Hunted - A Kingdom Hearts Story

The Chase (Part 1)

"Roxas we were really worried about you!" Yuffie yelled at me, as Sora and Riku and I walked from the Islands. I was still confused, about how I got there from the mansion in the first place.

"Yuffie, calm down, it wasn't that bad he wasn't in trouble or anything." Sora said.

"Sora, you and I both know that Roxas could have been in grave danger last night." Cloud said as he put his hands on my shoulders. My gaze went from Sora and Riku's backs to the ground.

"Roxas?" Axel said as he stood in front of me. I felt Cloud pat my back and left. I could see Axel's black boots on the ground. "We need to talk." I heard everyone beside Axel leave. My gaze was still focused on the ground that is until Axel grabbed my chin.

"Axel…" I murmured. He pulled my chin up to look at him. I felt my skin turning hot.

"You know you can talk to me right?" He asked.

I was silent as I closed my eyes and pulled my chin away from his grip. I'm not going to do this, if Maleficent wants control of me and Sora, she would use both Axel and Riku as bait to pull us in. That's what Xehanort did to me, last time.

Roxas, tell me what's bothering you… I shook my head as Axel tried to read my mind, I wasn't going to let Axel know about this, but Sora… I was allowing to know.

"I'm sorry." I shook my head as I walked backwards. He looked at me and walked forward, he was not going to let this drop.

"For what? You haven't done anything wrong." He said. His emerald eyes were sparkling, like he was trying to read my mind threw his eyes.

"Y-Yes I have…" I said as I dragged my gaze away from his eyes. "From what Cloud said, everyone nearly had a heart-attack, when they found out I was gone."

"No… it's ok, we didn't freak out. We… were… just worried." He said. I shook my head and turned on my heal.

"You… just… Never mind." I turned and ran. I need to find Sora, we have to talk.

"The boy is smarter than we thought." Xehanort said as he looked at a small globe that Maleficent made. Both she and Xehanort had been tracing Roxas, while Xemnas was looking tracking Sora.

"But he had a little help…" Maleficent said. She watched as the boy ran, looking for his somebody. But what he didn't know was that he and his somebody was going to get into a trap.

"Sora!" I called as I ran to him. Riku had just left, which meant that I didn't have to make up and excuse to why I need to talk to Sora alone.

"Roxas? What's wrong?" He asked.

"Look we need to leave." I said.

"Leave why would we need to—?"

"Because when I left last night…" I said but then I lowered my voice. "I went to see Vanitas, he is being held by Maleficent and Pete, but he had one of those collars on."

"And how does that help us?"

"Because she can control us with them on…." I grabbed his shoulders. "Remember a month ago, When Xehanort made me go with him because he threaten to kill you and Riku and Axel?"

"Yeah, but what does that have to do with us?" he asked. Sometimes I wonder if this kid is even my Somebody.

"Maleficent could do that again only with Riku and Axel, she could meagerly hurt them until we did what she wants," I said as I grabbed Sora's arm. "You and I both know that we would be crushed of we found our boyfriends gone."

"Roxas… if we want to keep them safe, we stay here and protect them. If we run that's just putting them in more danger."

"But what would happen…" We both froze as we looked around for the voice of Xemnas.

"If you were kidnapped?" Saix finished for him. When we looked around we saw Saix, Xemnas, Marluxia, Vexen, and Xigbar.

Roxas… Sora said to me. We need to think of a plan, turn us invisible. I nodded and turned us invisible.

"Oh, boys look, our prey thinks we can't see them." Vexen said as his eyes turned red. I felt Sora squeeze my hand as Vexen walked straight up to him.

"I'll take Tiger. " Xigbar said as I felt an arrow in my left arm. It was the arm I was using to keep Sora invisible. I fell to the ground pain searing in my arm. I pulled the arrow out and held my wound. I was putting pressure on it to keep it from bleeding too much.

"Roxas!" Sora yelled as I stood up. I glared at Xigbar and Marluxia who had decided to join him in fighting me. Saix and Vexen were fighting Sora. Sora was locking his keyblade with Saix's clamorer, leaving a perfect opening for Vexen to attack him.

When I moved to help him, Marluxia had pushed me back with a gust of wind. "Sora! Watch out for Vexen!" I called. Sora jumped back just in time to dodged both Saix and Vexen.

"Now Roxy, there is no need to help him, you have us to worry about." Marluxia said as I wrapped my arm up with my jacket. I summoned both OathKeeper and Oblivion.

"I don't think I need to worry about you. It's me that you have to worry about." I said as I charged at him. He put his scythe up to block Oblivion, but he left an opening I for me to hit with Oblivion. Once I hit him Xigbar came to try to hit me from behind.

I turn to block it by twisting my keyblade backwards to block his arrows. Ven has my back, literally. "He does rub off on you," Xigbar said. I knew he was talking about Ven, but how does Xigbar know Ven?

"Roxas!" I turned to see that Xigbar was distracting me, so Xemnas could come in and get a hit on me. I just barley dodged Xemnas' attack.

"Come on Keyblader!" Xemnas said. "I know you; you aren't a hit and run!" He yelled as I ran over to hit Saix in the back, before he could get an attack on Sora.

Roxas? Sora asked me as I grabbed his arm. What are you doing?

"Come on!" I said as I pulled him with me towards the Islands. "We have to hide and find Axel and Riku." Sora nodded his head and followed after me, after he pulled his arm free from my grip.

Riku had only walked five miles away from the forest he and Sora where in, when he heard the sound of metal clashing with metal. What's going on back there? Riku thought as he turned on his heal and ran back. Could Sora be fighting?

"Yo Riku!" Axel said as he saw Riku run past him. "What's the hurry?"

"I think Sora's in danger!" Riku called over his shoulder. Axel remembered that Roxas was going to meet up with Sora once he got away from him.

"Roxas, might be with him. I'm coming too!" He shouted and ran after Riku.

Once Riku got to where Sora was before he left, no one was here, until he heard a branch snap. He turned up to a tree to see Saix and Marluxia sitting in it. "You two? What are you doing here?"

"We were told to bring two certain men to Maleficent." Axel shuddered. Roxas and Sora were still teens. Riku had just turned 18 a few weeks ago, so he would be considered a man. Saix and Marluxia were here for them.

"Riku run!" Axel said as he called his chakrams and threw them both at the two members sitting in the tree.

Riku gasped as he relized why Axel was telling him to run, once Axel had thrown his weapons they both turned and ran towards the Islands, hoping that their boyfriends would be there waiting.

We ran inside one of the brown shacks and hid in there. I used my super speed to help keep us away from anyone who would trail us, but I didn't get so lucky. Both Xigbar and Vexen had followed after us with ease.

"Roxas-"I cut Sora off putting my finger to my lip he nodded. Did Vanitas happen to tell you why Maleficent would want to control us?

No, he didn't have much time, someone was in the old mansion in the Twilight Town forest, and Vanitas kept watching them… I sighed. My life can't get any worse. If I'm not being hunted, I'm being chased. What else could go wrong?

"We know you boys are in here." Vexen said, he sent chills up both mine and Sora's back. "You can either come with us by walking out, or by being dragged you choice!"

Roxas what do we do? Sora asked me as I felt his hand in mine. This is great, trapped with both Xigbar and Vexen. If we can wait it out until night time I can get both me and Sora out of here unnoticed.

Wait till night time. That or… wait for someone to come looking for us. I was thinking we could fight our way out, but I was already injured, on more hit like that and I'm a goner.

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