Hunted - A Kingdom Hearts Story


It has been a month sense the hunting for me and now Sora had started. Apparently that big black wolf was a Gather. There are more like him, and he was sent to gather Vanitas and Me. I was just lucky enough to get by. As if you didn't know, I'm a werewolf. Vanitas and Sora are too, basically everyone, but my friends from Twilight Town and Kairi, Are werewolves.

"Roxas." My boyfriend pulled me out of my thoughts as we were sitting on the clock tower in Twilight Town like we did before this stupid thing with Werewolves started.

"Hm?" I asked taking a bit from the ice cream we eat. Sea-salt.

"Are you sure that you're ok? You've been silent ever sense that stupid attack."

"I'm fine." I mumbled. I wasn't really. I didn't want to put Axel in this mess. Sora was the same with Riku. Every night, we all turn, thanks to the full moon that is always out, but I'm getting off topic, we go for these little double dates, that Sora suggested we do. Axel of course couldn't resist.

"Sure you are…" There was silence as I finished the ice cream and tossed the stick into the garbage can. As soon as I sat down again. A pair of strong arms grabbed my waist and pulled me over to the owners chest.

"Axel! Let me go!" I said as he started ruffled my hair.

"Not till you tell me what's bugging you so much." He whispered in my ear, sending chills down my back. I titled my head back so I could look at him and crossed my arms.

'Silent treatment huh?' He said through my mind. Yeah, over the month he had gotten super strength as well and his telepathic mid became stronger as well. What's next? Fire?

"Possible, babe." He said as he reached his hand up under my shirt and started to rub my back. "Now, how about you tell me what's wrong?"

I sighed as closed my eyes. "It's just… been quiet…. Just trying to stay on guard that's all." He raised his left eyebrow making him look as cute as ever. His emerald eyes skimmed me up and down trying to find a way to get to my thoughts to find the truth.

According to Sora you is also a telepath, now I'm great at hiding what I'm thinking now. So there is no way he'll find out what-. "Rox, why didn't you tell me that you are hiding your thoughts?" Crap.

"What do you mean? I was just thinking of how Sora tried to read my mind, but he got nowhere and couldn't read my thoughts." Please work, Please work!

Axel rolled his eyes and sighed. Winner! "How about you? How's your training going?" Training, right. Cloud is training me to use my powers to fight instead of just run.

"The invisibility is working out great. I can control how long it stays and we I want it gone now, the super speed helps with that." I said resting my head on his chest.

Axel just nodded, I could tell that he wanted to battle me now, but there is no way in hell will I ever hurt this idiot, although, he's my idiot.

"Aww, that's sweet Babe." I mental face palmed myself for letting that one slip from my 'Hidden' thoughts.

"So what now? We have until Sunset." That's when our Double date with Sora and Riku is, in like an hour.

"Well, we could always—"He paused. I looked up at him again, he was looking around like he heard something… or someone.

"Axel?" He stopped looking around and looked down at me a smile on his face. I rolled my eyes and turned back to the sunset.

"Sorry… though I heard something." He pulled my closer to him and tighten his grip on me. I could tell he was lying to me. Someone was watching us and Axel had noticed.

From a distance she watched the two boys sitting on the clock tower. Her prey was there, but he was being protected by a stupid red head. She was only here to make sure that, the heartless wolf she sent into the building grabbed the boy before anything could go wrong. But she heard what the boys were saying. In an hour they were to meet her second pray. But there was only one problem… the boyfriends going along with them.

"Mistress?" A man said as he walked up to the women.

"This better be good…" She said not even bothering to turn and look at the man.

"The boy won't say much. He won't even move."

"Then how about you make him!" She growled. She turned to the man and handed him a collar and button.

"What is it?"

"This will make sure that, that idiot boy will do as we please…" She said. "Put it on him and push the button, it should be a shock to him." She laughed. The man did as well. She demised him and turned back to the boys. The red head noticed the building she was standing on. She smiled glad that she was spotted. People on guard are more fun to mess with.

I guess at one point I fell asleep, because I woke up to the sudden changes of my body. As soon as I was done changing, I stood and stretched.

'Morning Sleeping Beauty.' Axel said. I rolled my eyes as trotted up to him.

It's silly isn't it? I looked around trying to find out what I just heard… or… what I thought I heard. Wouldn't that be a surprise.

