”, Taehyung whimpered, cheeks flushed in an embarrassed red while their friends stared at them wide-eyed.

“Woah... that was the most hottest thing I ever saw”, Hoseok said breathless and both, Jimin and Yoongi stared at him outraged. “What?“, Hoseok asked.

And the Taegguk couple started to giggled loudly. Not caring that they were about to face King Kim Namjoon and his husband Queen Kim Seokjin who would decide about their on-going relationship.

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