Hunted - A Kingdom Hearts Story

Flash from the Past

"Thanks again Axel for hang out with me tonight…" Xion said with a sigh.

'No problem, is everything alright? You look kind of bummed.'

"I miss hang around with Roxas, I can't even go near him without pain coming straight to me."

'Sorry, about that. It was great to see you again, but—'

"I know Roxas is worried right now and you need to go show him you're okay. I know, I know." With that Axel smiled at her and ran off towards the cave.

When Axel got there he was surprised to see that everyone was awake, and searching…

'Axel!' Sora yelled running up to him. 'Please tell me Roxas is with you!'

'He isn't… Why where is he?'

'That's just the problem…' Cloud said. 'Roxas is nowhere to be found; we all thought he went looking for you…'

'Cloud! Zack! Sora! Anyone!' Cloud, Axel and Sora turned to see Ven translucent, running up to the camp ground.

'What is it Ven?!' Yuffie asked as the whole pack gathered around him.

'It's… Roxas!' Ven wheezed. 'He was ambushed, all because of my stupid feelings.'

'Ambushed? By who?' Cloud demanded. Ven turned to look at him, knowing the whole secret.

Xehanort placed the sleeping golden wolf in front of the other silver wolf. Xemnas stood beside him, Maleficent and Vanitas behind them.

'This is him… the son of…. Him?' Xehanort nodded.

'He hold the powers of both his mother and father,' Xemnas said.

'And what about his brother? Xinev?'

Maleficent looked down at the golden wolf before saying "No location of the shiny black haired wolf."



'Find his brother, with the both of their powers combined, his father will fall to his death, it would be disappointing to see him be killed by both of his sons.'


Running at my own free will, I was happy as I stared up at my brother Xinev, his golden eyes looking back into my sea blue ones.

'Come on Rox! Keep up!' He yelled playfully over his shoulder.

'You know I can't not till powers fully kick in!' I yelled running with ease to catch up to him.

'Be careful you two.' A silver wolf with sea blue eyes said. I knew this woman, my mother, Lexia. 'I don't need you both getting in trouble again.'

I stopped running following her orders and staying in sight as I ran through the forest, Xinev calling me a mamma's boy. But I knew he was just messing around. 'Yeah, but you were one too!' I yelled as he tackled me to the forest floor.

'Take that back.' He said a slight grin on his face.

'What if I don't?!' I said as my tail flipped around under me to tickle his stomach. I was free and ran away from my brother, but as soon as I did I ran into a blonde haired wolf. 'Sorry, dad.' I said as I stood up.

'Don't worry about it, now hurry along.' I recognized his voice… it… it couldn't be! No way! It was Cloud!

I smiled up at him like Sora would and turned to join Xinev again.

"Lexia, we need to talk…"Cloud said as the scene changed and we were in an office. Cloud was dressed in a tux and Lexia was dressed in a black dress that stopped at her knees. "They are coming tonight."

They? Who are they? I thought to myself. "What can we do? I will not let-, touch my children." The name was cut off as if I was actually in the room at the time. Cloud was looking out the window, I went over to the window and saw me and Xinev training with our keyblades.

"I set groups up around the castle, if anything… will lose just a few men… maybe even more." Lexia gasped then the scene changed again. This time I was standing outside, looking at the grey castle. Broken bits of the castle were everywhere and fire was dying down.

'Roxas!' I turned to see Lexia at the other side of the forest with my brother holding her back. I turned back to the castle to see that I was a few feet from Xemnas. 'Run, Roxas! Run!'

'Young, smart and a keyblade wielder. I've always wondered, why - like you so much.' Once again the name was cut off. Xemnas started to circle me. I stayed perfectly still and closed my eyes. I could hear my younger self thinking. How would I get out of this?

'Back away from him!' Cloud said as he jumped out in front of me right as Xemnas was going to attack. 'Roxas, go to your mother. Now!' I nodded my head and ran towards mom, but Vanitas jumped out in front of me.

