Hunted - A Kingdom Hearts Story

RIP Cid Highwind

That night Axel ran in the forest of the Destiny Islands, he need to stay as far away from Roxas as possible now… heck even the Angel he sent to keep Roxas safe can't even protect him without getting hurt as well.

"Axel… I'm sorry… I should have-"Xion tried to explain.

'Xion… don't worry about it.' Axel sighed as he picked up his speed. This was the worst, the Axel loved was only protected by Cloud and Leon…. And if Maleficent got anywhere near Roxas, he would become the ultimate one.

"I know how you feel, Axel but I can't go back to Roxas, but you can." Xion said as Axel jumped over a fallen tree trunk.

'What do you mean by that?' He asked looking over his shoulder at the Angel.

"I mean that, you can still protect Roxas."

'And how do you plan for that to happen?' Axel asked as he smirked, seeing Xion glaring at him.

"You are such an idiot." Xion said as she stretched out her wings. "I'm saying that you can just trail Roxas and you can do it from a distance."

Axel just laughed, 'What do you think I've been doing? Running around for my own amusement?'

"What?! But you're—"Xion stopped short as she saw that they were a few feet away from a fight going on in the backyard of Cloud and Leon's. Axel growled as he saw it was Demyx and Xigbar fighting Yuffie while Cid was on the ground, not only was he on the ground, a collar was beside him.

'That's Sora's collar.' Axel said. 'I'm guessing Maleficent didn't like the fact that Cid got it off.' Axel ran out to the field to help out Yuffie, Xion wanted to help really bad but as soon as she went to help a hand was placed on her shoulder.

"Xion, you will be shocked at what happens next… this time… just watch."

I sat up at the sound of a howl, it sounded like me, my howl everyone would be rushing to my room, but I was fine unless…

'Roxas…' I turned to see Namine in the same room with me. I saw her face covered in tears.

'Namine? What's wrong?' she turned to look at the wall, I was going to ask her what was wrong again, but Vanitas showed up beside her. The collar around his neck was glowing a strange green.

'She is deeply sorry that she had to work for me, so I could get in I had to control her.'

'Roxas!' Namine screamed as she turned to look at me. 'Don't look at him!' I choose to actually not look at him but at her.

'Foolish, child!' Vanitas said… it was weird to hear him speak like Maleficent. 'You don't know what you just pulled yourself into!'

'Namine… just stay calm…' I said as Vanitas walked closer to me. I jumped out of the bed, keeping my gaze on Namine. She knew about Vanitas, that he would control me the moment he got the chance to, Namine he could use as bait. So she focused her gaze on me. We locked eyes, and stay that way while Vanitas circled me.

My focus was broken thought when there was a pound at the door, someone yelling on the other side. 'Roxas! Wake up!' another pound 'Damn it did someone lock the door!' Cloud yelled as I was pinned to the floor. Instantly I closed my eyes not daring to open them until I was sure that it was okay.

Axel bit Demyx as he left fire behind him as he ran. He blocked Xigbar with his known power, Axel had sent Yuffie to watch after Cid, until someone came to help him.

'Axel! You know I hate fire!' Demyx cried as fire surged upward to confine the two wolfs in one dome of fire.

'Well maybe you would have thought about that before you decided to attack my pack!' Axel growled.

Xigbar laughed at this, 'Last I checked you used to do this every time a heartless set foot anywhere near the pack.' Xigbar said 'I also remember you would burn them to a crisp,'

Axel smirked as he remembered this, burning Marluxia was easy sense he was just a human, but he has never tried this skill on werewolves before, I guess there's a test for everything right? Axel thought as he hit Demyx dead on with fire.

'Now!' Axel smiled as Yuffie, Leon and Zack jumped into the dome with him to take on the two members. He was about to join Zack with Demyx but paused short as he heard a howl similar to Roxas.

A few minutes lasted and I was still pinned to the ground, until Vanitas bent down to my ear. 'Looks like you're off the hook this time blondie… but don't worry I'll be watching you…' and with that he left. When I opened my eyes I saw that Namine was hidden by Cloud who was glaring somewhere behind me.

'Roxas!' Namine yelled I looked up at her as she smiled. 'I'm so sorry, Roxas i—'

'It's ok Namine, I understand. It's happen to me before too.' I said as I stood up shaking a bit.

'We need to keep you two hidden, Sora is with Riku, they are at Sora's house. Roxas do you think you can keep Namine safe on your way there?' Cloud asked. I nodded my head as I heard another howl. 'Be careful.' Both me and Namine jumped out of the second story window. We were about to run when we got stopped.

'I don't get it…' Xemnas said as he circled me and Namine. 'That boyfriend of yours just can't stay away can he?'

'What are you talking!?' I growled at him as he stopped right in front of me.

'Axel, no one told you did they? Well I guess that's something we have to break now isn't it.' I glared at him as Namine growled beside me. 'Your boyfriend ran, he decided to never come back, but now he has.' I remember that right before Marluxia died, he told Axel that he was going to be the death of me.

