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Beauty´s Blood - Taekook


My Name is Kim Taehyung and I'm a human. It shouldn't be something special but in it was my world. The human kind was dying because of a virus called "blood sucking idiots who like to kill innocent people" or in short, vampires. And the most cruel one, the one who has killed the most humans, was Jeon Jeongguk, the Vampire King. My 'Owner'.

Romance / Drama
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I can still remember the time when the humans controlled our world and not the vampires. It was almost peaceful but then the virus took over and changed the people into blood sucking monsters. Into Vampires thirsting to wipe out every human being on this earth.

They took over our world and began to hunt the humans. We were the prey and they are the predators. But unlike everyone else, I’m not the prey.

I’m the predator and the vampires are my prey. Or that at least is, what I thought. I like to call myself a vampire hunter but I know it isn’t true. I only kill them as a revenge for taking the most important people away from me when I didn’t have the chance to stop them.

The vampires killed my parents when I was twelve. Since then I’m living in the shadows, hiding from the vampire and try not to get in contact with any of them.

I was always alone, I never saw humans like me around and I sometimes believe I’m the only one which scares me but I try to not think about it too much.

The unloading sound of my gun makes me sigh satisfied as I see the creature in front of me slow down and finally break down in front of me. I hiss in disgust when I see fresh blood running out of his mouth and dripping down to the floor.

Since there are not much humans anymore, they were drinking animal blood or even each other’s. It is truly disgusting that the more dominant vampires drink the blood of less powerful creatures and even from their own kind.

I wipe the blood of my gun and put it back into the waistband of my way too used pants. I hate killing even when these are monsters. Sighing, I grab my backpack from the floor and leave the convenience store that I found in the village I ‘live’ in since a week.

It was a really abandoned place except some vampires but I don’t care. I found a house to sleep in and besides the vampires it was kind of peaceful. Almost like the time when Mom and Dad were still alive.

I stumble out of the store and kick some stones over the floor, already bored and feeling lonely. I never have the change to talk to someone and believe me, I really am all alone.

When I walk past an alley I suddenly hear a slurping sound which makes me stop in my tracks, my hand already on my gun. I carefully step closer, the gun now lifted up before slowly glancing into the alley.

One figure hovers over another and their teeth are slammed into the other’s neck. I furrow my brows disgusted. They are both vampires, ew this is exactly what I talked about.

“Isn’t it quite disgusting to drink another vampire’s blood?“, I chuckle and swirl the gun around my pointer finger, leaning against the wall. The man hovering over the smaller backs away surprised by this, eyes red and sending chills down my spine. I ignore it and take the change to shoot him, aiming at his heart.

“Shit!“, I curse loudly because he moves away so I only shoot his shoulder. His eyes are a bright red and I curse again when the bitten vampire runs away with vampire speed and disappears from the scenery.

Now it's just me and the furious vampire. I try to shoot him again and internally scold myself for being so dumb to look into the alley.I should've walked away. He is too fast for me and suddenly stands in front of me.

I gasp surprised when he snatches the gun out of my hand, throws it away and pins me against the wall with my hands above my head. ‘Shit, I’m so dead’, I think while studying his face with wide eyes.

He’s handsome, of course he is. All vampires get pretty once they were bitten and this one was no exception. The vampire has black hair, pale skin just like every other vampire, a small mouth but with cute lips and piercing eyes who stare right into my soul.

His jaw is clenched and his other hand which doesn’t hold my wrists in a bruising grip, grabs my jawline harshly. “Do you have any idea who you just shot?“, he growls with a deep husky voice and my knees starts to shake by the dripping dominance.

"I assume I just shot a vampire", I reply back sarcastically and try to twist my wrists out of his hold just when he takes a deep breath and my heart skips a beat in fear because his eyes widen.

“This is impossible”, he mumbles and steps even closer to me, inhaling my scent. When he looks at me again his eyes are red. And hungry. ”You are a human”, he says to me and I roll my eyes.

“Why thanks for noticing, I almost forgot”, I hiss out annoyed, clearly not the way I like my day to go so begin to prepare my attack. I’m not dumb. I know that I need to get away as fast as possible.

His eyes darken again. “Talking back to me two times, Human? Don’t you know that I can rip your throat out with one movement of my claws?”

“Of course I know that, you've been so nice and reminded me”, I spat at him and lift my knee up to ram it into his crotch. But unfortunately for me he is faster than me and grabs my knee. I hiss in pain when I feel his claws dig into my skin.

“I see. You’re a bad boy, Baby”, he smirks when he sees my painful expression, tightening his grip. “Don’t ‘Baby’ me, Asshole”, I glare at him and try to hide my despair. I have to get out of this situation, this was a vampire and vampires only want one thing: blood.

“Now now. Since you took my meal away, I think it's only fair when I’m taking you instead“, he says and tilts my head while letting go of my arms. I try to push him away but he suddenly crushes my kneecap and I scream in pain.

His teeth sink into my neck and I scream again in agony. Shit, this hurts like hell. His gulps were deep and hungry, locking me in place with his arms while my knee is pounding in pain. White takes over my sight but he stops suddenly just before I can black out.

I look at him with half lidded eyes and see his bloodied lips turning into a smirk. “You taste delicious, Darling. You’re mine now”, I want to protest but darkness engulfs me and I only feel how the stranger lifts my limp body up before everything goes black.

And that is how I met Jeon Jeongguk.

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