Stay with me - Taekook


In which the silver fox hybrid Kim Taehyung doesn´t want to accept his new owner Jeon Jungkook.

Romance / Drama
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Taehyung´s beginning

It’s been exactly fourteen years since Jung Hoseok found the little fox hybrid named Kim Taehyung, crying in an alley while he watched how his mother was raped. Hoseok couldn’t save the woman back then but he did save Taehyung.

He fell instantly in love with the beautiful hybrid with the bright blue eyes and the silver hair. Taehyung was a super rare silver fox hybrid, the last of this extremely exclusive breed. And Hoseok was the lucky guy to have his hands on the cute boy.

That was the reason why Hoseok was so against selling the hybrid, his cute little Taehyung but he had a money problem... and the agency he was working for forbid him to keep this expensive and delicate hybrid as his. Taehyung was so rare that he was worth millions of won.

And the hybrid hated it. Hated, how men and women would come to stare at him with desire and lust in their eyes, eyeing him from head to toe when he was presented in the audience room like every other hybrid. Thankfully for him, the young hybrid was way too young to get sold, hybrids would get sold at a age of eighteen.

But unfortunately, Taehyung turned eighteen this week, making him finally sold-able. And everyone who had money was waiting for this moment to buy him, having him as his own, exclusively.

Taehyung tried running away so so many times but each time he got caught, he was marked, chipped even so the people keeping him could always find him. He was too precious to get lost, too much worth. And the cruel people, especially the boss of the hybrid kidnapping agency, wanted nothing else but money.

It hurt Hoseok heart when he found out that Taehyung should get put into the auction right after his birthday, the wealthy billionaires were waiting for this auction, to finally bid on the beautiful fox.

Right now, Taehyung was crying softly in Hoseok’s arms, too scared from everything and the world. His big blue eyes stared at Hoseok, begging his kind caretaker to save him from his cruel destiny.

Taehyung was only wearing a white long shirt that slipped off his delicate shoulders, exposing his gorgeous unmarked skin. Two guards stood next to the beautiful boy, making sure Taehyung won’t run away. A black velvet choker was wrapped around the hybrid’s neck, making him look very sexy.

He was the definition of beauty with a perfect shaped face that screamed innocence and sinful desire at the same time, his body shaped like a sin, making everyone weak in their knees who looked at him. And this boy, this beauty was crying like there was no tomorrow.

“H-Hobi, p-please don’t let t-them take me”, Taehyung sobbed against his caretaker’s chest, clutching desperately at the elder’s shirt with his long tan fingers and Hoseok felt tears coming up in his eyes. For fourteen years he was taking care of the hybrid, watching how he grew from a cute little baby into this gorgeous young man with unbelievable features.

“TaeTae, I’m sorry”, Hoseok whispered, looking over at the guards who were looking very annoyed at the scene but threw disgusting smirks towards the gorgeous hybrid which Taehyung didn’t notice of course since he was crying in Hoseok’s chest.

Even with swollen red eyes, he looked beautiful, his pink bottom lip was trembling and his baby blue eyes looked begging at Hoseok. “We’ll see each other again, I promise TaeTae”, Hoseok smiled down at the younger watching how the hybrid sniffed. “P-pinky promise?“, Taehyung asked the elder with big eyes, chewing softly on his lip.

The two close friends wrapped their pinky fingers around each others and Hoseok pressed a short kiss onto Taehyung’s forehead. “Love you, pup”, Hoseok mumbled and Taehyung cried again, his tears fell down his fragile cheeks, his delicate body was shaking.

This was it, this was the goodbye. Taehyung wasn’t sure if he would see his friend ever again. Or his other friend, Park Jimin who was about to get sold with him too. Hoseok wasn’t sure either. he knew what happened to hybrids, especially to rare ones like Taehyung.

They would get treasured like nothing else, an exquisite toy or slave even, never possibly leaving their home without their owners, getting protected and showered in attention by their rich and often bored or lonely owners.

And Taehyung being the top rarest Hybrid would possibly never come outside again...

“Okay, that’s enough now”, one of the guards announced, grabbing Taehyung by his petite waist to drag him into the auction room. “No, NO! HOBI!“, Taehyung yelled desperate when he got separated from his best friend, his friend of fourteen years.

“I’ll find you, Tae! I promise!“, Hoseok yelled over the loud screaming of Taehyung.

The hybrid was dragged through the curtain leading to the stage, his mind blank and his eyes filled with tears, tears that wanted nothing but to fall.

“And here we have the most exclusive hybrid we have ever sold! This is Kim Taehyung, the last silver fox hybrid!“, the man, a tall usually handsome guy named Wonho announced with a disgusting smirk, he would have keep Taehyung himself if he wasn’t so addicted to money.

“He turned eighteen this week and you can finally buy him! As a male, he has beautiful feminine features and is very submissive! Bids start at 20 million won!“, Wonho said through his microphone, grabbing Taehyung so the poor little boy was stumbling against his chest, gasping when his fragile body hit the hard chest of Wonho, Hoseok’s boss.

“You’ll make me rich, little One”, Wonho grinned towards Taehyung and listened satisfied to the multiple and higher going bids.

Until a cold dark voice boomed through the room, silencing everyone else.

“43 billion won!”

“And sold to... Jeon Jungkook! Congratulations, Mr Jeon! You can collect your prize from the stage!”

And Taehyung knew in an instinct that he hated that man, Jeon Jungkook who recently bought him.

His new owner.

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