Merman °Taekook


Taehyung was panting. His skin was burning but he refused to look up from his tied body and his tail would constantly flick due to the hot burn on his sensitive scales. The poor boy wanted to cry so bad but he didn’t want his captors to see him crying.

His father told him to not let people see him crying. And Taehyung gritted his teeth, he was better than that. But when the sun hit his skin once again, he whimpered, feeling the uncomfortable warmth engulf him and the prince closed his eyes.

‘Father please... save me from them...’

And Namjoon really needed to hurry to rescue his son, because it was new for the horny pirates to have such a stunning beauty on their ship and they wanted to fuck Taehyung. Wanted to devour him even if he didn’t want it. Taehyung was oblivious to the stares he received when he tugged onto the ropes holding him down and a small cry left his plushy and plump lips.

It hurt so bad and Taehyung had his problems with breathing. He closed his eyes in pain and bit his lip hard, he never experienced pain so the feeling was new and overwhelming. But closing his eyes gave the men around him the chance to stare at him shamelessly.

They examined his beautiful features, he was the most attractive male they’ve ever seen, even though he was a merman. He looked so innocent yet so fuckable with his rosy cheeks, plump lips that would look nice around a cock, in their opinion, his small, fragile looking frame which made them believe he was a woman at first. And his eyes, his mesmerizing big doe eyes with long, black eyelashes which screamed innocence. Don’t start about his gorgeous red hair which looked silky and soft.

One of them, a guy named Wonho, wanted to approach Taehyung, touching him so badly but Hoseok, second mate of Jeongguk, stopped him by grabbing his arm. “Don’t. Jeon will kill you if you touch him”, both looked over to the male who was tied to the mast and kept whimpering with closed eyes while fog appeared around his tail.

“S-shit, what’s happening to him?“, Wonho exclaimed confused and pointed towards the male and Hoseok paled. “I get Jeongguk.”

“Where is my son, Jeon?!”

Jeongguk smirked, looking at the king of the sea, Kim Namjoon through the holograph. “Hello to you too, old man”, he smirked, crossing his muscular arms in front of his chest. The muscles of his biceps flexed and moved under the fabric of his black jacket. The pirate was great built and knew this pretty well, he loved this kind of power.

“Don’t play games with me, I can easily kill you”, Namjoon glared at him with hatred and Jeongguk laughed, making Namjoon growl. “And risk the life of your precious son? I don’t think so”, he said without any emotion on his sharp sculptured face.

“You will return him to me, he wasn’t yours to take”, Namjoon commanded and Jeongguk shook his head, smiling like a maniac before leaning towards the male in the holograph. The holograph was formed like a water drop but bigger and Jeongguk could see Namjoon’s throne behind him and his trident was visible in his hand.

“But he’s mine now, isn’t he? He’s on my ship, in my hands and I can do whatever I want to him. Maybe I’ll keep him, he’s really pretty, I bet you’re proud to have such a beautiful son”, Jeongguk stated evilly and Namjoon’s eyes widened.

“What do you want?“, he asked defeated, he couldn’t let his precious little son stay in the filthy hands of Jeongguk. Even if it meant to give him what the raven desired so bad. “You know what I want. You know exactly what I want and now it’s finally my time to take it and take you down.

“You can’t have it! It’s forbidden for a human to take it!“, Namjoon immediately protested, he couldn’t argue on that, if Jeongguk would know the truth... no. He needed to get Taehyung back, safe.

“Then I’m keeping your son and play a little with him”, Jeongguk threatened and Namjoon paled. Suddenly, Jin appeared on the holograph, he looked desperate. “Please, Jeongguk, he’s my son you can’t do this! He’ll die outside the water!“, he sobbed hard and Namjoon grabbed his husband to calm him, his face unreadable.

“You’ll regret this, Jeongguk”, he spatted towards the amused raven and held his sobbing wife closer. Jeongguk raised an eyebrow. “I don’t think so. If it means for him to die, then okay. It’s a waste and such a shame to lose this beauty but maybe it’ll help you two to understand to not mess with me. I wanted the pearl but if you don’t give it to me, then I’m gonna take your precious son”, his words where like bullets for the sea couple and Jin sobbed by his words.

Just when he wanted to speak up again, the door to Jeongguk’s cabinet flew open, revealing a panting Hoseok. “Jeon, big problem!“, he screeched and Jeongguk looked up from his conversation.

“What is it? I’m about to make some gods shit their pants”, he snarled annoyed. “I-It’s about t-the captive... Taehyung”, he tried to catch his breath and Jin screamed when he heard his baby’s name.

“What have you done to him?!“, he screamed angrily and in horror and Jeongguk looked back to them and smirked. “Well, not being in the water means that he’ll die right? Upsi”, he smirked and cut off the connection to the couple, turning to Hoseok.

“What happened?“, he demanded to know and Hoseok instantly replied. “His tail, I dunno, started to get foggy”, he informed the pirate captain and Jeongguk clicked his tongue. “Wow, never thought this would happen this fast, he dried out quick”, he commented and Hoseok gasped when he heard the cold, cruel words.

“A shame. He was actually really pretty and I wanted to taste him before he’ll get killed but oh well”, he walked towards the door, ignoring Hoseok’s stunned face. “We aren’t getting what we want.”

But when Jeongguk stepped out of the door, he was met by a crowd surrounding the mast Taehyung was tied to. He pushed some men out of the way and they looked at him shocked.

Jeongguk stopped in his tracks and for the first time, the powerful Jeon Jeongguk, king of pirates, was speechless.

Because right in front of him laid Taehyung, breathing slowly.

But his tail was gone and instead of them, his eyes fell on a pair of slim, tan legs.

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