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Notre Amour Tae x BTS


In which Kim Taehyung is the cute Babyboy of six dangerous Mafia bosses who killed to have him

Drama / Romance
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“Taehyung Sweetie, where are you?“, the voice of Kim Seokjin, CEO of GUCCI boomed through the huge mansion, calling for a certain beautiful little fluff ball that was playing hide and seek with him.

This said little boy, a gorgeous little beauty named Kim Taehyung, giggled cutely to himself while he sunk further into his hiding spot. He didn’t know that his handsome lover already knew where he was.

“Babyyy, tell Daddy where you are now, will you?“, Seokjin who also went by the name of Jin, cooed, smirking when he saw a bundle of chocolate hair peaking from under the couch. “You’re making Daddy sad, Angel”, Jin pouted.

He smirked in victory when he heard a cute little gasp and turning away quickly so he was facing another direction, acting like he didn’t hear or see anything. “I’m sad that I can’t your pretty face, Angel”, Jin said and pouted.

“Nu nu, D-Daddy!“, the sweet voice of the most beautiful angel appeared behind Jin and he turned around, smiling in victory when he saw the gorgeous little boy running towards him. “There you are, my Baby”, Jin grinned and opened his arms for Taehyung to jump into.

“TaeTae is sowwi Daddy!“, Taehyung whined when he threw himself into Jin’s strong arms. “Please nu sad Daddy”, the boy sobbed and hugged his Daddy tightly. Kim Taehyung was the most lovelist and beautiful boy ever.

He had chocolate colored hair, the most innocent big doe eyes, pink plump lips, strong straight brows, v-shaped face as well as a thin waist, long slim legs and a perfect curved body. He was the definition of sin and innocence the same time.

And that was exactly the reason why not only Jin, but five others fell in love with the beautiful boy. The six most powerful men in Korea fell all in love with the same beautiful boy, the son of Korea’s president.

Jeon Jeongguk, Park Jimin, Kim Namjoon, Jung Hoseok, Min Yoongi and last but not least, Kim Seokjin. Known as Bangtan.

They all were in love with Taehyung and did everything to have the cute Angel. Taehyung at first was scared and anxious when he was kidnapped multiple times, from multiple men, when nearly a war broke out just because of him.

But he did something no one before was able to do. He was able to stop their enmity. And now, he was the Babyboy of six over possessive, powerful men who wanted nothing but him to themselves.

“Aaaw, Baby, don’t cry, don’t cry”, Jin spoke softly to the whimpering boy in his arms, shushing him. Taehyung was not only super adorable and lovely, but also a little, adding another point why he was so sweet.

Jin wanted nothing but to protect his beloved Baby. “Are you a good boy for Daddy, hm?“, Jin asked him, carefully stroking the boy’s fluffy hair. Taehyung sniffed, his pointed nose was red on the tip and Jin was quick to lean forward, kissing the tip softly.

The little boy giggled cutely, trying to get away from his lover. “D-Daddy nuuu”, he whined cutely and giggled again when Jin tickled his soft sides. The boy was only wearing a largeshirt from one of his lovers, Jeongguk’s in this case and Jin enjoyed the feeling of his boyfriend’s soft thighs against his strong frame.

“Baby, did the... others told you when they’re coming home?“, Jin asked the little softly while carrying him on hip into the kitchen. “Ggukie said they comes s-soon!“, Taehyung exclaimed and snuggled his head into the crook of Jin’s neck.

“That’s great, Pumpkin...“, Jin’s voice trailed off at the end while he caressed Taehyung’s soft thighs. “C-come back soon?“, Taehyung asked with huge innocent eyes, staring at Jin. “Yes, Pumpkin they’ll soon come back.”

Jin had his day off today so he could watch over his boyfriend who was currently sleeping on the couch in his office. Every member owned an office in the mansion so they were able to work when they’ll spend time with Taehyung.

The mansion was something like the head quarter of the six males, it was the location where Taehyung was staying most of the time and every member of Bangtan was able to get into the mansion. Bringing their own personal style into it as well.

But along with the mansion, they had their own personal homes where they were staying. It was hard for the six to share one beautiful Baby and sometimes got into fights over who could have him. So they needed their own houses.

And they would often bring Taehyung with them as well.

