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Taehyung woke up confused and on top of something really soft and comfortable. He never was this tired in his whole life before and he groaned, lifting his golden arms up to lay them on his throbbing head.

His body screamed for water, he needed it or else he’ll die. The sea Prince only remembered blacking out after horrible hours in the sun and his hazel eyes shot open in terror.

Hours in the sun! He should be dead by now! Why wasn’t he dead?! Taehyung lifted his petite frame up, using his elbows and he looked around confused while a tiny yawn escaped his plump lips which were dried out.

They had an angry red color and his puffy eyes glanced around the room while licking them shortly. It sort of looked like a room for the young Prince but it was rounded on the corners which confused him.

He assumed that he was in one of the cabins of the ship. But he didn’t know why because he thought that the cruel pirate called Jeon Jeongguk wanted him to die as a message to his parents.

Taehyung wanted to flick his tail angry by this but a high-pitched scream escaped his lips when he looked down to his tail. But unfortunately, there wasn’t a tail anymore and the beautiful redhead gasped in horror when he didn’t saw his green- turquoise tail in front of him.

But instead of his tail, He saw a pair of tan legs. He yelled in agony, trying to get away from them but they seem to follow him and the boy slumped down with a thud onto the ground, whimpering in pain.

His hands were shaking when he moved them over to the legs, touching and poking them. Tears left his eyes, when he realized that it were his, his legs.

“W-wha-at happen-ned to me?“, the poor boy sobbed, poking the flesh harder in disbelief. His whole body was shaking of terror when he gasped for air, he was panicking.

Just when he thought it couldn’t get any worse, the door slammed open, revealing a handsome black haired male with some purple strands in his hair.

“What have you done to me?“, Taehyung sobbed, looking at the man with teary eyes and said man rushed towards Taehyung.

Hoseok was shocked to the the tiny frame of the beautiful merman laying on the ground, trying to figure out what the he’ll had happened to him.

Taehyung grabbed the flesh of his legs hard, pulling on it and the merman tried to remove it. “Make it go away!“, he cried out in pain, pulling harder on the soft skin, leaving bruises all over when his nails digged into his delicate skin.

He sobbed hard and Hoseok quickly grabbed the boy’s hands to stop him from hurting himself. “Taehyung, Taehyung stop! You’re just hurting yourself”, he called out but the hysterical male didn’t hear him.

“Where’s my tail, I want my tail back, give it back!“, he cried desperately over and over again and Hoseok was panicking, he didn’t know what to do. But he felt a pang in his chest when he saw the gorgeous boy hurting himself while crying helplessly and in pain.

Hoseok couldn’t imagine in what pain the smaller must be, the tail meant so much to mermen since it practically marked their entire existence, making them what they are.

And what was a merman without tail?

Hoseok held Taehyung’s fragile arms tighter but the tiny boy still managed to hurt himself and began to kick his legs around, hurting Hoseok in his hysteria while screaming and crying loudly for the legs to go away.

Hoseok had no other choice but to call for his captain and Jeongguk appeared a few moments after in the door frame. Once he realized what was going on he rushed towards the two.

Taehyung looked to the raven with big teary eyes, his bottom lip was trembling pitiful and he couldn’t see the male clearly due to the tears falling down his big doe eyes.

“What h-have y-you d-don-ne to m-me”, he cried while sobs and gasps left his throat and Jeongguk looked to Hoseok, telling the male that he should leave them alone. Hoseok did but not without sending Taehyung a warm smile.

“I did nothing to you, my Angel. You possibly dried out and it’s a miracle that you’re still alive. Guess your Daddy gave you a gift”, Jeongguk said and grabbed Taehyung’s chin hard making the Prince sob shortly from the sting.

“How can you be so cruel?“, he breathed out and looked at Jeongguk with his gorgeous puppy eyes and Jeongguk felt an odd feeling in his chest, but he shrugged it off.

Feelings were not good in his kind of job. “I’m not cruel, I simply just don’t care about others”, Jeongguk said nonchalantly and Taehyung gasped shocked.

“But I may care for you, Gorgeous. Since you can’t leave me now”, Jeongguk pointed out and laid his lips on Taehyung’s out of the sudden. Taehyung was too confused to struggle so he just let the pirate kiss him.

“You’re officially mine now”, Jeongguk smirked, moving his hands over the smooth skin of Taehyung’s tan legs and the young Prince flinched back by the intim touch.

“Since you can’t escape me anymore”, Jeongguk laughed evilly and got up from his crouching position in front of the gorgeous merman and Taehyung cried quietly by the cruel words of his captor.

“See you later my gorgeous little Angel”, Jeongguk laughed and walked to the door and Taehyung watched helplessly how Jeongguk left, slamming the door shut once again and locking it afterwards.

He was captured.

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