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He always smiled at me, whatever happened he just smiled and made sure I felt alright. ~ F/n was a normal college student. Working, studying and going home for the weekend was probably all she did. But one day she entered her favorite coffee shop as always at 8 am on the dot, to write on her laptop with a lovely cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin for breakfast. But on that one morning a handsome young man, to her likings sat down at her table for two and told her the next thing; "It's better if you don't have breakfast here tomorrow morning." His hooded face couldn't be seen... But his beautiful lips made her trust him as he smiled, and said goodbye. What does he mean? Listening to the handsome man the next morning she arrived around 9 am, just to pas by as she had breakfast at home and saw the coffeeshops windows shattered, police wires everywhere. "He warned m-me? Why me?~" -- WARNING: assault (not from the members), gruesome scenes and sexual content. FLUFF Started: august 28th, 2019 Finished: ongoing I do not own BTS or any of there stuff, there names and characteristics will be used in a fictional way. Credits for photos and videos used in this book go out to the rightful owner as they are not mine. Update = every Wednesday

Romance / Mystery
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•Chapter 1•

Walking off campus I had my laptop under my arm and my phone in my hand.

It was quite a rainy day but that didn't matter, I was gonna write anyways.

Entering the coffee shop after my last class for today the waitress already smiled at me and asked; the usual?

Nodding and smiling back I took place at my usual spot, in the back against the wall, at the window.

Seeing the raindrops roll down the window made me relax.

My friend is a waitress here. They usually hold their brakes here at the end of the counter because not a lot of costumers came around the corner to sit down. Sadly she only works on the weekends, so I didn't see her mush.

As the waitress brought me my coffee she asked me how my day was and had a little chat with me before she took off again.

An hour past and I heard the bell above the door rang as a new customer came in.

I have seen him here a couple of times before, with his light pinkish hair it was hard to miss him. He had sunglasses on and a smile plastered on his face as he orders something. I couldn't hear his voice because they were too far away.

For a brief moment, he looked over, still with that adorable smile on his face. I couldn't help myself but to smile back. "Just being kind." I thought to myself as I focus back on my writing.

Looking up again after a few seconds I observed how he was leaning on the wooden counter, just his hight, perfect to lean on. He was dressed wel~ he didn't look middle-classed. But he didn't come from our neighborhood as well.

I have lived my whole life in a wealthy household. Never complained and never bragged about it to others.

Yes, my father and mother have there owned companies, my mom a famous wedding planner and my dad the CEO of his own car company that handled in old, rustic and antic cars. Rather special but I always found it interesting to learn from them.

They made their own success so they raised me like that as well. Work hard and it will pay off. Be a strong independent woman who has her own strengths, and can pay her bills.

I wanted to be my own boss too~ become a writer and such, but I'm trailing off.

He didn't live around our neighborhood and I can't recall him going to the "richer" schools.

Seoul is big but our community around here was kinda like we all know each other so it was a little off.

Seeing him exit with around 7 coffees I leaned my head on my hand as I looked back at my screen. 'He must work for a company around here~' I mumbled to myself as I trailed off into a daydream, the 10th this day to be correct.

Around 9 pm I decided to head to my dormitory and shower before going to bed.

I finished schoolwork at the coffee shop so that's great. I studied interior design and architectior but I want to become a writer, if that dream may ever become a reality.

Walking back to campus I got greeted by a few people.

Unlocking my door I entered my room. My roommate quite at the beginning of the year so I had a whole room to myself.

Going into the bathroom to shower and get ready for bed I was finished pretty quickly as I still wanted to watch some Netflix before falling asleep.

Waking up the next morning I got up and opened the blinds. The sun was already shining. 6:30 am ~ Too early but I am a morning person so I can handle it.

Putting on a fresh outfit I put my hair up in a messy bun. Brushing my teeth I smiled at myself in the mirror as I finished.

Getting my bag I only had one class today. So that either meant wasting my time the rest of the day or, doing homework and write.

As you may have guessed, I'm going for option two.

Walking into the coffee shop I walked up to the counter and ordered a latte macchiato caramel, with extra cream and a bluebarchitecting.

Passionately I waited to receive my cup.

Paying for everything I sat down in my usual spot and stared outside as I stretched my arms above my head.

Sipping the still-burning-hot coffee the warm aroma filled my mouth as I almost burned my lips.

Taking out my laptop I did some prepping for my lecture at 9:30 am.

About 8:20 am a flash of pink passed the window I was sitting by.

Hearing the bell above the door rang I see the pink-haired guy again. But I could hardly see the beautiful color as his dark gray hoody covered it mostly.

He had an all-black outfit today. Black leather jacket, ripped black skinny jeans and black boots. Even a pair of black sunglasses that peeked out on the tip of his nose.

He glanced over in my direction but I dodged his gaze by looking down.

As he got his order I saw him walking-



Sitting down slowly in the empty seat before me he looked at me.

A smile on his face.

Smiling back at him he leaned his arms on the table and leaned a little closer as he said the next thing; It's better if you don't have breakfast here tomorrow morning, don't come in.

His plump lips spoke the words that made me feel a little anxious.

His hooded face didn't show his eyes as his classes helped to keep him disguise in a way.

As he stood up before I could say anything he walked away shoving his hand in his pocket, the other one holding onto his cup.

Seeing him disappear there I sat alone again at a table for two. And I didn't even know his name.

And w-why did he only warn me? What does it mean? Should I even believe him?

Thinking back at his smile I felt deep inside that I could trust him. But why did he tell me, why?

Going to my lecture my thoughts kept on going back to the handsome young man...

This lecture was about 2 hours long but I couldn't stay longer than an hour and 30 minutes as my mind was occupied.

Going to the dorm I fell down on my bed.

I was afraid off what would happen. I wanted to warn everyone but I knew if I did that they would either think I am crazy or they call the police. And how could I explain something I didn't know anything about?

Well laying in bed my day was spent then and there with Netflix and chips.

So option two turned into option one~

Eventually I fell asleep early.

Waking up to my alarm at 6:30 am as usual I shot up straight in my bed.

'What the fuck happened!?' I recalled what he told me yesterday. I couldn't get it out of my mind and for me to curse about something is next level.

Taking a shower I walked back into the room to one of the cabinets. 'Serial?' I question myself as I picked up the box and looked at it.

The red and pink package made the pink-haired guy flashed before my eyes as his smile was printed onto my eyelids.

I knew I needed to believe him.

Eating serial for breakfast I checked my lessons and it's a good thing I did because the teacher from yesterdays lecture, the one I partly skipped had given us an assistant due after the weekend.

Working on it I looked at the clock as I pouted. '8:40~' I mumbled under my breath and closed my laptop.

My first class started at 9:20 so I took off.

Making the walk I always did in the morning the coffee shop was the last place I needed to pass.

9 am.

Turning around the corner my mouth slightly dropped as I see glass scattered everywhere~

"He was right."

Two police cars blocked the area as police cord was strung across the windows and pathways to get by.

Crossing the street I saw police men inspecting the place. I saw one of the waitresses crying in distress.

I felt bad for what happened.

Bowing my head I let it hang lowly.

Crossing an alley I saw a guy turn around the corner. It made me think about him.

Trailing of again I was late to my class.

Getting a weird feeling the whole day I couldn't even write as I felt sick to my stomach.

He really warned me about it~

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