Jin sighed, glancing at the boy. Taehyung was curled up in a fluffy blanket, looking adorable and cute like always. “What a cute Baby”, Jin chuckled. Taehyung scrunched his nose in his sleep and Jin grinned, getting up from his chair to pick his Angel up to place him on his lap.

Taehyung woke up in the warm embrace of his boyfriend and he smiled tiredly at the handsome male who pressed a kiss onto his lips. “Hey Princess, Daddy’s back home”, Jung Hoseok said softly and smiled down at the little boy who rubbed his eyes with one fist cutely. “Daddy”, Taehyung said softly and smiled his adorable box smile widely at the handsome male.

“Missed chuuu”, he giggled and peppered small innocent kisses all over Hoseok’s face who cooed at the sweet boy. “Missed you too, pup. I’m glad I’m back, I haven’t seen you for so long.”

Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope was a very famous Idol and had a very busy schedule so it was hard to see his beloved Babyboy. Which made Taehyung really sad.

“Don’t you missed me too, Babydoll?“, another voice asked, a much higher voice and Taehyung squealed in delight when he saw the muscular frame of Park Jimin. “Daddy! Chu are back tooooooo”, Taehyunf exclaimed happily and wriggled out of Hoseok’s arms to hug Jimin.

The said man winked at his concurrent, wrapping his strong arms around the tiny frame of his beloved Baby who was hugging him tightly. “Give Daddy a kiss, Doll will you?“, he mumbled lowly and Taehyung immediately obeyed, pecking his lips.

Jimin was holding a bloodied shirt in his hand which he has been wearing before and he quickly hid it before Taehyung so the little one couldn’t see it. As the leader of a very dangerous gang, he often got into fights with enemies. Causing him to come home often covered in blood. Which get him scolded by his hyungs and dongsaeng.

“Aw, can I get a kiss too, Kitten?“, Kim Namjoon, head of the popular Science agency of Korea said amused when he entered the room, dressed in a black suit along with a Gucci tie, a present of Tae for his birthday. Well, a present from Jin since he was the owner of Gucci and let Tae have anything he wanted.

Taehyung was even a model for Gucci even though Jin forbid to show his beautiful face on the pictures.

“Y-yes!“, Taehyung said and quickly jumped into Namjoon’s arms who lifted his light weight easily up. Behind him where Jeon Jeongguk and Min Yoongi who were staring intensely at their precious Baby.

These two were the most possessive over Taehyung, along with Jimin who was able to hide his possessiveness unlike the two. “Hey, my Kitten, Daddy missed you lots. Have you eaten already?“, Namjoon asked the small giggling little who stared up at him with big doe eyes.

“I was about to make some food”, Jin said and got up from his seat, walking over to Namjoon and Taehyung. “Daddy’s back soon, okay? Why don’t you greet Ggukie and Suga, hm?“, Jin asked, shortly kissing the boy’s plump lips.

“Ggukie, Suga!“, Taehyung called out for his last two lovers, cutely making grabby hands at them. “Kisseu!“, he said and pouted afterwards, causing the two usually so cold hearted men to laugh.

“Hello, my gorgeous little Cupcake”, Yoongi said and kissed the smaller one possessively, laying one of his large veiny hands on Taehyung’s knee who was still in the arms of Namjoon. All of them watched Taehyung who whined shortly when Yoongi released him.

“H-hi Daddy”, Taehyung whispered shyly and obediently. He glanced at Jeongguk through his bangs, chewing on his lip. Jeongguk had the most impact on the beauty, being fully under his control once Taehyung laid his eyes on him.

“My Babyboy”, Jeongguk roared deeply in his throat, walking towards him with long, confident steps. He took Yoongi’s place, grabbing Taehyung out of Namjoon’s arms, wrapping his own strong arms around Taehyung who stared cutely at him.

“How much I missed you, Tae”, Jeongguk breathed out and pressed his lips on Taehyung’s who moaned and wrapped his arms around him. A hand on his ass made the little one jolt upwards, turning away from Jeongguk who was happy with just kissing his Baby’s soft golden neck, leaving hickeys over the skin.

“You for sure are hungry, Dolly, let’s go and eat dinner, hm?“, Jimin suggested and Taehyung nodded. “Y-yes Daddy”, he agreed, showing his lovers his cute box smile.

Melting their once cold hearts again by this adorable sight.

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