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Hunted - A Kingdom Hearts Story


Roxas is a werewolf thanks to Saix. In fact everyone is a werewolf at some point. Except for a few Hunters. But that's beside the point, Roxas the Prince of all Fantasy's is being hunted down after he

Adventure / Fantasy
Rachel Taylor
Age Rating:

Secrets to be Told

"Where is he?!" Sora said as he paced back and forth waiting for Riku to show up. The full moon was shining over the ocean as Sora waited for the boy he was waiting for so they could start their first date, for some reason the boy was taking forever to get to the Island.

"Sora…" The sound of his boyfriend's voice made him jumped as he saw the silver haired boy covering his left shoulder.

"Riku!" Sora ran right to his boyfriend before he saw that Riku had been bitten by one of them… Only Sora didn't know if his boyfriend was being followed by one of those creatures so him ran grabbing Riku's arm and pulling him to the nearest wooden house, once inside Sora started to bandaged Riku's arm up trying to stop the bleeding.

On the main Island two wolfs where looking at the Island watching their new member be pulled into a wooden shack…

'Hmp… poor kid…' a dark red wolf thought as he watched the blood drip from his friend's mouth… 'Why did you have to go and do that Saix?'

The light blue wolf stared at his friend looking at his emerald eyes As he responded. 'Because he ordered it, plus XIII will rejoin us once again now that one of his friends have been hurt… the master will be pleased. Now let's go…'

The dark red wolf nodded his head and trotted back with his blue friend back to the rest of their pack…

My head lifted off the ground when I saw Sora stumbled into the house with Riku on his shoulder. Oh no! I thought as I crawled under my bed. Ever sense I came out of Sora things have sucked. Between me and you… I'm what Sora calls creatures a werewolf per say. Ever sense Saix came up with the idea to bit Xemnas and Have him turn the whole Organization into werewolves life has been a living hell for me…

"We have to keep it down Roxas is probably in bed." Sora said from outside my door. Sora knows how I like my private space so I should be good but it's just in case.

"Ok, let's just… Ow! Shit! Whenever we get this bit healed up I'm going to kill those bastards. Those Son of Bitches better watch out…" I heard Riku cry. I winched knowing that he was talking about us. I felt the hairs on the back of my neck fly up as a cold breeze came from the window. I got back up on my bed and looked out the window to see that Axel and Saix were standing a few miles from the house.

'Roxas…' Axel sighed my name… I hated how we each have the power to read each other's thoughts… it's weird mind reading werewolves how much stranger can we get?

'XIII we know you in there… speak to us…' Saix… the leader of most of us, but he's not he's just one of the workers for Xemnas he's our… well… their pack leader but he is actually one of the captain's for someone powerful than any of us combined.

'Fine…' I sighed as I jumped out of the window from my bed. Sure it was a two story jump, but I could deal with it. I took higher jumps before.

'Follow… we have to talk…' Axel said.

'Hell yeah we have too! What the hell did you do to Riku!?'

'Simple… we did our orders from Xemnas…' Saix said as his golden eyes stared at me.

'Bull.' I growled as Saix did… I'll admit it now I never ever liked Saix he was such a fucking lair. Parton my French.

'Roxas… take it easy I don't want you to get hurt…' Axel has a way of just talking to us without anyone else that is with us can't hear.

'Look we didn't bit that deep… he'll be fine… if we did thought he would have joined us… and the Master doesn't want that.' Saix said as he circled me. I watched him carefully knowing that if he attacked that he is dragging me back to Xemnas and then I might get to meet this "Master" everyone is talking about.

'Fine… but do it again and so help me I will—'

'You'll do what?' My spine shivered as Cloud walked up behind me. Cloud was the one that had taught me everything I know about being a werewolf but he never liked me.

'Nothing… sir…' I sighed as Axle looked at me obviously telling me that he heard me think about tear Saix guts out. I protect my friends but Axel is nothing to me now. When I met Cloud and his pack I forgot all about my other pack. I actually had to speak about them nastily.

'Good… as for you two… why are you talking to my son… you know what the rules are…' I winched as I felt Cloud put his paw on my back telling me to sit. To Cloud everyone in his pack is his Son or Daughter for younger ones and Brother and Sister for older ones. Cloud was the oldest of us all.

'Noting more then give him a warning for walking around the streets…' Axle said as Cloud walked over me to protect me. I knew there was going to be a battle between Cloud and Saix, knowing Cloud he would want me to fight with Axel.

'This is my territory… you should know that! Now I'll give you 5 seconds to get off my territory or we fight… to the death.' My eyes wondered over to Axle who just growled and walked away. Saix on the other hand stood there staring at me. 'Now!' Cloud growled.

Axel barked and Saix turned with a huff and they walked away back into the forest.

'You need to go home, Roxas.' Cloud said as he turned to face me know but pure horror was on his face as he turned. I turned also to see that Riku and Sora had been watching the whole time from my window.


"I don't get it!" Sora yelled as I walked out from the bathroom. I wanted to take a shower before I answered any of their questions.

"Sora…" I said as I sat in my chair while Sora and Riku were on my bed.

