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Taehyung felt a cold wet tentacle wrapping itself around his petite waist and he yelped, staring through big doe orbs at Jeongguk who stared back at him. Then, the beautiful merman prince was pulled out of Jeongguk’s safe embrace.

Taehyung heard himself yelling Jeongguk’s name. The tentacle pulled him into the water, Taehyung’s fragile body hitting the surface. But as soon as the water met his skin, he started to scream again. Because he was growing his tail once again.

And when Taehyung looked down on himself with teary eyes, he saw the green scales of his tail again. The prince gasped, flicking his tail. Shortly enjoying the sensation of water floating around him.

Before he got roughly pulled into someone’s arms. Kai smirked, one tentacle still wrapped around Taehyung’s thin waist while another crawled into his soaked shirt, pulling on it and ripping it open.

“Hello, my beautiful prince”, Kai said, coming disgustingly close to Taehyung’s beautiful face who backed away with a scoff on his features, glaring cutely at the sea wizard. “Let me go, now!“, he demanded furiously, almost coughing because being under water was so unused for him. The merman missed it, to be under water but he was also heartbroken.

Because the water now separated him from his Jeonggukie.

“You’re in no position to demand something, Prince Taehyung”, the pretty redhead heard another voice whispering into his ear and he turned his head, his fire red hair floating perfectly around him.

Jackson Wang swam in front of him, in his arms a struggling Jin who gasped when he saw his son. “T-Tae”, he cried, fighting against Jackson’s iron grip around him. Jackson smirked, he had multiple tentacles wrapped around Jin’s slim body, pressing him close to himself.

Enjoying how perfect the Queen of the Sea felt in his arms. “Dad...“, Taehyung whispered shocked and yelped when another tentacle turned him around. The other was tightly wrapped around his slim fragile waist, pressing him harshly against Kai.

“They are ours now, Father”, Kai announced proudly, stroking Taehyung’s soft cheek with a warm smile on his face. “I told you I’ll have you, Taehyung. But don’t worry. I’ll treat you better than that filthy pirate ever could”, Kai whispered with love in his eyes, staring at the desirable beauty in his arms.

He loved Taehyung for so many years now, but the boy has always managed to slip outof his grasp. Kai tried everything to make the little prince his but Taehyung was too stubborn to let Kai court him.

Same went for Jin.

“They are. I told you, Seokjin, that you’ll be mine at the end”, Jackson grinned, looking at Jin. Who tried screaming for help but a tentacle wrapped itself around his head, covering his mouth.

“You slipped out of my grasp so many years before, but you’re finally mine now”, Jackson said and caught Taehyung’s confused eyes. “Oh Sweetie... remember the little story your father told you? About young Jinnie being abducted by a group called... GOT7?“, Jackson asked smugly, pressing Jin harder against him.

His pitch black tentacles were wrapped around Jin’s frame, same went for Kai who did the same to Taehyung. “It was me”, Jackson grinned and Taehyung gasped, already wanting to scream at Jackson, struggling in Kai’s grip.

“Jongin. Stop the prince from screaming”, Jackson said irritated, bubbles appearing around his hands when they start glowing a bit. “Well, Jinnie, I arranged everything back then. I needed to have you, you’re so fucking beautiful. But you, you had to betray me, swimming to good Kim Namjoon! No, I couldn’t accept this. But when you were already in my grasp, Namjoon had to come again and save you! He killed my entire group”, Taehyung winced in pain when Kai swam forward with him in between his tentacles.

They swam into the direction of the forbidden part of the sea. Where all the evil creatures were banned into.

“And then, you did something dumb, my dear Seokjin. You bonded your precious son over there”, Jackson said and flicked a tentacle at Taehyung’s face, caressing his smooth skin. “To the pearl of the sea”, Jackson grinned.

Muffled sounds escaped Jin’s mouth and he glared at Kai who held the little prince in his hold, caressing his soft golden skin with his tentacles. “So instead of taking just you, we have to take your sweet little son as well”, Jackson grinned.

“Good thing, my son wanted to marry the pretty boy anyways. Another advantage for us, thanks Jinnie”, Jackson said and kissed Jin’s cheek. Taehyung screamed and bit into Kai’s tentacle, slapping it away with his tail.

“My father will stop you!“, Taehyung screamed at Jackson who swam towards him with Jin struggling in his arms. A hot pain turned Taehyung’s head to the side, and he gasped because Jackson has slapped him.

“You’re lucky you’re too precious to hurt you more, little Prince”, Jackson growled and grabbed Taehyung’s face with his hand which didn’t hold Jin. “Don’t make a seawizard angry or I’ll turn you into a fish. And that, pretty, would be a shame”, Jackson purred.

Taehyung just hissed in response.

“Let’s take them into our palace, father”, Kai said and Jackson backed away from them with a smirk. “Yes. We have to be fast. Namjoon’s for sure gonna try to take his precious family back.”

’Jeongguk...’, Taehyung thought to himself, helplessly struggling in Kai’s grip when he was dragged into the forbidden territory, where Namjoon has no power.

‘Please help us...’

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