'Axel, is in the backyard now,' Xehanort said as he slide down from the roof. 'Demyx and Xigbar seem to be holding up a good fight but the pyro stopped after I did the howl of Roxas.'

Roxas, please not now, we need to get to Sora's

Namine said as she used her power. She's a telepath like Axel and Sora, she can also skip. I know Namine, but can you skip there? Axel is going to go nuts until he finds me. I have to prove to him that I'm fine.

She sighed inwardly and disappeared with a blink. 'Perfect, now we are all alone' Xehanort said, but before him or Xemnas could lunge at me i was taking off around the corner. I saw a fire dome and Aerith as she was healing Cid but Cid wasn't looking so good.

'Where's Axel!?' i asked hurried. Aerith pointed at the fire dome and I speed into a tree. I could see the fight that was going on, Zack and Axel taking on Demyx and Leon and Yuffie taking on Xigbar. I sat in the tree not wanting to join the fight unless I was dragged in, but I needed Axel to see I was fine so he could fight, knowing i was fine.

"But Roxas… you won't be." I turned to see Maleficent in the tree with me. I tried to get away, but she had already pulled out her staff.

'Roxas!' I heard Axel cry, as my eyes were glued to the glowing light. Maleficent laughed as she bent down and picked me up. I wiggled not letting her get the upper hand, but my head started to feel like it did the night Vanitas wanted to talk to me.

"Finally! The boy is mine, he will finally become his true power!" I struggled to get out of Maleficent's grip, but she made sure to keep a hold of me. She let her staff disappear and used her free hand to pet me.

'Yuffie find Cloud, hurry.' Axel said as she ran out of the dome. The fire died down and Demyx and Xigbar wobbled off into the forest. When Leon tried to come towards us he stepped back as two silver werewolves came into my view.

'Roxas… 'Cloud said as he now stood in the middle. I smiled as i saw him. I knew what to do, we were just waiting for the right moment. 'Maleficent, first you send two of your men to kill one of mine. My eyes shifted over to Cid's corpse over by the screen door with Aerith crying, but glaring at Maleficent. 'Then you send one of your controls to come after my son, and lastly you have my son. You do know the punishment for disobeying these laws?'

"Cloud, we wouldn't be in this situation, if you would have let me have your son from the beginning." Maleficent said as she scratched the top of my head.

'Now!' Cloud said as I smiled and bit Maleficent turned invisible and kicked her with my super strength, and used my super speed to get down to Axel.

"Impossible!" Maleficent cried as I stayed beside Axel still invisible. "Spread out and fond that brat!" She cried as Xehanort and Xemnas turned and ran into the woods. She then looked at Cloud and said, "This isn't over." And disappeared.

I sighed as I turned visible again. Axel nuzzled me as he saw I was ok, Everyone waited for their turned to hug me, but I was too busy looking over at Aerith and Cid. 'Aerith.' I said as I walked over to her. More tears ran down her face as she looked up at me. 'Are you okay?'

She then hugged me and whispered. 'I am now, that you are safe. I just wish I could say that for Cid.'

'Me too.' By this time everyone had noticed what had happen to Cid and it was all thanks to Xigbar that it happened. Zack was now hugging Aerith, Cloud and Leon had been digging a hole for Cid's body. Everyone else was morning. Then Sora, Riku, and Namine came back. Shocked to see Cid dead.

'You know…' Axel said. 'It was stupid of me to think that you couldn't take care of yourself.' I looked at Axel a smirk on my face.

'Axel, you not stupid, no one is. It's all part of us to worry every once and a while. Plus I was worried you would never come back.' I said as Axel stood over me.

'As it was shown tonight for most of you, this place is causing us death.' Cloud said as Leon and Cloud finished filling the hole with dirt. 'To keep the rest of you safe, we have to leave Radiant Garden.'

Everyone nodded understanding that we must move on to a safer town… maybe even a cave.

'We leave tonight, bring nothing with any of you, we shall hunt on the way.' Leon said.

'Roxas, will stay between me and Axel. Sora, you will stay between Axel and Riku, Namine Zack and Riku. Is that clear for you three?' Cloud said. We all nodded in response, I was actual planning on staying between them anyway.

'Cloud,' Zack said. 'Aerith and Tifa said they will help with keeping Namine safe, Yuffie will help with Sora.'

'I'll help you two with Roxas,' Leon said. 'Beside the kid going to need all the help he can tonight.'

I was about to respond to that, but my vision blurred as I felt myself sit and stare into the forest. There I saw the girl from the clock tower. She was watching us, she turned and saw I was looking at her. She gasped and ran into the forest. 'Roxas?' I shook my head as I looked up at Axel.

'Sorry…' I said.

'Roxas what's up with you?' Axel asked as he bent down and put me on his back. I tried to get down but my legs just folded under me and I lied my head on his back.

'I… I guess… I'm just tired…' I could tell he smirked.

'Fine, but don't expect me to save you any food.' He said. I just rolled my eyes and saw that Sora was on Riku's back as well. I closed my eyes, but all I could think off was that girl. Who is she? Dose she know who were are? Plus, why did she safe me?

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