Hunted - A Kingdom Hearts Story

The Chase (Part 2)

'I think were good.' Sora said once we finished changing. We made it till night, but we may not be clear just yet. That is until we heard someone else come in to the building.

'Are you sure we lost them?' a voice said from the other side of the door that we were so close to sense we lost Xigbar and Vexen. I just hope that they aren't near us… after all I did say we "lost" them.

'I would say yes, but we have two others we need to look for.' I froze as I relized that it was Axel and Riku outside the door. I was about to run out and pounce on Axel, but Sora was already a step ahead of me. He ran out the door and pounced on Riku. I followed after him and just stood beside Axel.

'Well now we don't have to look for them.' Axel said as he nuzzled me. I nuzzled back, trying to take in all the heat that he somehow always had. And you know for once Sora had a point. We have to stay here and protect them, from anything Maleficent throws at them, even if we are completely outnumbered.

Sora turned to me and nodded his head, good he heard what I was thinking once more. 'We should get out of here.'

'Yeah, before Xigbar and Vexen find out we've left.' I said, Riku and Axel agreed when we started to walk away Axel noticed the limp I had, from Xigbar.

'How long do you think it's going to take to heal?' Axel asked me as he walked in front of me. Sora must have gotten hurt in his fight and was already on top of Riku's back.

'Shouldn't take that long.' I lied. Axel didn't buy it and was already sliding me on to his back.

'Yeah, being hit with one of Xigbar's arrows sure will heal fast.' Axel said as he started to catch up with Riku and Sora.

What? How was I supposed to protect my boyfriend if I was the one always on his back? Axel laughed. Stupid mind readers.

'Yeah, it's a gift.' Axel said as he turned his head showing me his wonderful emerald eyes. 'Don't worry you'll get use to it, babe.' I rolled my eyes and fixed myself on his back. It took one wrong move for me to realize that my cut was deeper than I thought it was.

'How is he feeling?' Riku asked Axel. Of course that's when I moved my leg just an inch, and I whimpered. 'That bad huh?' I rolled my eyes as Riku smirked.

'How about Sora?' I asked. Riku turned back to the front of us and I finally saw that there was a collar around his neck. I held back as much anger as possible, when we lost Xigbar and Vexen; they found us and was able to get a collar on Sora. 'We need to get to Cloud and Leon. Fast.' Riku nodded and pulled Sora off his back; he held Sora in his mouth and took off running. Axel was about to the same, but I was faster than him.

'Aw! How come he gets to do it?!' Axel asked as he pouted. I turned to look at him. As I stood perfectly fine on my left front paw.

'Because, Sora is injured.' I smirked and turned to run after Riku. It wasn't long before Axel had caught up to me, sure I didn't want to use my super speed. I know we are in a hurry here, but me and Axel haven't had alone time. Sure, there was the tower but we weren't really alone. Maleficent was watching us. But know we had all the time in the world.

'Who says you're not injured yourself?' Axel asked as he smiled at me.

'Because , I can do this!' I shouted behind me as I jumped over a tree trunk. Just jumping over it made me feel like I was free, it was kind of back when I was first joined the organization and Saix bit us all. Axel was use to it, apparently before him and Saix were nobodies, Saix had already bit Axel. So Axel taught me how to jump from high places and make really high jumps.

Axel, I and Xion would all go running at night, after we had ice cream of course. "Feels just like old times, huh Roxas?" I froze dead, Axel did the same. We looked around no one was there, but that voice… it seems so familiar.

'Roxas, it's probably nothing…' Axel said as he pulled me up onto his back. 'We should be heading home any way.'

No, it's not anything, someone is here and she knows it.

The angel pressed herself against the tree trunk, not realizing that the boys would hear her. She missed them badly, but things have changed.

'You do know sooner or later he'll find you.' The black wolf beside her said. She nodded.

"I wish I could help you, Vanitas. But even the collar will shock me. It's bad enough that you have one, but now Sora does as well." The angel sighed.

'It's nothing to worry about; Maleficent won't be here for long. I've seen her future.' The angel furred her eyebrows.

"Is that what to blue means?" Vanitas nodded his head.

