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“I’m not going onto a ship”, Namjoon announced angrily, flipping his tail angrily in the water. “My husband and son have been kidnapped for fuck’s sake! I will search for them and not fucking get on something like this”, the king of the sea said in disgust and Jeongguk rolled his eyes.

“My boyfriend is fucking gone and all you care about is that you don’t want to get on my ship”, Jeongguk growled angrily. “Don’t be a fucking fish pussy or I’m not helping you at all”, he snapped at the god and Namjoon glared at him.

“That’s not even a word, dumbo”, he snapped back but still used his trident to create a high enough wave to get onto the ship, elegantly transforming into a human. “Talk”, he commanded, changing his weight onto his other leg while leaning onto his trident.

“How friendly you are Poseidon just as always”, Jeongguk commented annoyed while Jimin started to moved next to his side, bowing his head when he looked at Namjoon who glared at him.

“Park. Of course you would be here”, Namjoon said disgusted and threw Jimin a side glance. “Okay, listen, you’ll need us to get them back so I suggest you get friendlier towards him”, Jeongguk snapped, surprisingly standing up for Jimin which surprised everyone since they all knew that the two didn’t quite like each other.

“Oh? And why do I need you? From my point of view you”, he pointed at Jeongguk. “Kidnapped my precious son and tried to use him for your own advantage and suddenly fell in love with Taehyung. And you”, now Namjoon turned to Jimin.

“Were trying to get close to my son after your mother killed one of my sons and kidnapped my youngest son. So how am I going to trust you two, including that other pirates right there?“, Namjoon asked with one raised eyebrow.

Jeongguk sighed. “Listen, I know we aren’t your favourite people but for the sake of Taehyung and... Seokjin right?“, Namjoon nodded in agreement. “We should get ourselves together to save them”, Jeongguk explained and everyone looked at him shocked because he never sounded this mature before.

“Your Majesty, I know I’m not on good terms with you but I want to prove my loyalty to you and that I’m not like my mother”, Jimin spoke softly, bowing his head in respect. He was struggling with himself, scolding himself for not being able to stop Kai from taking his best friend.

He never wanted that anything happened to the sweet merman. “Please... let me prove to you that I’m not my mother.” I’m not my mother. I’m an own individual person that can think and act for himself, Jimin thought by himself.

A hand squeezed Jimin’s and he looked up surprised to see Yoongi staring at him with a soft warm smile on his lips. Jimin squeezed his hand back, taking a deep breath. “I know where they are taking them but I can’t go there alone. You wouldn’t get there, your Majesty because their palace is in the forbidden territory. You couldn’t go even if you wanted to”, Jimin explained and Namjoon turned pale by this.

“How dare they...“, the god was unable to go there since this area was separated from the areas where he held the power. This was a place for all cursed and evil creatures of the sea.

“But since I’m banned from your territory”, Jimin said and felt how Yoongi tensed next to him, growling softly under his breath. Jimin quickly turned around, kissing the corner of Yoongi’s lips softly before turning back to Namjoon, leaning against Yoongi who wrapped his arms assuring around him.

“I know where their palace is... I just didn’t know it belonged to them but now... since they are seawizards as well... it all makes sense. I can’t make it there alone... I’m still too weak and you can’t accompany me, your Majesty. I suggest to take Jeongguk with me since Taehyung means so much to him and he for sure would fight against them with all he got”, Jimin went further on, holding tightly onto Yoongi’s hand.

Namjoon thought for a moment before nodding in agreement, turning to Jeongguk. “Are you agreeing to this, pirate?“, he asked him, still suspicious about how real the love of the pirate king was.

But Jeongguk nodded, a pained expression on his handsome features. “I would do anything to get him back”, Jeongguk said sincerely and Namjoon sighed, tilting his head. “This mission will show your true feelings about my son, Jeon. But let me tell you something: try to hurt him and I’ll kill you.”

Jeongguk only smiled half heartly. “I didn’t expet anything else from you, Namjoon.”

“Then it’s set. Step forward, Jeon Jeongguk”, Namjoon said and Jeongguk gulped thickly, throwing a glance towards Jimin. “I’ll come”, he said and quickly turned around to Yoongi, pecking his lips.

Yoongi watched his lover with teary eyes, it was hard for him to let him go. Hoseok quickly approached them, kissing Jimin as well before engulfing Yoongi with his strong arms. “Be back safe”, Yoongi whimpered, a tear rolled down his eyes.

“I will”, Jimin mumbled and kissed his again, pressing his forehead against Yoongi’s. “I love you”, Yoongi whispered under tears and kissed Jimin desperately. “Come back to us”, Hoseok said and smiled at Jimin who nodded.

“I love you too, my loves”, Jimin smiled and kissed Hoseok as well while caressing Yoongi’s cheek who gripped onto Hoseok’s arms. “Don’t you dare die or I’ll kill you”, Yoongi mumbled and Jimin laughed. “Cutie”, he mumbled and pecked Yoongi’s forehead before stepping away.

“I’m ready”, Jimin announced and stood back straight, lifting his hand up to point his palm at his legs. Making them disappear under dark fog, turning them back into his familiar, golden black tentacles.

“Your turn”, Namjoon said towards the raven-haired pirate, lifting his trident up. Jeongguk gulped.

I’m coming, Baby.

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