Hunted - A Kingdom Hearts Story


'How many were lost?' a silver haired wolf asked Xehanort and Xemnas.

'One, Cid Highwind.' Xemnas replied.

'What about the boy?' Xehanort was about to answer when Maleficent came up behind him.

"Under surveillance." The witch said as her staff glowed green. In the center of the three wolfs and the witch an orb appeared there was the golden wolf curled up in a ball on the red one's back.

'Why is he still with his pack… he should be here under my orders by now. '

'We are doing everything we can master.' Xehanort said.

'The boy has someone always ready to pounce on the attacker, before any major damage can be done.'

"Not only to mentions, but our numbers have been dropped done by 2, it could have been 4 tonight."

'I see…' The silver wolf was facing the woods, but he now had turned to face the orb, and there he saw the golden haired wolf look up, as if the boy knew he was being watched. 'For now, we must wait… but,'

'What is it, Sir?'

'Let's see if we can have the feelings, Ventus has for Vanitas are still true. If so, the boy will be able to take over the others body and follow Vanitas right into our trap.' The silver wolf smiled as the golden wolf jumped off the red haired one and ran ahead of the pack with his power.

"Why not, Xehanort?" Xehanort nodded in response and ran off to find the black haired wolf, the one they had let loose from the collar, not so long ago.

I was glad to actually be able to run for a bit tonight, after all it was almost dawn. I missed the hunt, so did Axel, Sora and Riku. But Riku and Axel didn't mind. I'm sure Axel is still fuming over the fact that Cloud let me go for a run real quick I was actually going to hunt a bit, I haven't in a while and I am getting a little hungry.

"Roxas…" I froze a bit when I heard my name. It was like a whisper, but… I still heard it… odd. I slowed down a bit when I saw a squirrel ten feet away from me. I know it kind of gross to eat squirrels, but we all eat animals.

Anyway, I got my squirrel and was pretty happy about it, because it settled my hunger for a bit. I'll spare you the gross details of me eating a squirrel. I was maybe a foot away from the pack when, someone pounced on me. I thought for sure it was Saix or Xehanort, even Vanitas, but nope. It was Sora.

'No far Roxas!' He said 'How come they let you hunt but not me?!' I laughed.

'I was allowed to go for a run… not hunt, and if you don't keep your mouth shut I'll give the rest of my hunt to Riku, not you.' I said as I stuck out my tongue.

'I won't tell anyone! I swear!' I smiled as the sun started to rise and at the fact that Sora was pleading for hunt.

'Fine, but you never saw me hunting and I never gave you anything if so.' Sora just finished the last of my hunt when the sun rose. We walked back to the rest of the packed and got back in our spots in line.

"Nice to have you two join us." Cloud said looking over his shoulder at me. I shrugged and placed my hand in my pockets. "We were just deciding how far we should go."

"Yeah!" Yuffie said. "We've been walking for half the night, and Cloud still doesn't feel like we are far enough from Radiant Garden."

"I wouldn't blame him." Leon said.

"Same here," Zack complied. "Cloud is following his insects he'll know when we are good to go."

"For now, I think it would be safe to have the younger ones asleep again around noon." Tifa said acting like neither Sora nor Namine or I were even hear.

Sora sighed as I said "That's fine with me; we could use the energy for hunting tonight anyway."

I blushed a bit when I felt Axel's arms wrap around my waist. "Anything that is fine with my Roxy is fine with me." Honestly I wonder why Yuffie ever said that in front of Axel. I could hear Riku, Yuffie and Namine laughing.

Noon came faster than anyone thought. But of course, we stopped so Sora, Namine and I could rest.

"Me, Axel and Tifa will stay here and watch them, the rest of you will continue on." Cloud said as Axel sat down beneath a tree. "Leon knows the rest of the way. The six of us will meet you there once they are all awake."

By the time we all were actually total ready for us to take the nap we needed Sora and Riku finished saying goodbye and the others along with Riku left.

