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Beauty´s Blood - Taekook



My heart beats faster in my chest when the unknown man carries me into another direction after leaving the hallway. I hear him sighing. “Please calm down, your heart beats too fast. Others can hear you”, he says annoyed and tightens his grip around my legs and waist.

I hate being carried. Can this creep please let go of me before I start to like this? I take a deep breath to calm my beating heart down and in that moment we move around the corner. I choke and cough harshly right after. Holy potato, how rich are these guys?!

The hallway is covered in gold. Golden Statues, golden Vases and at the end of the hallway stands a big majestic golden throne. And in it sits a person. I can’t see who it is but I bet my whole backpack that it is the King, Jeongguk.

To be honest, I don’t want to see him ever again. He crushed my knee and drank my blood and mostly important had kidnapped me.

I already hate that guy.

“Let me give you a warning: don’t talk back to him and just do what he says and you will stay alive”, the white-haired guy explains me while walking closer and closer to the throne where a person is sitting. “Even when you won’t follow my advice”, he mumbles to himself and i glare at him.

“If that means I become his bloodbag than I rather die”, I spat but he shushes me. “He can hear you, you know. Don’t give him ideas. And maybe your beauty will help you looking over the fact that you’re a brat”, I hit him, hard.

“Yah, I’m not a brat! I just don’t like it if someone kidnaps me without my permission!”

“Since when ask kidnappers for permission to kidnap someone?”, he asks and I close my mouth embarrassed, maybe I did not think that through. I cross my arms and look away, pouting. “So cute”, he says and I shoot him a death glare.

But my mood changes into fear when we reach the throne and the guy bows in front of it. I’m scared for a second that he would drop me but he doesn’t luckily. The man, the King, nods shortly and that gives the bowing male the permission to stand back straight.

“Thank you Minhyuk for bringing him here”, the King says in his deep husky voice. Oh shit, he is indeed the male I shot, Minhyuk was right, I’m really dead.

The guy, Minhyuk smiles a bit and looks at me shortly. “Where do you want to have him, your Majesty?“, he asks politely and the King seems to think for a second. Funny, that he can use that head of his considering the action in this alley.

Did I say that I’m dumb for going into that shitty alley? I could be in my bed peacefully but no, I needed to look. Dumb me.

“Just give him to me, I take care of him”, the King finally says and gets up from his seat to take me out of Minhyuk’s arms. Minhyuk winks shortly at me then he leaves in vampire speed. The next second I’m alone with the King, in his muscular and strong arms.

I squeak surprised when he sits down again and positions me on his lap with his arms wrapped around my waist. I look up to stare at him, and shit he looks even better up close. He has black hair like I noticed before, sharp jawline, a muscular body and handsome face features. Damn if I touch that jawline, I’ll cut my finger. Why does he need to be handsome? Couldn’t he be ugly?

“Take a picture, it lasts longer”, he smirks and I look away flustered but also angry. “Why would I take a picture from you? It’ll give me nightmares“, I reply through gritted teeth, he really is one arrogant asshole. He chuckles and grabs my waist harsher. I suppress a whimper.

“I may like being challenged but you should drop that attitude if you want to live”, he warns me and I roll my eyes. “I don’t want to be your blood bag so please kill me instead, thank you very much”, I would lie if I say I’m not afraid from the death. But when I die I can see my parents again.

“Why would I kill you? You’re too beautiful to be killed”, he says and leans in to my neck. I flinch as I feel his fangs ghosting over my skin. “And so delicious... I’m keeping you, Baby”, he says and sink his fangs carefully into my neck, drinking a small amount of blood.

I whimper, it isn’t as painful as the first time but it isn’t pleasant to lose blood to a vampire. He leans back, some blood dripping from his lips and I shudder in disgust. “Wow, you’re truly addicting, my sweet little baby”, he say and wipes the blood, my blood away with his thumb. “You really are the one I was searching for and you’re mine now”, he says.

I furrow my brows by his comment. “I could even turn you into a vampire so we can spend eternity together”, he suggests. Turning me into a vampire?! No way! I would rather die!

“What’s your name, Sweetheart?“, he then asks me out of the sudden and I’m too confused so I even reply without a sarcastic comment. “Kim Taehyung”, I whisper and he hums in response, caressing my side until his fingers slide up to my waist.. “Taehyung”, he say and I look up in his dark eyes. They eat me alive.

“You know who I am?“, I bite my lips, do I know? Minhyuk only told me that he was the King and his Name is Jeon Jeongguk. And he’s a vampire.

“Words, Beautiful.”

“You’re the King... Jeon Jeongguk”, I say and a wide smile appears on his face. I’m surprised when I see bunny like teeth. Kinda cute... “That’s great, Beautiful! I’m glad that you know because now you will respect me.”

He stops and looks at me with an unreadable expression on his face.

“You’re my property now and will call me Master from now on. Oh, and you’ll never leave my side again. You’re mine, Taehyung. Mine.”

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