'I can see the viewer's future, or I can show them something from my past.' Vanitas said, and then a bulb on the collar turned from green to red. 'I guess it's time for us to go.' The angel nodded and looked down at the boys once more, now to see the blonde one still searching for her voice.

"Be careful, Roxas. I'll be back soon."

I always seem to fall asleep on Axel somehow; I blame it on the heat that comes from his body. He had to shake me awake the next morning to tell me what I so happened to miss in a meeting last night. From rumors from other packs Maleficent now has an Angel with her, soon to be Sora as well. Everywhere I went this morning, everyone in my pack was a) in hearing shot of me or b) by my side.

"Is there really any reason why I can't be alone for one second?" I asked Yuffie sense she was now the one walking around town with me.

"That I can't tell you, plus, it's a good thing you were still asleep when Axel came back with you." She said. I saw that I wasn't the only one being mobbed this morning by our pack. Sora and Namine were too. It made no sense to me.

"Are any of the adults being protected like we are?"

"Nope, sorry, Son." Yuffie said. Yeah Yuffie is now a full adult and Riku did a month ago, Yuffie being nineteen and Riku eighteen.

"Well if we all were around each other would that be ok?" Sora asked Aerith as they joined me and Yuffie.

"No." Yuffie and Aerith said in unison.

"If we were in the house, just the three of us in one room?" Namine tried, Zack being the one trailing her.

"Well, "Zack said. "Cloud did say if they went away from the house we needed to follow them." I saw Yuffie and Aerith face palm as a giant smirk appeared on all 3 of our face. Sora, Namine and I all ran towards the house, typically I did. I just so happened to grabbed both of their arms and ran towards the house, leaving Zack to deal with Aerith and Yuffie.

"Finally FREEDOM!" Sora cried as he flopped down on his bed. Namine sitting on mine with me. We smiled as we were all finally free from the grown up trailing us. It felt great.

"I won't call it freedom, till we were outside and able to walk around on our own." Namine giggled.

"She has a point." Ven said as he decided to appear again. Sora being the dork he is tried to hug Ven, but we all knew we can't touch him even if we tried.

"Now that would be some accomplishment." Axel said as he hugged me from behind. "To bad that I have to pull Roxy away from the evil plotting." I tried to push him off of me, but he stuck to me like someone put glue on his arms and told him to hug me.

"Aww Axel, can't we keep him for a bit?" Sora pouted. I felt heat rising to my cheeks as Axel kissed my cheek.

"Sorry, I got a little plan in mind for us, besides; it's my turn to trail him around town." Axel said resting his chin on top of my head.

"Which reminds me, we need to make a plan to give a little pay back to a certain blonde." I said. Sora and Namine put on evil glares, both of them were skimming as Axel picked me up off the bed and threw me over his shoulder. "Maybe even a red head ass hole as well!" I screamed back as we walked out of the room.

"Now Roxy that's not nice." Axel said as he threw me down on his bed.

"Aw, but Axel, you kidnapped me from a skimming party, and now thanks to you, Namine and Sora have to—" Axel put his figure to my lip stopping me from speaking. I looked at him with a confused look on my face. That when I saw it, Axel was under someone's spell, it was either that or that's not the real Axel.

"Roxas…" Axel said. I froze in total shock, whoever this imposter is, they kissed me and I fell for it. But I know only one Organization member that would have ever tried to kiss me. Well actually two, Xigbar and— "You are a sweet little rose when your red head kisses you." Marluxia.

I started to kick at Marluxia, when I saw that Zexion was here with him. I can't believe this. I let freaking Marluxia kiss me! I tried everything to get away from him as he threw me at the wall. Once I hit it my arms and legs were latched onto the wall. I looked over at Zexion who was murmuring a spell.

"Roxas, we are going to need you to sleep for a bit…" Marluxia said as the smell of roses filled the room. I can't do this alone. Time for some back up.

"Someone help!" I screamed as Zexion worked on keeping me quiet. "Help!" Just as Zexion had finally found a way to silence me Cloud and Yuffie ran into the room.

"Roxas!" Yuffie said as she threw some ninja stars at Zexion. Cloud looked at me, I could tell he wanted me to stay calm, but that's kind of hard to do with some type of flower spinning around my head.