"Alright, we aren't going anywhere, ok?" Tifa said to Namine. She nodded as she sat on the ground and leaned against a tree, closing her eyes. Sora joined her, Cloud and Tifa sat across from them. I was about to join theme myself, when Axel pulled me down onto his lap.

"Where do you think you're going?" He asked as he kissed my cheek.

"I was going to sleep with Sora and Namine." I said with a quiet laugh. "Why do you have a problem with that?"

"Yes, the only reason why I'm here is so you could go to sleep easier. Besides you sleep peacefully on me." I blushed as he pulled me to his chest. His heat from his body was actually comfortable for me, and I could feel him mess with my hair to help me better. I smiled as my eyes closed.

"I love you." I whispered.

He kissed my fore head "I love you too…" his voice faded as I fell asleep. That's what I thought I was doing, but it turns out. Vanitas was bringing me back to dream land.

"Hello, Roxas." He said I looked down at both his wrist to see the collar was gone. He was doing this in his own free will.

"Vanitas…" I said as he smiled at me.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't really call you that fake name should I, Ven?" I looked at him he was smiling, and it wasn't one of the creepy smiles he used to give me. It was an actually happy natural good smile. "What's wrong… you looked confused Ven?"

He said "Ven" Again. Is he wanting to talk to Ven?

He could be… Ven thought to me. Let me see what he wants… is that okay?

Yeah, just be careful… I don't trust as much as you do. Suddenly I felt myself being pulled into my mind as Ven took over I could only see and hear. Not move or talk.

"Vanitas… how many times do I have to tell you…"Ven said. I saw Vanitas face light up as he ran over to us and hugged us.

"I knew Roxas would let you speak, I've missed you so much!"

"Vanitas, I—"

"Look I don't want to talk this way, meet me on the hill by the cave you are going to later."

Ven… I warned knowing a trap could be waiting for us.

Roxas, I promise if anything seems out of place tonight I'll get us out of there… ok… Ven sighed as he replied to Vanitas, "Fine, but if anything seems like a trap, I'm leaving." Ven gave me control of my body again as he sipped back into my mind.

"I'll be sure, that no one follows…" Vanitas let me go and walked back to the trees. "Roxas… please let Ven, be in control tonight." I nodded my head as he smiled, he mumbled something but I couldn't hear it as I faded, into sleep.

"Fools." Vanitas mumbled as the boy faded.

"It's very good to see you back to normal again Vanitas." Xehanort said with a creepy smile on his face.

"Yeah, I know." Vanitas sighed as he saw Maleficent. "Are you here to put that stupid collar on me again?"

Maleficent chuckled as she bent down to the boy's level. "My dear boy, you have seemed to have learned your lesson, of course I will not put the collar back on you." Maleficent grabbed Vanitas' chin, her nail like claws digging into his skin. "However, if you are to disobey Xehanort, Xemnas or me again, the collar will return, and it will stay on for as long as you live."

Vanitas hid the fact that he was in pain by crossing his arms and closing his eyes. "I see you point." He sighed.

"Now, you do know that we will be in the area of the hill top, and if we are lucky enough, Xemnas will find someone willing to distract, the red head so Ventus can meet you there." Xehanort described. Just as Xemnas was mentioned he came up behind Maleficent who had let Vanitas go by now, a girl following behind him.

"I do believe, Xion will be of great use for this mission. Axel seems to trust her, she can go nowhere near XIII and most importantly Ventus won't suspect of a trap." Xion stayed hidden under the hood of her cloak.

"Roxas, will of course expect one, if Axel is in some sort of fight with another member." Maleficent mentioned. This was true. Roxas can instantly tell when a trap is coming when all the others are in battle or aren't around.

"Roxas," Xion mumbled. "Please forgive me."

Once I woke up I realized, that me and Sora where the last to wake, I woke up a mere five seconds, before he did. We walked for about another 45 minutes, before we had met up with the others. The walk was silent everyone was thinking of their own things. Me I was scared about tonight. As soon as night falls, I was giving complete control to Ven. The only problem is how am I going to get Axel to keep away from me tonight?

