Hunted - A Kingdom Hearts Story

Secret Meeting

"I almost had him!" Maleficent yelled. She had made a plan to talk to Xehanort and Xemnas, so far… Xemnas was the only one who had come.

"That seems to be the way with XIII, somehow he always gets help…" Xemnas replied.

"That's just the thing about that boy…." Xehanort said as he appeared out of the shadows. "Always has a Guardian Angel." Just as he said this he threw a girl to the ground. Wings as white as a flash, She was the Guardian Angel from last night.

"Is that where you have been?" Xemnas asked as he eyed the all too familiar face.

"The girl was hanging around there house and I just so happened to stroll by…" Xehanort explained. Maleficent smiled down at the girl. She glared in response.

"You my dear… you are going to be a great use…"

"How did this happen?" Cloud asked as I sat up from where I was laying. I rubbed my head suffering from a major headache.

"Maleficent is back, guessing that she works for the same guy that Xemnas and Xehanort does." Riku answered. To my left I noticed Sora was doing the same as me. Trying to figure out what happen.

"Hey, kid… how you feeling?" Zack asked me and Sora, the first to notice us. Just then everyone turned to look at us. We both just stared ourselves.

"What's wrong? Cat got your tongue?" Cid asked. Sora shook his head, looking up at Riku. I found myself leaning onto the head board of the bed I lay on. I closed my eyes; whishing for the pain in my head would go away.

"Roxas?" Axel asked. I felt his hand rest on my cheek. I could feel the fire in his hands, he wanted me to look at him… but it felt good to have my eyes closed.

"Axel… he's not feeling too well…" Sora said for me. I nodded my head to agree.

"What's wrong with him?" Yuffie asked.

"He has a headache… probably because he fought against Maleficent." I felt my head start to calm down until her voice popped up.

Pity on you. I growled inwardly at her and I could hear her cackle like a freaky mental person.

"Poor Kid." Leon said. I felt like a poor kid, but I knew this was only just the beginning. How I knew this… well let's just say a familiar flash appeared. Vanitas was sending me into Dreamland. Nice to hear from him again.

"Roxas." He said as I appeared in the forest with him.

"What? What could you possible want?" I asked rubbing my temple.

"Something tells me you met Maleficent last night…"

"No?! Really?!" I said sarcastically.

"Look don't get all bitchy with me. I'm just here to tell you that you and I need to have a talk." He said.

"Why not just do it now?" I said. He just sighed. I smiled actually happy to be pissing him off.

"I don't have time. Meet me in the forest in the old mansion, tonight. Don't let your pack know you left." And just like that I woke up gasping. Everyone had left the room, except for Sora, who I guess was asleep.

I noticed Vanitas pulled you into a dream, tell me… what did he want? I rolled my eyes and buried my face into the pillow trying to sleep. It would be nice if I could just wake up somewhere else. Maybe I could trade one of my powers for skipping, but then again… I like all my powers already. Maybe Sora would get Skipping.

"That would be so cool if I did!" Sora yelled. I winched in pain a small groan leaving my lips. "Sorry…" He said in a whisper.

"Yeah… sure you are…" I closed my eyes a fell asleep dreaming of nothing but blackness.

What are you up too, little one? Maleficent said as I jumped from the window. It was night time and I had a meeting to go too, without my pack knowing.

Once I landed I looked back up at the window. It had turned night a few minutes ago… Cloud and Leon should be up any moment, knowing them they will check on the weak or ill first. In this case… that's me and Sora. Vanitas better have a good reason for this if I'm going to scare the living hell out of everyone for being missing.

You know, it's rude not to answer… She said I just rolled my eyes trying my best not to speak till I get to the woods.

If you must know I'm going for a run. I said wishing she would leave me alone. I'm not sure if actually Maleficent, if it's not then they sure do sound a lot like her.

I took off into the streets of Radiant Garden. Super speed can be pretty handy, but the sad thing about it is… that Riku can hear when I use it.

Riku sprang up from his bed as he heard a sound coming from outside. 'No… No!' He said as he ran to the room the Roxas and Sora were sharing.

'Riku?' Cloud asked as he saw Riku past him. Cloud was actually surprised to see Riku up without someone waking him up, but Cloud knew it wasn't him getting up willing.

'No.' Riku said as he scratched open the door. He sighed as he saw Sora there still sleeping, but when he looked over at Roxas' bed he was gone.

'Did you hear him use he's speed?' Leon asked walking up to the silver and blonde wolf.

'He must have…' Cid said as he too was sniffing the room for anyone beside Roxas and Sora. He smelled nothing but the two wolves. 'No one took him… unless they created teleportation no one took him.'

Everyone sighed with relief. But Axel still was confused where would his boyfriend go?

'If I know anything about Roxas, he must have had a hard time sleeping… he probably went somewhere to relax.' Sora said as Riku nuzzled him. Sora just yawned and nuzzled back.

'But this isn't like Roxas… he would let someone know where he was going…' Axel said puzzled.

'The least we can do is go look for him so we could all hunt tonight.' Tifa said. Everyone nodded their heads and split up into groups of two. Cloud and Leon, Sora and Riku, Zack and Aerith, Yuffie and Cid and lastly Axel it would have been Axel and Roxas… but sense this was a search party for him, Axel was by himself.

Where are you Roxas?

I arrived at the opening to the Twilight Town forest like Vanitas said he wanted to meet me here. But I had totally forgot that Hayner had put his differences with Seifer and his gang, and they joined the organization, but as hunters for idiot wolves. And in this case to Seifer that's any wolf that isn't in the organization.

"Well, well look what we have here." Seifer said as he walked up to the opening with ViVi, Rai and Fuu.

"It's a werewolf." ViVi said. Great to see them again… not.

I could help if you let me know where you're going… I rolled my eyes and just walked passed Seifer.

"Where you think you're going Blondie?" Seifer asked as he picked me up from ground. Get now I'm stuck…

'Maleficent, will be glad to see you, Roxas.' Xemnas said as he appeared beside Fuu. I growled at him as Seifer dropped me on the ground from when I bit his hand. Don't worry I didn't bite deep enough to turn him.

"Ah Shit!" He screamed backing away from me and Xemnas. I was going to have a bit of fun. I turned invisible and casually walked to the opening once again.

"Aw dude that freaky you know!" Rai said. I know right. There one moment and gone the next.

'You know you didn't have to show off…' Vanitas said as I walked pass the tree he was in.

'You would have done the same… 'I said as I joined him in the tree. It must be really easy for him to stay hidden at night, because really the only thing you could see on him was he's eyes. But he had something around his neck this time.

'Yeah… that is true…' He said moving up towards the gate of the mansions on his branch. I decided to stay one above him just in case.

'So what did I have to scare my pack for, to meet you tonight?' I said as I looked down at him.

'Well as you have probably noticed, I wear a collar.' He said. I noticed, but these were the collar's that Maleficent had.

'Yeah and what about it?'

'She can control us with them. Only during the night though. During the day the end up as bracelets.' He explained. It wasn't a surprise that she would go after the three of us… after all we all have unnatural powers.

'How can you still control your body right now?'

'Pete has the controller, and he's in the mansion over there. He made me pull you into that dream… but I had mange to actually get to tell you something before I was taken over again. If I was you, I wouldn't stay for long.' He said as he faced the Mansion. 'You've been warned… don't let her get that collar on you.' Then just like that I found myself on Destiny Islands.

'Roxas!' Sora said. I turned to see him and Riku running towards me. I was on the island with the bent tree on it. I must have been sent here… but by what?

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