'I found them Riku!' Sora yelled as he and Riku walked up to us. I guess they wanted to meet us her anyway.

'Great, you found us!' I said as Sora turned to look at me. Axel snorted as I laughed. Sora eventually broke and joined us along with Riku.

'So are you ready?' Sora asked. Just as I was about to make another stupid remark, Axel growled behind me. Sora and I looked at each other.

'Riku growled… did Axel?' Sora asked I nodded my head and he knew that both our boyfriends could hear something we couldn't.

'Roxas, you and Sora stay here and out of sight.' Axel said as he nodded his head over to the door to the stairs, the only way to really get down from the clock tower. I gave him a glance of be careful and dragged Sora to the other side of the clock. I touched his paw and turned us both invisible.

'Roxas? Why are we invisible?'

'Because, it's been to quiet for a whole month, something had to happen right?'

'So you think whoever took Vanitas, is now…' he trailed off as we heard growls and barks coming from under us.

'Looking for us…' I finished for him. We were silent for a bit listening to the fight going on beneath us, until something rolled in front of us. It was something black. I gasps as I relized it was a heartless gather.

'Roxas… what is that thing….?'

'Heartless gather, don't make a move and try to hide your breathing…' Sora did as told, but the heartless wouldn't move. I think it knew we we're here… is he just a distraction?

Now, Now. I felt Sora tense beside me. It was the same voice from before. Where are my wonderful, boys. The heartless the stood up finally to form in it's werewolf form. Its golden eyes staring straight at me… it was like me and Vanitas, the first time we met… but the heartless can't control me. But it was doing something to me.

'Roxas… is it staring at you.' I didn't reply to Sora I didn't even move an inch. Where are Axel and Riku? Right now would be the perfect time for a rescue! I say this because I can feel my strength weaken, if this happens I lose the power to keep us hidden.

'Sora, don't attack, stay calm… ok?' I heard him whisper a small ok as the heartless drained a good amount of energy to make me lose my grip on keeping us hidden.

"There you are…" a woman in a black robe said. She had a staff in one hand and two collars in the other. I tried to gather more of my strength back… but I couldn't do it… "My, you did give quite the fight, Roxas." She said as she picked my head up from the ground, where I had fallen onto.

'Maleficent…' Sora said. The woman looked over at him and she smiled.

"Sora… you were always the one to guess that someone would change just like that." She snapped her fingers at the end. I remember Maleficent, she was helping Sora and his friends get to Xemnas, which was the last time we saw her.

'What do you want?!' I growled with the little energy I had.

"I thought it would be obvious." She dropped the collars snapping her fingers once more and they disappeared before they hit the ground. "Over the past month… I have been watching you two… and as it seems you both have gotten a steady grip on your powers… thanks to your daddy." She said as she placed her staff in front of her.

'His name is Cloud!' I snapped as I struggled to stand. It was no problem getting up… but I still had a few spots that weren't working properly.

"Yes, yes I know… "Maleficent said. "But what's really important right now…?" she pointed at Sora who was focused on the staff. I looked over at her and growled. She was doing something that had Sora under a spell.

'What did you do?!' I snapped finally getting my strength back. But as soon as I did the Heartless jumped behind me and just like Xigbar, it had long claws. It did the same thing Xigbar had did, scratch me. I was forced to sit because of it.

"What did you think you could do, Roxas? Even with your little powers I am still stronger than you will ever be." She smiled as she saw my eyes glide up to her staff. I could see the glow of it, not by much but I was enough to make me want to focus on it.

My boys… both of you are strong… fighters, just like Ventus. He voice said inside my head. I tried so hard to pull my gaze away, but every time I did the glow became brighter. Just think… of a happy place… Roxas.

I wasn't listening to her. She could tell I was fighting looking at the glow of the green from the staff. Suddenly, the scratch on my back stopped and the glow disappeared. I looked over Sora and saw he was lying on the ground.

I turned to look back at what was happening, a figure was attacking Maleficent and the Heartless. My head started to spin from whatever the spell was that had seeped into me. I too fell over like Sora. Just as the rest of my conscious was slipping both the heartless and Maleficent, disappeared.

The figure was a girl… she smiled at me and disappeared. Whoever she was… if I saw her again… I would thank her.

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