"Hey Rox?" Axel asked as I was sitting on a tree looking around for the hill.


"I was wondering how long, you are planning to stay up there." I looked down at him and he just smiled cockily at me.

"I don't know maybe another hour or so."

"Not while I'm here!" He said as he grabbed for my legs. I was faster than him thought and pulled my legs up underneath me before he could grab them.

"Aw, come on Roxy! Cloud said when night falls we are all going to go hunt."

Did you hear that?! If they go hunt then we could pretend to wonder off to meet Vanitas it's perfect right?! Ven asked.

I don't know Ven, maybe we should at least hunt with them. Once everyone is asleep we can sneak off then, but we'll have to wait to use super speed, Riku can hear when I use it.

"Roxas!" Axel whined. "Please can you come down!?" I smirked at him as I stood. I reached up to the branch above me, pretending I was using it to keep my balance, when actually I was going to climb it.

"And if I don't?" I asked. "What will you do then?"

He sighed and ran up to the tree. I smirked as I pulled myself up to the next branch as he started climbing up the tree.

"I see you're going to come after me." I said climbing up two more.

"Yep, and it is sunset after all, so how about a game of tag before we hunt." He said as he caught up to me by a couple of branches.

"I really think that not a great game to play, especially in a freaking tree Axel!" I said as I felt his hand around my ankle. He pulled me down, making me slip and fall right onto him. He laughed as he bent down and kissed me. I froze as I saw the sun set.

'Well that was fun for me, Roxy!' Axel said as he nuzzled me. I rolled my eyes as I saw the rest of the pack come out from the cave.

'Will you two quit making out!' Sora shouted at us.

'Why, so you and Riku can have all the glory of making out, or dose that go to Cloud and Leon?' Axel asked I snickered at the idiot as Cloud and Leon growled in unison.

I wanted to tell Axel he was an idiot, but I remember my promise to Ven, I would give him control once night hit.

Just remember, I'll take off if I suspect anything. Ven said as Axel jumped down from the tree. I knew that Ven was going to be fine.

'Right, so tonight we are splitting up in groups.' Leon said. 'Roxas and Axel are the group leaders tonight.'

Well that's Axel taken care of. Ven said.

I'll choose you repeat ok? I asked. The pack has a certain way with things. If you are a group leader and someone that protects you is the other you have to find someone else on the pack that will take their place.

It's fine by me. Ven said.

"Okay, Axel you choose first." Cloud said.

The choosing went on, Axel had Leon, Zack, Aerith, and Riku. We are short, one member, because of Cid's death. I ended up with the rest. Cloud, Tifa, Yuffie, Namine and Sora.

"Then it's settled. We'll meet back here when the moon is above our heads." Cloud said. We all nodded and went our separate ways.

"Cloud?" Sora asked. Cloud turned to him. "How much longer till we head back?" We had been hunting for a full hour the moon was about an inch above our heads.

"Not much longer. A few more minutes or so, we should start heading back." So far everyone has had something to eat in my group and everyone was satisfied. When we returned back to the cave, Axel's group still wasn't back; the moon was right above our heads now.

Now that we were back Cloud was now the leader. "Everyone should go rest. Roxas and I will stay here and wait for the others to return." Cloud knew me so well; he knew I would never be able to sleep till I knew Axel was safe.

It was maybe 20 minutes when the other returned but Axel wasn't with them. Ven, still in control asked the question I was thinking. "Where's Axel?"

For a moment no answered. Until Leon spoke up, "Axel said he heard someone's thoughts and went to investigate. He told the rest of us to head back."

I sighed as Ven did. Axel was still occupied, now all we had to do was wait for the others to go to sleep and we were home free. "Roxas can stay out here till Axel, returns. Be sure to stay hidden." Zack said.

