Merman °Taekook


The pirates stared down at the unconscious boy, they were shocked by the sight of Taehyung’s legs. Especially Jeongguk stared at the merman before his gaze fell onto Taehyung’s exposed butt. He laid sideways so his crotch was covered but that didn’t count for his ass.

Jeongguk gulped by the delicious sight of the prince and he bit his lip, already imagining how fine that ass must felt against his dick when it slide ins... The pirate king coughed to get rid of his dirty thoughts and he then noticed the stares the redhead received.

All of the pirates were staring at the unconscious boy and Jeongguk growled by this. For an unknown reason, he didn’t like that his men were staring at the prince like this. The lust in their eyes disgusted him.

“How about you all go back to work and I’ll handle the captive, hm?“, he said with his hands on his hips while shooting his men a warning glare. The sailors groaned annoyed but obeyed their captain. “Hoseok, you stay”, he ordered and the man obeyed, standing next to Jeongguk. Jeongguk watched them leaving but he heard their comments they mumbled.

“Can’t wait to tap that ass.”

“Shit, he’s fine, have you seen this ass?”

“I want to spread those cheeks and eat him out.”

Jeongguk rolled his eyes, being weeks on the ocean made the men horny and many of them were gay and wouldn’t miss an opportunity to fuck someone. Especially if that someone was a cute, helpless merman who they held captive. The raven crouched down next to Taehyung and observed his pretty features while taking his chin into his hand.

His lips were parted and he was breathing softly, so he wasn’t dead but only unconscious. His long black eyelashes touched his cheeks and he looked pale and dried out. Jeongguk felt a little bad but smirked when he realized what an advantage it will be for him that Taehyung was still alive.

And now, with legs... He could fuck the young prince. And if it would anger the sea god, it would be another advantage for Jeongguk. “Today must be my lucky day”, Jeongguk grinned while stroking Taehyung’s soft cheek, leaning forward to his cute looking ears.

“I’m so gonna devour you, Babyboy”, he whispered into Taehyung’s ear, then he let go of the redhead’s chin and Taehyung’s head fell to the side, exposing his unmarked skin. Jeongguk turned to Hoseok. “Help me getting him into my cabin”, he ordered and Hoseok sighed.

“Is it really a good idea to keep him? I mean he’s a prince and his father will kill us. And what about his tail? Where the heck is it? I thought he’s a merman”, he pointed out and Jeongguk clicked his tongue annoyed.

“Dunno, ask Yoongi or something. Maybe he knows something”, Jeongguk shrugged, he didn’t care at the moment about Taehyung’s mysterious transformation, he wanted to get the boy inside, where no one, besides himself of course, was staring at his alluring body.

“And give me some material I can cover him with, I do not need horny men with boners on my ship”, he growled irritated, noticing the stares towards Taehyung and Hoseok quickly obeyed through taking off his shirt and Jeongguk raised an eyebrow.

“What? You said you needed material”, Hoseok said and he heard some whistles. “I like the view, Gorgeous!“, Yoongi yelled with a smirk plastered on his face and Hoseok winked at his boyfriend before turning towards Jeongguk, giving him his shirt.

Jeongguk wrapped it around Taehyung’s lower body and then tying it around his hips. He rested his hands longer than needed on the boy’s fragile hip bones before moving his hands under his thighs and back to lift him up.

Taehyung was really light, Jeongguk noticed confused because he could easily lift him up. He walked towards his cabin, ignoring the jealous stares of the sailors he passed. Taehyung’s head rolled to the side once again, against Jeongguk’s shoulder and Jeongguk looked down to the young prince.

“You’re definitely something, Darling”, he said to Taehyung when he entered his cabin, walking towards his bed. He laid Taehyung gentle onto the sheets and the boy moved a bit, pulling his legs closer to his tiny frame.

Jeongguk smirked by this, he couldn’t wait to play with the young prince he felt attracted to.

“Can’t wait to have fun with you, Darling.”

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