"Now, if I were you, which I'm not, I wouldn't attack." Marluxia said as the flower started to open a bit. Something purple fell out of it and when it hit me, I felt pain. My eyes started to water, I couldn't scream so the pain went to my eyes not out of my mouth.

By the way if you're new to this story, be prepared to see this happen all the time. Basically this is my life, so suck it up and get use to it.

"Roxas… stay calm." Zexion said as he put a hand on my forehead. There was no way I was going to stay calm when my kidnapper told me too.

"Don't hurt him," Cloud said with a growl following after. My eyes felt heavy for about a second until I saw fire swing in front of me, burning Zexion alive.

"I can't do anything without you being kidnapped for one second can I Roxy?" Axel asked as Zexion disappeared in the darkness. I was relized from the wall, but the flower was still facing me, but instead of purple out came yellow the whole flower opened.

"Well sense you killed my partner, I guess that's a good reason to finish up here." Marluxia said as fell to my knees. I don't get it… why… do I… feel… so sleepy all of…. A sudden?

Axel growled as he watched Roxas fall to his side. He hated this. Not only does he have to protect Roxas, but now he has to keep his self out of trouble with Maleficent and the Organization. But Axel relized something. Marluxia wasn't here to put a collar on Roxas, but himself. Roxas was being put to sleep so afterwards Maleficent could take care of him.

"Cloud, Yuffie, You need to find Sora and Namine, they are here too." Axel said as he heard the thrill scream of Namine upstairs. Yuffie nodded and went to help but Cloud stayed.

"I'm not letting you stay here alone. Leon is here too, he can help Yuffie." Cloud then brought out his sword and stood in a fighting stance. Axel did as well, spinning his chakrams.

"Now, you two can be reasonable men, but I guess this isn't the time." Marluxia said as he picked Roxas up. Roxas' eye fluttered at the movement. "Follow us if you both want collars, stay here and no one gets hurt. Roxas will be back shortly."

Axel wasn't buying it, Roxas would end up with a collar and with Maleficent control over all 3 of the supernatural wolfs she could be able to ultimate power. Or even worse, merge all the power from all 3 of them into just one of them. And that one wolf… may just be Roxas.

"No!" Axel shouted as he threw a chakram at Marluxia. It hit him dead in the stomach and with just a snap Marluxia became ignited in flames. Cloud rushed and grabbed Roxas as he fell to the floor.

"You!" Marluxia cried pointing at Axel. Roxas shivered just a bit as Cloud held him. But he was slightly awake. "You think you are all that, maybe your right. But you are going to be the death of Him!" Marluxia pointed to Roxas. He smirked see that the boy heard what he said. "And he will be the ultimate one." With that Marluxia died off into Darkness.

"Axel…" Cloud said as he glanced down at Roxas. He had fallen back asleep. Axel was able to kill both of the intruders but he relized that his relationship with Roxas had to end. "You know what has to happen right?"

"Yeah… I just… hope he'll be able to take it." Axel bent down next to Roxas and kissed his forehead. "Keep him safe for me."

With that Axel left and gathered his thing in a bag and left the house. He was going to have to stay as far away from Roxas as possible now. He'll have to keep himself safe as well. "Xion…" He said as he walked away from the house. "It's your job now to make sure he stays safe."

"I will Axel." The Angel said as she stood on top of the house watching the red headed wolf walk away. She felt her actual heart break. She knew how Axel felt when she left and now Roxas was Axel and Axel was Xion.

"Xion." The witch said. Xion turned and looked at Maleficent. "Tonight, you are to bring Roxas to me. Now that, that red head as left." Xion shook her head.

"I'm sorry Maleficent. But I'm an Angel, and I have a promise I must keep," Maleficent didn't like this.

"What do you mean, child!? You work for me now!? And you will do as you are told!" Xion stood her ground as the witch slapped her across the face leaving a little blood from her long nails.

"NO! I don't work for you! I work for him!" Xion cried as she pointed to the sky. "He brought me back for a reason! And that reason he to protect Him!" Xion then pointed to the house where the boy lived.

"You stupid girl! He is no longer your protector! You will obey and do as you are told! You belong to no one but ME!" there was a green flash and then silence. The house was undisturbed, not even wind could be heard at that moment. It was nothing but… dead silence.

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