Cloud nodded in response. "As for the rest of you get some rest, tomorrow you will be allowed to sleep in."

Well looks like we are free to go now. Ven said. It had been maybe a few minutes that the others had entered the cave, all of them were asleep now, for sure.

I hope you're right, I let you know when we are out of Riku's hearing range. I said as Ven started towards the hill. A few minutes of quietly stepping away from the cave, we were able to use super speed. The rest of the trip lasted a second, and once we were on the hill, Vanitas sat there.

'Well when I say make sure no one noticed, you did a pretty good job Ven.' Vanitas smiled.

'Well now that I'm here can I know what it is you want?' Ven asked.

'Well, for one, Roxas may have control again. You can just listen this time. I feel Roxas is still a little uneasy about this whole meeting being a set up.' As Vanitas said so I returned to control.

Ven closed his eyes and when I gained all control again I snapped them open. No longer sitting, but standing ready to take off if I needed to. 'Now, Roxas, just relax. I promise it isn't a trap.' Then I saw it the creepy smile he used to wear.

It is a set up! Run Roxas! Run! Ven said. I was about to when, 2 silver wolfs blocked my exits.

"My, it seems the master was right, Ventus, would fall for our trap. We thank you, my dear boy." Maleficent was behind me, when I jumped away from her I found that I was now in the middle of the four enemies, it would be easy for one of them to pounce on me and take me down.

'He was never the brightest out of the three.' Xehanort said.

'Shut up!' I growled if he wants to make fun of anyone it should be him and of how stupid he was, or how stupid they all were.

'Now Roxas, I wouldn't try to use any of your powers, right now.' I was shocked, it's like they read my mind. 'If you do decide to use them, you'll get nowhere.' Vanitas said.

"For you see once you were here with Vanitas, I made a force field that prevents you and only you to use your powers, and anyone from the outside of it can't see us, or hear us."

'Even Axel, cannot connect to you right now.' Xemnas said. That was it, they have me once again.

Roxas, I'm sorry this is my entire fault I should have—

No! I yelled at Ven. this isn't your fault! Love can make you do crazy things.

'So now what?! You have me, do you just plan to stand here until I die?!' I was outraged. They did something that makes Ven feel completely guilty for something he didn't know that was coming. 'Anything you want to do, to piss me off even more! After all you all enjoy my anger!'

They all laughed, all but one. Vanitas. "Dear boy, this is only the beginning of us feeding off of your torture." Maleficent said as she stood in front of me. As a reaction I closed my eyes, knowing exactly what she was going to do. I felt her hand rest on my head as she lifted my chin up.

Ven. We'll be fine, sooner or later the pack will find us, and they always do. I said. Ven calmed down a bit, but I had something else in mind I wasn't going down without a fight. Surely if Maleficent is the one keeping the force field up I should be able to break through it if I get a hold of the staff.

"Open your eyes" What?! What the hell was that?! Slowly but surely my eyes began to slip open. I forced all of my energy to keep them closed. "Let me see you beautiful Sea Blue eyes." Slowly the voice was winning. I could only take it as Maleficent's. Considering she was the one with the staff.

Come on Roxas! You have to fight it! Ven said.

I-I can't… she-she's too powerful. I said as I finally saw the green glow… it was stronger than usual, it was like the glow was going to let Maleficent control me now.

'Yes, Roxas. You are no longer under your free will,' Xemnas said.

'Maleficent, controls you now, soon it will be our Master.' Xehanort said as my vision blurred. As it did so I felt my legs give out as I lay down on the ground.

"Poor child, you must feel pretty weak trying to fight me off this time." My head nodded by its self as my eyes locked onto the staff and only the staff. "Sleep, will do you some good."

Come on Roxas! Please fight it! You're stronger than her! You and I both know this! Ven sounded stronger than me. Maleficent must've not affected him.

"Sleep." My eyes slipped close, the last I heard was that laughing of all four of them. But a quiet mumble.

'Sleep well, my prince.'

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