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“Ggukie, what are you doing there?“, Taehyung asked interested while sneakingly looking over Jeongguk’s shoulder, dropping his arms over the raven’s shoulders and resting his chin onto one of his board shoulders.

“What do you think I’m doing, Babyboy?“, Jeongguk asked amused, focusing back on the map in front of him. “Staring at a weird piece of paper”, Taehyung said bluntly and giggled cutely when he felt Jeongguk’s hand grabbing his red locks. “It’s not weird, Babyboy, that’s very helpful”, Jeongguk grumbled, tossing with the silky strands of Taehyung’s hair.

“What is that for? I wanna know”, Taehyung whined, looking over Jeongguk to see the weird map which was coloured in multiple colours but mostly blue and green. “Ggukie, tell me”, Taehyung whined again, pouting his full plump lips and something in Jeongguk snapped.

“You’re a pain in the ass right now, Babyboy”, Jeongguk growled and turned around to grab Taehyung’s thin waist tightly which was covered in one of his shirts. “And bad little boys who annoy me get punished.”

“I’m n-not-”

But Jeongguk quickly flipped Taehyung over, smacking him hard on his ass and making the petite merman whimper. “Ggukie”, Taehyung whimpered when he felt rough hands kneeding his ass while Jeongguk on the other side appreachiated how thick the plump flesh felt in between his palms.

“Now Babyboy, I want you to bend over my desk, looking all pretty until I’m finished with my work”, Jeongguk grinned, pressing a kiss onto Taehyung’s spine before forcefully grabbing the nape of his neck.

Taehyung gasped surprised and shakily bent over, whimpering the whole time while Jeongguk watched his pretty Baby pleased enough, his hand resting on the prince’s ass. “Good boy. Now stay here, Beautiful and don’t you dare interrupt me one more time”, the pirate king growled.

The petite, helpless prince only whimpered in response.

“G-Ggukie h-hah pleaseee”, Taehyung whined, burrying his head in between his palms, sobbing loudly. He was a totaly wreak, trembling thighs and drool dripping down his swollen plump lips while he helplessly gripped onto the desk.

Jeongguk smirked, turning his fingers in Taehyung’s wet glistening hole while he focused his attention back onto his work. The pirate has had a nasty idea with Taehyung next to him, fully on his mercy.

Taehyung has flinched back when he felt a hand lifting his shirt up, exposing his ass which was covered in love bites and hickeys of the possessive male who was currently slipping his hand in between the boy’s soft thick thighs.

“Stay still and take your punishment like a good boy”, Jeongguk has growled before turning his attention back to the map.

The ravenette was still fingering the boy, two fingers pushed into Taehyung’s soft pink hole, fingering him to a point where Taehyung was drooling on the desk. Hand prints covered his flesh as well because he was whimpering so loudly from the pleasure. Needing Jeongguk to makehim shut up.

“Ggukie”, Taehyung whimpered, pushing his ass back on Jeongguk’s long fingers wriggling his butt to take more of the two digits into his tight hole to hit his prostate. The redhead whimpered loudly again when another wave of pleasure hit him, staring over his shoulder towards his lover.

But Jeongguk was still ignoring his whimpering Baby, focusing on the map and writing something down on a piece of paper. Curling his fingers in Taehyung’s hole, roughly pulling them in and out to create wet sounds.

“G-Ggukie”, Taehyung was fully sobbing now, fucking himself on Jeongguk’s fingers while his hands gripped onto the desk, his locks glued to his forehead while he was panting strongly. “Yes Darling?“, Jeongguk asked with a smirk.

Still not even looking at Taehyung but fingering him faster, earning whines and beautiful moans of his beautiful merman. Taehyung’s thighs trembled while his ass was forced back and forth by the movements of his hips, taking Jeongguk’s fingers deeper.

“P-please”, Taehyung moaned in both pain and pleasure and nearly cried out in frustration when Jeongguk took his fingers out of his hole, licking over them. Growling when he tasted the sweet taste of Taehyung.

“Baby, I suddenly became hungry... lean more forward and let me enjoy my meal”, Jeongguk smirked, grabbing Taehyung’s ass cheeks to spread them widely apart, licking his lips by the sight of Taehyung’s wet, clenching little hole.

Which was begging him to push something long and thick into it, to fuck the petite male senseless until he was sobbing the ravenette’s name in pleasure, screaming when Jeongguk would fuck him on the desk.

But this was punishment time. No fun for Taehyung. But Jeongguk still found a way to get pleasure out of the situation.

“Hmmm, so tiny, Baby, I love it”, Jeongguk grinned, pressing a kiss onto the clean entrance, licking slowly and teasingly with his tongue over Taehyung’s hole, making the pretty redhead squirm. “H-hah”, the boy helplessly sobbed, letting Jeongguk have his ways with him.

Not that Taehyung minded, he just desperately wanted to come. “Quiet Baby”, Jeongguk warned, smacking Taehyung’s ass roughly and the tiny boy jolted forward. Rubbing his pretty cock against the desk, whimpering from the friction.

The same moment, Jeongguk pushed his tongue into Taehyung’s hole and started to eat the tiny male out, not caring for his sobbed pleads and whimpered moans. He gripped hard into the thick full flesh of Taehyung’s ass, spreading the cheeks to have more access to his small hole.

Taehyung was babbling from the pleasure, his hips were pinned to the desk because Jeongguk had such a good hold on him, moaning helplessly into his palms. “You wanna come, Pretty? After you annoyed me so bad?“, Jeongguk asked, pulling his tongue out of Taehyung’s now red, swollen hole, licking over the entrance multiple times.

Before slightly tapping his fingers on Taehyung’s hole, massaging it but not thrusting his fingers inside. Watching how Taehuyng arched his back, pressing his cock onto the desk, panting loudly. “I’m so sorry”, Taehyung managed to say in between his whimpers.

Jeongguk slapped his hole strongly, repeating the action and creating loud smacking sounds. Pleased watching how Taehyung became a moaning mess when the skin turned even more swollen and red.

Repeating and repeating the action over and over again, he took pleasure from slapping Taehyung’s exposed hole and the tiny male clearly did too. Precum was dribbling down the desk, Taehyung’s abused thighs were trembling so much and his lips were wet from drool, red bitten from his lips.

“See what you become when I lay my hands on you? You’re a mess, Baby. A mess, I created”, Jeongguk smirked, pressing a kiss onto Taehyung’s ass before thrusting his fingers back in, moving them so fast that Taehyung saw stars.

“Don’t disturb me at my work Babyboy or I do worse”, Jeongguk warned the now screaming boy who gave up covering his sounds. Not that Jeongguk or he did care. “Now come for me, I’m sick of hearing you scream when I don’t wanna fuck you as a punishment”, Jeongguk told the whining Babyboy who immediately followed the command.

Slumping down onto the desk once he came onto the wooden surface, panting and shaking. “O-oh Ggukie”, Taehyung whimpered, letting Jeongguk carefully take him from the desk to transfer him onto his lap.

“Are you okay, my beautiful Angel?“, Jeongguk asked carefully, seeing the wreaked expression on Taehyung’s face. The merman nodded cutely, wet red locks sticking to his forehead while he slowly recovered from his high.

Snuggling into Jeongguk’s chest and pecking his lips. “This was amazing... but I won’t disturb you another time”, Taehuyng said and sighed softly, closing his eyes. Jeongguk laughed softly, kissing the prince.

“If it’s you, you can always disturb me, Tae.”

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