Merman °Taekook


“Well well well, what do we have here?”

Taehyung blinked multiple times because the sun was burning against his skin and when his sight cleared he was meet by many, many men staring down at him and his tail flicked anxious. The light reflected in his tail and sparkles surrounded his tail, making him look like a god.

Jeongguk was staring down at the beautiful creature on the deck of his ship and he admired how water drops followed the lines of his curvy, yet delicate and fragile looking body. “So this is Kim Taehyung, Son of Poseidon”, the raven stated with a smirk plastered on his face and Taehyung looked up to him confused.

Both were shocked when they looked at each other. Taehyung was shocked because the man in front of him looked so young, yet so dangerous. He had onyx like hair, a cold stare pierced right through Taehyung’s eyes and he looked very muscular and strong. Taehyung felt tiny and intimidated under his powerful stare and he quickly looked away, gulping heavily.

“If you don’t return me to the sea, my father will kill you”, he said towards the man but avoiding his eyes. Jeongguk on the other side was captured in the merman’s beauty. His red hair looked unnatural but so stunning like it was made for the boy. When Jeongguk looked into the other big doe eyes, he only found innocence and kindness in the shining orbs and he was surprised that the boy looked so puppy-like.

His pink plump lips turned into an adorable pout when he spoke and Jeongguk gulped when his attention focused on Taehyung’s mesmerizing tan skin that seemed to glow and capturing the light around him. The prince was stunning, Jeongguk didn’t denied the attraction he felt towards the pretty male.

Laughter filled Taehyung’s ears and he bit his lip angry when he caught the men laughing and he glared at them, while trying to free his tail from the net that kept him down. If he could only reach the railing and get back into the safety of the water...

“And how do you know my name?“, he shot the question towards the male who first spoke with him, he was curious. How can humans knew him? He was a merman and after all pretty much hidden from people outside the palace.

Jeongguk crouched down in front of the beautiful merman, observing his face. A tiny mole was visible at his nose, as well one on his cheek. It made the other even more special and beautiful and Taehyung’s brown eyes looked into Jeongguk’s black ones.

“Almost every sailor knows you, Pretty. The gorgeous son of Poseidon, the merman with fire red hair”, the ravenette stated and stretched out his hand to touch the wet hair of Taehyung and the merman flinched back.

“Let me go and nothing will happen to you”, he threatened the unknown male and Jeongguk laughed. The men around them chuckled.

“He’s cute.”

“A total eye candy.”

“Never saw a merman this close, they are really pretty or is it just him?”

“I heard rich people capture some of them to use them as sex toys, maybe we can use him...”

Jeongguk ignored the perverted comments of his crew, grabbing the nape of Taehyung’s neck to bring his face closer to his own. “Pretty boy, do you have any idea, who I am?“, he asked the young prince and Taehyung furrowed his eyebrows, shaking his head slowly.

“Do I needa know you?“, he asked, trying to sound bored and unbothered and Jeongguk almost laughed. “I’m Jeon Jeongguk, Kim Taehyung and you’re on my ship”

Taehyung threw his head back and laughed, his tail flicked in amusement. “You’re not him. Jeon Jeongguk is the most cruel pirate captain of all time and you’re way too young to be him”, Taehyung snickered breathless and looked at the ravenette who gritted his teeth.

Murmurs spread under the men and Yoongi lazily smirked at Taehyung. “Sweetie, I wouldn’t speak to him like this if I was you”, he warned and pointed towards the sky and Taehyung looked up. He paled when he saw the flag. The flag of the pirate’s main ship, the ‘Victory’.

“Fuck”, he cursed and moved his tail around in panic to get rid of the net. He got grabbed and pinned to the wooden ground, turned around on his stomach and a weight was put on his back. Jeongguk had grabbed Taehyung’s wrists and sat now on the smaller male.

“Now that we know each other”, he whispered into Taehyung’s ear and Taehyung squirmed around under him.

“Why don’t we call your Daddy and then have some fun, hm?”

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