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Beauty´s Blood - Taekook



My head spins when I wake up and I groan in pain. What the hell happened? Then I remember the fight in the alley and I sit up in the bed.

I glance around and gasp shocked. This is not my room! I don’t even know in which part of the world I am. Or maybe I'm in hell already for encountering a vampire and this sounds actually reasonable enough.

Call me dramatic but I hate not knowing where I am. The room I am in is too luxurious to be mine. The Vampire... Oh God did he kidnap me?! He must did, this fucker, first drinking my blood and then taking me?! Oh, I'm going to rip that rotten heart out.

I want to get up but hiss in pain, vision blackening when I slump down in the floor. My left foot is chained to the bed and my other knee hurt like hell.

‘Oh yeah, I forgot that asshole crushed my motherfucking bones!’, I try to get rid off the chain but with no use. But then footsteps suddenly appear in front of the big two doors and my heart beats faster.

Oh please don’t come in, please... I huff annoyed when the door open, of course they have to come in, my luck is just so nice to me. I close my eyes pained when light hits my face since it was really dark in the room.

“You’re awake”, a deep voice states and I look up again. I must look funny, on the floor with a chain around my foot, weirdly laying on the ground, red face and too big clothes on my body.

Wait, too big clothes?!

“Where the hell are my clothes?“, I ask the stranger but he only chuckles when he closes the door again so it's dark again. “And who the fuck are you?“, I ask into the darkness and hear him laugh again. The sound this time coming from another direction.

This is getting creepy.

“For someone as petit as you, you really curse a lot, Baby”, I hear him say behind my ear and I immediately turn around.

“Yah!“, I yell when I feel hands grabbing my waist and strong arms lift me up until I feel the bed again under me. It is warm and soft, a true luxury but this is sadly nothing I can focus on right now, there is a stranger with me and he is possibly very dangerous.

“Better, Baby?“, the man asks and I feel the mattress dip under his weight when he sits down next to me. His breath ghosts over my sensitive neck and I remember the bite marks. Oh no, Taehyung you dumbass, why are you exposing your neck! Turn your head! But strangely, I can't. Something seems to lock me in place.

“You look so delicious, Darling, I can’t control myself”, he whispers and comes closer to me. I back away or that is at least I think I did because my back hits the mattress.

I feel the guy hovering over me and a pathetic whimper escapes my throat. “So beautiful”, his thumb touches my cheek and I move my head to the side in discomfort, can this creep stop touching me, thank you.

The guy takes a deep breath and I regret my movement because I exposed my neck to him. Once again, who's the clown now? “Hmm, this looks so good”, he mumbles and kisses my neck, tracing a long vein with his tongue.

He licks over the two bite marks and sighs. “A shame that you’re already marked, we could have so much fun. Well I would but I could give you as much fun as he could.”

He? What is that dude talking about? “Now get up, we don’t want his Majesty to wait”, he says and pulls me up after unlocking the chain.

I hiss when I get on my feet and slump down on the floor again. The guy next to me chuckles. “Oh sorry, I forgot”, he apologies and I groan annoyed but also embarrassed.

“Wait a sec”, he says again and I’m scared that he leaves me but he only bends down and picks me up.

“You’re really light”, he comments amazed and I roll my eyes. “I was busy running away from you monsters than eating properly”, I mumble more to myself but he hears me.

“We’re not monsters”, he growls and digs his nails into the flesh of my thighs. I whimper in return.

Light hits my face when he steps out of the room and I get greeted by an also luxurious room again, this time a hall. I look around to see the man’s face and widen my eyes. He’s handsome. Of course he is, Taehyung you stupid idiot what do you think he is?! An unicorn? No, he's a vampire!

He has white hair and a slim but muscular figure that’s why he could carry me that easily. And because of his vampire strength too.

“Done staring?“, he asks me with his deep voice. I blush and look away flustered. I try to look around as much as possible to quickly find a way out of this.

The place is really big and filled with luxury. It is amazing how beautiful it is here. “Welcome to the King’s palace”, the male says and I look at him shocked.

“K-King?“, I ask bewildered and he laughs. “Yeah, King. King Jeongguk. The one you shot.”

Oh shit. I shot the Vampire King?! I’m dead meat.

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