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As soon as the broadcast was interrupted by Jeongguk, many things happened the same time in the throne room of the water god: Jin let out a pained scream when he realized that his son was probably dead and Namjoon created a wave full of his anger, sending it outside the castle, through the whole sea so Jeongguk could feel the god’s anger.

“Joonie, he... he k-killed him... he k-killed our Baby”, Jin sobbed hard and buried his head in Namjoon’s wide chest. The god’s blue tail flicked in regret, regret for not telling his wife what he did. “Jinnie, I needa tell you something...”

“...YOU DID WHAT?????!!!!“, Jin’s furious voice was heard through the whole palace and Namjoon winced a bit by his husband’s powerful voice. “Jinnie, please I had no choice, don’t yell”, he begged Jin but Jin was already fuming in anger, his pink tail flicked continuously. “HOW CAN I NOT BE MAD AT YOU KIM NAMJOON! YOU DID THIS TO MY PRECIOUS SON!“, he yelled furious at his husband and hit him.

“Yah, yah, Jin, stop it! He’s alive and that’s the only thing that counts, right?“, Namjoon tried to calm Jin but Jin wasn’t convinced. “I’m glad he’s alive but that doesn’t mean you could do this! It makes him even more wanted! A merman who’s able to transform into a human and just because of your stupid action! Now Jeon Jeongguk has him on his ship! He’ll never let him go if he knows!“, Jin screamed angrily.

Namjoon sighed, Jin was probably right. But what should he had do? He just wanted to protect his youngest son, his little, innocent Taehyung. To bound him to this was the only thing he could think of because now, Taehyung was way too precious for everyone so no one would dare to hurt or touch him.

Not even Jeon Jeongguk.

“Jinnie, I know, it’s a mistake but what alternative did I had? And besides I thought that he could protect Taehyung and that he would never leaves the palace. To let him marry Jongin was also a protective way but he thought we would force him into it when we just wanted to protect him. He’s so precious, Jeongguk will devour him”, Namjoon said and softly kissed Jin’s forehead.

Jin looked away, a pained expression on his handsome face. “We shouldn’t have do this. Our Tae hates us now for this. For letting him marry this”, Jin spatted, he never was a fan of Jongin, the son of Jackson Wang. Both were seawizards and Jin always had the opinion that no seawizard should be trusted.

They were evil and were only searching for the pearl of oceans, the only thing that could you make as powerful as Namjoon himself when you were in charge of it. But only the Queen and King, which are Namjoon and Jin, knew where it was. And they would protect this information with their lives.

“He’s not bad, Jinnie, I believe in Kai. He would never hurt Tae, he loves him”, Namjoon said and hugged his now calmer lover. Jin just huffed but wrapped his arms around Namjoon anyways. No matter how much the two would fight, they still were deeply in love with each other.

“I think Kai doesn’t understand the meaning of love”, Jin stated when he sat next to his husband and Namjoon sighted. “Not this argument again. Can we just focus on getting our son back? We could send Kai to show his good intentions...”

“Oh please, Joonie you can’t be serious! That child isn’t to be trusted!“, Jin explained heatily. It wasn’t his fault to hate all seawizards, his family was killed by them and he was held captive to marry the leader of the group that attacked him. Thankfully, the back then young prince, Namjoon saved him from the group.

Jin never saw the leader of the group but he didn’t need to, to feel a big despise against seawizards. The time being a captive was changing the male and he would always and ever remember the name of the group of seawizards.


Jin and Namjoon continued to argue on how they could save their precious son and Jin argued to not involve Kai and Namjoon held against it.

But unfortunately for the loud screaming couple, another merman eavesdropped the heated conversation between them and he clenched his fists, his tentacles were showing but he quickly hid them again behind a spell, so everyone he passed would see a silver-black tail. “I’ll get you back, Taehyung and then you’re gonna marry me”, the man mumbled before swimming out of the throne room.

Another man was blinking rapidly when he heard the news about the youngest son of Poseidon being kidnapped by the cruel pirate king Jeon Jeongguk. Jimin let go of the merman guard who told him this and the guard sunk to the ground, lifelessly.

The seawizard may or may not killed the merman in his anger. His precious best friend, his cute innocent Taehyung was captured by Jeon Jeongguk. Jimin clenched his fists, golden lightnings danced over his knuckles and his tentacles curled and uncurled.

The only person who ever cared about him was in danger. And Jimin knew exactly what to do. Save his TaeTae from Jeon Jeongguk.

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