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“No! Let go of me, Jongin!“, Taehyung yelled anxiously while Kai dragged the struggling merman towards a huge stone wall in the palace, Taehyung struggled in his tight grip while he swam after him. His tail was furiously hitting the water, showing how angry he was.

Because there was nothing he could do to get out of this situation. Or help his father who was dragged away by Jackson, forced into a cage after Jackson kissed him roughly and then slapping Seokjin when he didn’t response.

“You’re mine, Seokjin so you better drop that act before I lose my patience!“, Taehyung heard Jackson yelling from across the large abandoned throne hall. He has forced Seokjin in a small cage, cuffing his arms onto the hard stone wall. Jin backed away, crying scared.

“Dad”, Taehyung cried out in pain when he got slammed against the hard wall by Kai who immediately hovered over him, sighing softly when he saw the expression of pain on Taehyung’s pretty features.

“I’m sorry, Darling but that’s the only way to make you stay with me”, Kai mumbled and shooting the beautiful prince and apologetic look. Before cuffing him against the wall with heavy chains connected to the stone, bringing Taehyung’s hands over his head while the pretty merman struggled and screamed to get released.

“I swear by my father’s trident that I’ll fucking kill you once I get out of this!“, Taehyung yelled at Kai who backed away, hurt from the words of the one he loved the most. “I’m really sorry, Taehyung. But you were supposed to be mine and if you wanna be stubborn then I’ll just take you as mine”, Kai mumbled and swam forward to peck Taehyung’s cheek.

He wrapped one tentacle around the boy’s sweet tempting waist to pull his desired prince against his hard body, caressing every inch of his soft skin. “I’m glad you’re finally with me, Tae. I’ll make you so happy”, Kai said with tears of joy in his eyes, staring at the beauty in front of him who huffed.

Taehyung shook his head rapidly while his hair floaded around him like a fire ring surrounding his head. “Only my Jeonggukie can make me happy”, he told the seawizard with a glare before biting his lip harshly because Kai digged his tentacles harder into his skin.

“I won’t let that happen, Beautiful”, he promised the little prince in front of him darkly, moving away. “I’ll kill that cunt for taking your heart before I had the chance”, Kai said and chuckled sadly. “Sorry, Beautiful but you’re not able to stop me.”

Taehyung screamed his name in fury when Kai swam away, hanging helplessly in his chains.

“You’ll transform once our body touches the water”, Namjoon informed Jeongguk who sat butt naked on the railing, ready to drop into the ocean. Jimin was already beneath him, waiting impatiently for the pirate to hurry the fuck up so they could save Taehyung and Seokjin.

“You better not fuck this up, Jeon”, Namjoon said and glared at Jeongguk who only stared back at him annoyed. “Don’t worry, you’ll get your wife-”


“Husband back and I get my Taehyung”, Jeongguk said and rollled his eyes at the end. “Yo Gguk, hurry the fuck up I don’t wanna see your naked ass anymore!“, Yoongi yelled from behind and Jeongguk threw him an annoyed glare before pushing himself off of the reiling, landing in the water.

Water engulfed his entire frame and he arched his back in pain, feeling his legs turn hot and heavy, his legs bounded to each other, creating a tail with sparkling turquoise scales as well as getting gills on each side of his neck, being able to breathe under water.

“Now that was something”, Jimin commented while snapping his tentacle towards Jeongguk’s tail, flicking it. Jeongguk growled angrily at him before taking his new appearance in. “Don’t fucking touch it and let’s go”, he groaned annoyed.

Jimin snickered. “It’s not ‘let’s go’, Idiot”, he commented and received a death glare from Jeongguk. “Why does Taehyung even like you”, Jeongguk grumbled and Jimin laughed. “Because he sees personality. Not sure what he sees in you cause you’re a total douchebag”, Jimin said and swam forward, with Jeongguk struggling to follow him.

“I already want to kill you, Park”, the ravenette grumbled. “So do I, Jeon. So do I.”


“I fucking told you it is here but you were dumb enough to swim into the wrong direction so fix your motherfucking mess yourself, fucktard”, Jimin spatted at Jeongguk while he picked on his nail, ignoring Jeongguk’s irritated growl.

“You didn’t tell me these seaweeds are dangerous!“, he snarled angrily and pushed some away from his body. “Well duh”, Jimin rolled his eyes but sighed, snapping his fingers. “Sucks ass when you’re not the one being in charge huh Jeon?“, he mocked the angry huffing pirate who swam back to him.

“Don’t waste our time and get up, dickhead. Taehyungie is fucking waiting for us to help him. So don’t be an Alpha pussy and come with me.”

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