"Why didn't you tell me Roxas?! We don't keep secrets from each other!" Sora cried as I flinched watching Riku glare at me. Here I thought we were finally friends and now we're back to the same glare he came me ever sense I've met him.

"Sora… I had too… My Pack leader said I had to… plus with the way you and Riku talk about us… I was scared to even find out if telling you was wrong."

'Roxas…' My eyes widen at the sound of Tifa's voice. I'm screwed.

"Still… why didn't you tell us?" Riku asked as he saw my flinch at Tifa's words.

'Roxas meeting now… you better hurry… Cloud is already pissed at you for earlier…'

I closed my eyes and shook my head. "Sorry guys… I have to… go. I'll tell you later promise!" Before either of them could reply I was jumping down the stairs and running out the front door grabbing my skate board.

"I'm telling you Skating really isn't my thing." Tifa said as I held her arm as we skated down the road to Cloud's house from there we would walk into the half of the Forest that was behind the city.

"You'll get a hang of it one day."I said. Actually I was better on my skate board than on roller blades which were what she was wearing I didn't even know how she was able to make it to Sora's house without falling on her ass.

We came up on Cloud's house and just as we knock on the door, Yuffie tackled me.

"Roxy! I'm so glad your okay! How is Sora and Riku taking the truth?" Yuffie said.

"Not so well, because of the meeting you guys got me out of answering a bunch of questions."

"Yeah, well you can thank Cloud on that…" Leon a tall brunette said he was Cloud's boyfriend. Just to say Yuffie and I are typically the youngest everyone else is over 18 soon Yuffie will be joining them.

"You're real lucky grumpy over there isn't going to punish you for that." Cid who was 20 said. Cloud was 20 as well but he won the battle between them declaring victory and becoming leader.

"Hey little dude, glad to see your still alive." Zack said as he grabbed my board and placed it next to his.

"Glad to see that Leon hasn't tried to kill you yet." I said but Aerith came up behind Zack and held his hand.

"He won't be any more… I got Aerith now." Zack said as he kissed her on the check.

"Yep, glad to see you again, Roxas… it's been a while." Before I met Cloud both Aerith and I had been strays on the street she watched over me during the night. And every night around here is always a full moon.

I smiled as I saw them walk away to go talk to Yuffie and Tifa, I was glad to see that I had a new pack, this pack hated my old one, the thing about this one is well they are all friends of Sora's and if Sora found out that they were werewolves it would kill him that he has killed so many.

That's why Riku and Sora were never supposed to know about me. Or any of us for that fact… but it's too late now and I know that if I told Sora his first ever kill was Xion he would be devastated. For Riku… I don't think he would be, he killed Ansem the Heartless.

"Attention!" Leon said I turned my head to see that Cloud had come down the stairs with Namine, I actually haven't seen Namine for a while. The last time I saw her she was captured by the Organization. I just hope she hasn't become one of us.

"Brothers, Sisters, Sons, and Daughters, today we have a new pack member." Cloud said as stood in front of us and the sliding doors. "Namine, has become one of us and she is our new Daughter." Too late.

"Welcome, Namine!" We all repeated. She nodded respectfully and got her attention on me.

"It's nice to meet you all." She said.

"We should get going…" Leon said. Cloud nodded and everyone filed outside. Leon led everyone, Namine moved to come talk to me but Yuffie got to her first. I just smiled and walked out the doors. Cloud following me.

"Roxas… we need to talk…" I looked at Cloud as he put his hand on my shoulder. "It's about Sora and Riku."

"What about them sir?"

"How much have you told them?"

"Nothing more than that my leader told me not to tell them about myself, sir." I said. Cloud smiled… it was weird, he never smiled at me. Not once.

"That's good to know." It took me a minute before I relized that the Cloud that was standing in front of me wasn't the real Cloud the real one just walked out of the house with Tifa.

"No way…" I said as the Cloud imposter changed from him to the slated haired cloaked schemer Zexion himself.

"Now Roxas, you should have never let big old daddy over there to protect you last night." Zexion pointed to Cloud and Tifa yelling my name and banging on a force field that kept them away from me and Zexion.

"Let me go you creep!" I called as I pushed his arm off my shoulder. Zexion just made a 'tsk' with his mouth and grabbed my arm.

"Now, now Roxas. This shouldn't hurt, but it can make you somewhat dizzy and tired." I glared at Zexion as he started to glow a dark purple. The glow moved from him to me, I tried to pull away but he had an iron grip on me and as he said I became dizzy.

"Roxas!" Cloud yelled.

"…Cloud…" I said as Zexion let me go my hand rushed up to my head as I fell on the floor. Zexion looking down on me and smiling.

"Hold on little dude!" Zack's voice seemed like it was inside with me and Zexion. Zexion's smile faded as looked up. I let my head go with my body going numb. Zexion looked back down at me with his smile returning as he rolled my over on my back.

"I can die, but as long as I get you to Xemnas, I will have completed my mission."

"No!" Tifa cried.

"Namine! What are you doing?!"

"Zack! Get out of there!" Aerith called. Next it was nothing but a white light and my energy slipping away as I was pulled out by a strong pair of hands.

"Hold on my son." Cloud said as I slipped from consciousness.

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