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you'd never think of his ideal type to be something way out of your expectations

Romance / Drama
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You walked through the school gates, just like every normal week day. Clutching the arm of your bag in your right hand as it hung over your right shoulder. You let out a sigh -with mist following out- as you looked at the hand that held your bag. Yours of course.

You were normally always early, one of the few early comers. Some came to do their homework which was due on that day, some wanting to get away from their annoying younger siblings and sleeping at school instead, and some just wanting to come early for the sake of it.

You only came early because your friend did. She was a very bubbly girl and also very talkative. She basically needed someone to babble on to, and you were that someone.

That's basically how you 2 became friends. She noticed how the previous person continuously got bored of her stories, but you were always there on the side, listening. Her stories were actually pretty interesting and you even laughed at some, catching her attention.

She gave up on that one student and started talking to you, and you were extremely happy when she spoke to you that day.

You see, you weren't exactly what others would call normal. In that school -or in every school- everyone was seen as beautiful if they were skinny. You, on the other hand, were chubby. Not extremely obese or anything near that, just had a little extra fat on most of your parts.

That's why no one wanted to hand out with you. Because you weren't 'normal'

Once you finally made it to homeroom, you immediately spotted your friend with her electric pink earphones in her ears. From the expected sound of the door opening, she looks up to meet your eyes and hers beam with light.

She waves at you, rather violently, and displays her wide, boxy smile at you. As soon as you take a seat next her, she engulfs you in a hug. Which was very helpful due to the cold weather, since it was the middle of winter.

You set your bag down and pulled out your fluffy blanket, setting on top of yours and your best friend's lap. Once you two got comfy, your best friend immediately started talking.

"You'll never guess what" she beams while clapping her hands together, moving closer to you to get more of the blanket.

You smile, waiting for her to continue since you were bad at guessing, either way. She stops clapping her hands and just holds them together while looking up as if she was daydreaming.

"One of the popular boys invited me to sit with him during lunch" her smile disappears after completing her sentence. She then places her hands on the desk with a frown.

You face her, kind of anticipating her answer. Of course, hoping it would be no.

"I told him I wouldn't leave you"

You sighed internally, both from relief and confusion. She'd always say yes to making new friends and you never stopped her. You shook your head at her.

"Yeojin, you can go sit with him if you want. You know I wouldn't stop you" you closed your eyes, opening the blanket to wrap around the both of you and leaning into the blanket.

Your best friend, Yeojin huffed. Not at all satisfied with your reply. "That's the thing, you need to feel jealous sometimes" she giggles

You tilt your head while still facing away from her, "What's the point of feeling jealous, you're so nice and no one wanted to be friends with me" you sigh again, scanning the door which had just been opened.

Yeojin scoffs, you always spoke so negatively about yourself and especially your body. She absolutely loves you, just the way you are but it isn't convincing at times.

Truthfully, your best friend doesn't lie. She loves you for who you are. And that's facts.

The door opens more and three students walk in, snuggled in warm casual clothing. One of them spots your table and runs over.

"Yeojinnie, you left without me!" the boy whines while the other two boys stand behind him with crossed arms. Yeojin rolls her eyes as she pulls out a small lunch box from her bag and hands it over to the boy.

"And you stole my lunch too?! I'm telling mom" yep, mom. Yeojin and the boy are siblings.

The boy, Taehyung, is one of the popular boys. He never wanted it but eventually accepted it once his friends became popular with him. Yeojin wasn't that popular, even though her brother is. For some apparent reason.

The two bicker on while you snuggle into your own blanket that had slipped off Yeojin due to her standing up and trying to stare her brother in the eye.

One of the boys stare down at you, blinking his bored eyes very slowly. You don't notice of course, you're too busy trying to warm up. But Yeojin does.

She averts her gaze towards the boy, shooting him a glare to which he responds with one of his own.

"Scram Taehyung" Yeojin pushes her brother away from her table. She pointed her two fingers towards her eyes, then back at the other boy. Showing him that she had her eyes on him.

They left without complaint, leaving you two alone at peace.

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