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And this is, how the story of our protagonists ends. Jackson Wang got brought into the prison of Namjoon’s palace, staying there for the rest of his life. He got his powers taken by Namjoon, now rotting in the darkest cell of the prison.

Seokjin and Namjoon are finally united again, the God gladly and under tears welcomed his beautiful husband back in his arms. Both are deeply in love with each other so every single minute without the other is pure pain.

Namjoon has finally forgiven Jimin for the crimes of his mother, making him an official member of the sea again and lifting the spell that kept him away from the kingdom. The king was grateful for Jimin’s presence, thanking him for saving his husband and son.

Jimin was officially allowed to live in the palace, along with the royal family. And he gladly accepted the offer.

Hoseok and Yoongi were asked to live under the sea, along with Jimin and the royal family after Jimin asked them too and they gladly agreed to stay with their beloved ones. Even though, Yoongi was cursing like a madmen when Jimin pulled him into the ocean with a smirk.

The Yoonminseok couple was happily united, Hoseok and Yoongi both got turned into mermen to join Jimin in the sea.

And Taehyung and Jeongguk?

Of course, Jeongguk would stay with Taehyung but where would they want to stay? Nothing was really holding Taehuyng back to join Jeongguk on his ship since he knew how much Jeongguk loved his freedom.

But Jeongguk told him, that his freedom, his life would be, where Taehyung was. So Jeongguk asked Namjoon to let him stay with Taehyung, in the ocean.

And since Namjoon saw how much Taehyung meant to the pirate and how dearly the two loved each other, he agreed with a proud smile, accepting Taehyung’s decision. Namjoon now really thought of Jeongguk as a good man, for saving his husband and for saving his son.

So now, Kim Taehyung and Kim Jeongguk lived happily together in the palace, married and with the same surname since Jeongguk accepted the (forced) offer of Namjoon to take their last name.

The pirates were ruled by one of Jeongguk’s trusted man, and all of them cheered for their captain to find the love of his life, being happy with a sweet little merman called Kim Taehyung.

Everything started with Taehyung wanting to escape from his life, changing it and with Jeongguk capturing the little merman in order to use him but ended up falling in love with the said beautiful prince.

And now, they lived happily ever after.

Together, under the sea. Along with their friends, and family.

The merman and the pirate.

The end of MERMAN

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