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Jeongguk followed Jimin right behind, suspiciously glancing around. The sea in the forbidden territory was dark, cold. Danger was seething out of every corner of the water, giving Jeongguk chills. “Are we already there?“, he asked the other, swimming forward to face Jimin.

The seawizard only snarled in return, shooting Jeongguk a shit eating grin. “Scared, Jeon?“, he mocked the pirate and Jeongguk growled in return, flicking his tail in anger. “Shut up”, he growled and moved out of the way when one of Jimin’s tentacles almost hit his face.

“Don’t make me angry, Jeon. I’m the powerful one here”, Jimin warned the pirate who threw a glare at him but remained silent. They swam over a black cliff, revealing a ship’s wreck and behind it...

“Oh man holy shit”, Jeongguk exclaimed shocked when he saw the dark, high towering palace, standing proudly on a cliff almost on the ground of the sea. It looked dark, dangerous and like a horror place.

“Welcome to the forbidden palace”, Jimin mumbled, sighing when he saw the familiar place again. “Jackson’s and Kai’s new home... this is were they keep them, for sure. After all, if they really wanna use Tae’s powers, they need magic... my mother’s place would be perfect to take advantage of Tae”, Jimin stated disgusted.

Disgusted that he had needed to call this horrible woman his mother. “Wanna hear something funny, Jeon?“, he asked while they swam closer and Jeongguk was gaping at the palace in horror.

“There never was a need for you to be jealous over me. Eomma is... well was Namjoon’s sister. I’m Tae’s cousin”, Jimin revealed nonchalantly making Jeongguk choke on his spit. “What?!“, he choked out, making Jimin chuckle in sadness.

“No one actually knows expect Namjoon, Eomma and me... Namjoon never wanted to be associated with her... so I kept it a secret as well, mostly of Tae... dunno what he will do when he’ll find out”, Jimin said and abruptly stopped.

“They are here. In the throne hall”, Jimin suddenly said, seeing the small light in the hall. His hand lit up, forming a lightning. “How...?”

“I’m a seawizard, dumbo. I was trained to be able to recognize enemies or lights from afar. My mother wanted me to be powerful so I became powerful”, Jimin told Jeongguk emotionless, throwing the wordless Jeongguk his sword he was carrying.

“Let’s kill some dumb fucks.”

Jimin urged Jeongguk to keep quiet once they fastly swam into the throne room, trying to find Taehyung and Jin. Jeongguk’s blood boiled when he found his beautiful prince cuffed to the wall, with Kai hovering above his tiny frame. One tentacle tightly wrapped around Taehyung’s waist.

Taehyung’s wrists were held above his head with heavy old iron cuffs and his head was turned to the side, his face scrunched up in disgust while Kai left kisses over his neck. Sobs left his throat because he couldn’t move, helplessly letting Kai take advantage of his situation.

The tentacles were stroking his skin, pinning his petite body against the wall while he struggled to get released. One of Kai’s hands were placed onto his mouth, so tightly that Taehyung couldn’t bite him, which he already did one time before.

Taehyung sobbed loudly when Kai left another hickey in his skin, brushing his tongue over the hot pulsating spot.

Jeongguk was about to throw some hands and wanted to attack Kai but Jimin shook his head. “If we attack him now, Jackson will know we’re here and will flee, probably with Jin”, Jimin whispered into the angered man’s ear.

“He’s touching my lover!“, Jeongguk whisper-shouted back angrily, watching Kai with hatred. “I know, Gguk but control your hormones and that D for a second and then Juancock can strike, okay?“, Jimin asked annoyed and Jeongguk turned his head to him.

“Did you just gave my dick a nickname?”

“I obviously did. Now shush, Jackson’s coming. Get ready to kick some fish asses.”

“What’s with the merpeople and fish asses...”

“It’s because we don’t have real asses, duh.”

“How are you fucking then?”

“Read the comments were any reader asked the same shit when it’s already explained above!”



“Jongin, aren’t you finished already marking him?“, Jackson asked annoyed, throwing the youngest prince a glance full of disgust before turning to his son. “He’s full of marks of Jeon, father, I don’t wanna see anything on my bride that isn’t made by me”, Kai growled, squeezing Taehyung’s waist who whimpered in return against his hand.

