Merman °Taekook


Taehyung was grabbed by multiple men and lifted up from the net when Jeongguk stepped back from the small merman. The young prince gasped and began cursing really un-prince-like when they dragged him to the main mast.

Jeongguk cockily followed them with Yoongi and Hoseok by his side, his right hand lazily on his sword on his hip. Taehyung softly screamed when they forced him against the mast and one of the sailors brought a rope towards the young prince to tie him against the mast.

“Stop!“, Taehyung begged screaming when they wrapped the rope tightly around his tiny frame and the sailor roamed his hands over Taehyung’s petite waist, touching the soft skin more than needed and Jeongguk frowned by that.

“Sehun, stop touching the captive”, he ordered irritated and the said male quickly obeyed, not daring to upset his short tempered captain. Taehyung shot a glare towards Jeongguk and his tail flicked against Sehun’s back when he tied the ropes too tight for Taehyung’s liking and the redhead struggled to get released.

Sehun simply grinned at him when he saw the merman struggling in the ropes. “You’re cute, beautiful but you shouldn’t push your luck”, he growled towards the terrified boy when Taehyung’s tail hit his back once again.

Taehyung only hissed at him, turning his head away from the man. He didn’t want to let them see that he was on the urge of crying. This was exactly what his father was scared of, him kidnapped by some pirates and not able to get back into the water.

He’ll die if he wasn’t able to get back into water anytime soon, mermen weren’t able to survive on the surface.

Jeongguk watched the prince with big interest. The pirate king was fascinated with the young prince of the sea and indeed, he really was beautiful. Taehyung tugged onto the rope with his hands, trying to remove it but with no use. Jeongguk grinned by the cute try of him.

“You’re dismissed”, he told his men and waved his hand lazily to show them that they should go. They followed the order, glancing over to the beautiful merman tied to the mast. Taehyung was looking down, his hands curled into fists next to his tail.

Jeongguk walked closer to the redhead and the pirate crouched down in front of the smaller male. He took Taehyung’s chin in between his pointer and ring finger, turning his face towards him. Studying his incredible beautiful features, Jeongguk noticed the tears in Taehyung’s eyes.

“Tsk, look at you. Tied down to my ship, all submissive just for me”, Jeongguk commented smugly and Taehyung narrowed his eyes, before wincing. Sun hit his tail, slowly drying his sensitive scales. He bit his lip to prevent him from crying and he looked away from Jeongguk.

“I could get used to this”, Jeongguk went on, stroking Taehyung’s cheek with his thumb and his gaze fell on Taehyung’s pink plump lips. They looked very inviting for the raven and Jeongguk couldn’t resist.

He leaned towards Taehyung, pecking his soft plump lips shortly and Taehyung was shocked to feel the man’s lips.

“Let me go”, he begged the captain with big shiny eyes. “Please Sir”, he whispered and a tear rolled down his cheek. “I will die if I won’t come back into the water”, the captured merman whimpered but Jeongguk only wiped the tear away, looking at it fascinated.

“You’re free when your Daddy gives me what I want”, he said to Taehyung, kissing the prince’s forehead. “Let’s see if you’re worth enough for him”, he smirked. “But maybe I’ll just keep you, I’ve always wanted to have a gorgeous little play toy.”

Jeongguk got up from his position, leaving Taehyung in his embarrassing state and Taehyung begged his father to come and save him from the cruel pirate king.

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