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Sensory Lover II: JJK


"But he's dead--." Started: 180224 Ended: 180722 --- 180511: #238 in FANFICTION Note: Mature content

Romance / Erotica
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1: The Encounter









“Be a good boy Junghee, okay?” You crouch in front of your three year old son patting his head while Taehyung smirked by the threshold of his home.

“No worries! It’s only for a week right?” He said.

You picked up Junghee and passed your child to Taehyung.

“Take care of him,” you commanded.

“Yes Madam, we’re gonna have sooo much fun, right Junghee?” He turned to the kid and your son giggled in anticipation. “Now off you go.”

“Don’t forget his milk before bed.”


“You have to read him bedtime--.”

“--Stories. Yes.”

“If he got sick, I have some medici--.”

“Shut up and just go already Y/N.”


“You said this business trip is very important for your promotion right?”

You sighed and nodded.

“You still have lots of things to do once you got to the hotel there so I suggest you go now.”

“Fiiine,” you kissed Junghee on the forehead and looked at Taehyung once again, “Just take care of him okay?”

“I will, no worries,” and your best friend smiled reassuringly.


You went to your car and started to drove off to your one week long business trip to Busan.

But I need to take a stop over first, you thought.


“I miss you love,” you whispered as you sat on the green colored grass beside this marble plaque with his name on it.

Jeon Jungkook

With your careful touch, you swipe away the dried leaves that covered part of his grave and once you were satisfied with it, you placed your newly bought knitted black gloves on top.

“Winter is coming so you gonna be needing this,” you said while simultaneously wrapping your coat to your body.

“I’ll be heading to Busan for a week love, please watch over our baby for me,” and you smiled to yourself.

You miss him so much it hurts.

For three years, there wasn’t a single minute that you’ve forgotten about him. He was always inside there, in the deepest part of your heart where you know that he will remain forever.

A gush of winter breeze passed you and soon a single drop of snow landed on Jungkook’s plaque.

Your head automatically looked up and it didn’t took long for the droplets of snow to fall on top of your head painting your once green surroundings with it’s unpigmented hue of white.


It was already snowing hard when you reached the hotel that your company told you to stay.

“It’s more convenient that way, since the owner of that hotel is also the company that you will make a deal with,” your boss told you.

It was a high end hotel with lots and lots of marbles everywhere.

Marble flooring.

Marble columns.

Marble walls.

“Oookaaay,” you mumbled to yourself.

You hurriedly walked your way towards the information desk.

You just wanted to know where your room is so that you could unpack, shower, call your boss and just rest already.

It was a long ride and the fact that it was snowing the whole time doubled your exhaustion.

“Excuse me, room for Ms. Y/F/N.”

“I’m gonna be needing your valid ID ma’am.”

“Oh wait a sec,” you fished out you wallet from your back pocket and get your company ID from it, “here you go.”

“Thank you, let me just look up your room number.”

After a few seconds, the woman on the front desk tilted her head to the side and her brows knitted together, “Uuhm,” she sounded as if uncertain of what she’s looking at on her computer screen.

“Is there a problem?” You asked.

“Just wait a second Madam, I’m just gonna make a call.”

And she did, you looked at her facial expression throughout the call since you couldn’t hear what she was saying over the phone.

“Okay, Ms. Y/N here’s your key card. Pent number 13612, top floor, she smiled wide at you as you get the card from her, “you must be a very special employee for getting a penthouse Ma’am,” she added.

You just smiled back her and bowed slightly.

“Oh! He’s here!” The lady exclaimed turning to her co-workers, and totally forgetting your existence.

The other employees on the hall lined up and bowed ninety degrees.

What the heck is going on?

Is this mafia or something? The hell.

You looked around you, even the other hotel guests were confused as you are.

Head turned from left to right trying to find the person who these people were so worked up with.

And then you saw him.

Walking in the middle of the lined up employees.

Wearing that thick-totally expensive looking coat.

His face was the same.

Every lashes and every mole. His jawline, his eyes, and his lips.

All the same handsome features.

But different.

His aura was different.



He’s walking.

Walking straight.

Straight towards you.

And then he looked at you.

His eyes were pure black as the night with no emotion on them as he continued his steps.

“J-jungkook? B-but he’s dead--.”

And everything went blank.


Yeah well, you already know that I’ll be leaving you with a cliff hanger right? 😂😂😂😂

This chapter is just a tease, I’m trying to know how you’ll react to this second part of Sensory Lover.


His reaction when Namjoon called him ’Jungkookie′ 😂😂😂😂😂


PS: Sorry about the phrase ‘Winter is Coming’ I couldn’t helped it.

Game of Thrones! Anyone? 😂

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