“Hurry up and help me. I wanna rule over the sea already. I didn’t wait for so long just so you can fuck with my plans”, Jackson spat and swam down to the cage Jin was forcefully staying in. “What are you planning?“, Jin asked desperately, looking up to see his son pinned to the wall by Kai.

“Release my son, Jackson!“, he yelled angrily, but gasped when Jackson slapped him strongly, making him swim back a little bit but a tentacle wrapped itself around his waist, crashing him against the cell bars.

“Don’t command me, beautiful Queen. He’s ours as well as you. The little prince over there will bring me all the powers I’m longing for”, Jackson purred and stared into Seokjin’s beautiful face, holding him possessively close.

“You’ll never be in Joonie’s place”, Jin spatted with hatred laced in his voice. And as a clue to his words, a sword plunged through the water, hitting Kai into the back. Taehyung released a shocked scream when he felt the tip shortly poking his own stomach before Kai sunk down, his tentacles unwrapped from Taehyung’s waist, releasing him.

“Hey Baby”, Jeongguk roared and quickly took his sword back, caressing Taehyung’s cheek with his free hand before swimming up to the cuffs. “J-Jeongguk?“, Taehyung stuttered confused, gasping when he saw the tail Jeongguk now possessed.

“Jeongguk, y-you have a t-tail!“, Taehyung gasped shocked, staring at his lover who freed him from the cuffs before taking him into his strong naked arms. “I know, Baby...“, Jeongguk mumbled softly, stroking Taehyung’s cheek.

“Y-you’re a merman”, Taehyung whispered, pain shot through his chest because he knew how much Jeongguk loved to be a pirate. “I’d do anything for you, Taehyung”, Jeongguk said truthworthy and Taehyung teared up.

“O-oh Ggukie”, he whimpered and kissed his lover passionately on the lips. “I love you, Taehyung, I love you so fucking much”, Jeongguk confessed and Taehyung laughed under tears before kissing him again.

“I love you too, Idiot.”

A shout of anger was heard and when they turned their heads, Jimin has Jackson pinned to a wall, his strong arm muscles flexing from holding Jackson against the wall, his lightning against Jackson’s throat.

“I should kill you for hurting Tae and Jin”, Jimin growled through fletched teeth, breathing heavily. “Jimin, don’t do it”, Seokjin said softly, stretching his arm out weakly to touch Jimin’s arm who flinched away slightly.

“He doesn’t deserve it. He deserves to rot in the prison”, Jin spat and Jackson only laughed. “Beautiful Queen, you can’t stop the filthy son of Ursula in killing someone”, he laughed maniacally while Jeongguk and Taehyung swam closer.

Jimin has broken Jin’s cage by using another lightning and as soon as Taehyung saw his father unharmed, he threw himself into Seokjin’s arms. “You’re fine”, he sobbed against Seokjin’s neck and Jin gladly scooped Taehyung into his arms, holding him close.

He mouthed a grateful ‘thank you’ towards Jeongguk who only bowed his head, smiling softly. “I’m nothing like my mother. I’m my own person”, Jimin growled angrily and punched Jackson so he blacked out.

“I want to take that rat into the prison as soon as possible. Let’s leave this fucking place now.”

Jeongguk held the exhausted Taehyung in his arms while Jimin helped Jin, one tentacle wrapped around Jackson’s unconscious body. “It’s really over?“, Taehyung asked softly, his skin was glowing softly, it was the pearl shining out of him. “Yes, Baby, it’s over. You’re safe”, Jeongguk whispered back.

They both watched how Jimin turned, lifting up his hand. A strong wave crashed through the water, hitting the whole dark palace and throwing the residence over the cliff, into the darkest part of the sea, where it would be forgotten.

“No one should be able to held my mother’s evil power”, Jimin explained and Taehyung nodded proudly. “You’re nothing like your mother, Jiminie”, he whispered touched and Jimin threw him a sad smile.

“I know. I’m my own person”, he smiled sadly and Jin next to him looked at him with sympathy. “I think it’s time to talk to Namjoon about you, young Park”, he softly said.

Taehyung was on the urge of bursitng into happy tears again. “This is all I ever wished for”, he whispered touched and turned to Jeongguk to kiss him deeply.

“It’s over”, Taehyung whispered relieved. Jeongguk smiled at him, full of love and admiration.

“Yes, my Merman. It’s over.”

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