'You look exactly like him.' He mumbled. I tried to get passed him, but I didn't know about his eyes yet and I focused on them.

"NO!" I shouted I tried to grab myself but my hand just went right through him.

"Now, we can't keep him, if he remembers his past, he'll do everything he can to return home." Maleficent said. She showed up in front of me and touched my fore head. I saw as I fell, returning back to human.

'NO! ROXAS!' Mom screamed. Tears streaming down her face as Xinev held her back.

"He is now connect to Sora as his nobody. He should remember nothing, but memories from Sora."

Vanitas smiled as Maleficent summoned her staff and hung it over me. She mumbled a few words, and I started to disappear. 'Roxas!' Cloud yelled.

'I don't think so your majesty. The boy now belongs to Organization XIII, becoming the XIIth member.' A silver wolf said.

'Fuck you, -'

'What time?' Cloud growled and the silver wolf looked at Xinev. 'Our work here is done.' He walked over to Vanitas and Maleficent. Whispered something and left with Xemnas.

Vanitas smiled as he disappeared and Maleficent disappeared following him as he ran over to Xinev. Vanitas had his keyblade out ready to kill my brother with Maleficent's help. I thought that was what was happening, but I was a distraction. Maleficent had cloned Vanitas, and the real was busy taken care of Xinev, doing exactly what they did to me.

"It seems, Cloud that you have lost this battle, and Master has what he has wanted."

The Scene changed and Cloud had united with the Radiant Garden pack alone with Lexia. My mother and father where with me this whole time, but… I never meet Lexia before… so what happen to her?

The scene changed again and Mickey was talking to Lexia.

"Lexia I know this is a lot to ask of you, but I need to know if you are willing to become Aqua for a bit?"

"Of Course Mickey, but Why?"

"Aqua has been captured by Xehanort, but I know how much, Roxas and Xinev mean to you… so if we swapped places with them then you can keep an eye on Xinev. He is working under Xehanort, but has no clue that he really was your son."

"Aqua will, take my place… but what about Cloud?"

"Aqua… is going… to be killed… by- once we free, her… - was going to kill you, he knows your ways with bring peoples memory back."

"Why would Aqua do such a thing?"

"Well… after we gave up on Terra. She fell in love with Xinev… and she said she'll do anything to be able to set him free, if you go in as Aqua, you can bring Xinev memory back… and he'll run…"

I closed my eyes and darkness overtook my view. I had been with my mother… and she freed my brother. I laughed to myself. I guess I was the weak one out of both of us, if it took me this long to remember what happen.

End Flashback

I woke up with a jolt as I pushed myself off of the ground. I looked around and saw my home a few feet to my left.

"Roxas Strife… Prince of all Fantasy's" A cold voice said from behind me. "Your father, Cloud Strife he is the king… and soon he will pass." I stood looking around for the voice, and saw no one, but they must have been hiding in the shadows of the forest.

"By two wolfs, two of the most powerful wolfs in this universe." Xehanort said.

"Xinev… and…" Xemnas said.

"Me." I mumbled. They all laughed.

"Dear child you are still as bright and intelligent as you were 3 years ago." Maleficent said.

"Yes, he truly is…" I felt a hand on my left shoulder. The hand belonged to the cold voice. "Just like your father." He turned me around to face him. He was that silver wolf, he was the master. His sea green eyes looked into mine. "You got your fathers mind and soul… but you have your mother's looks." He got down to my eye level.

"Who are you?" I asked hardness in my voice.

"Your father worst nightmare…" His hand went up to the back of my head as he pushed my forward to make my lips meet with his. My whole body went numb as he kissed me determined to search my mouth. I was so shocked at the sudden kiss that I could barely even comprehend what was happening around me.

"I failed you my king…" I heard a small female voice, much like the one I heard before I passed out. Once the idiot realized I wasn't going to let him search my mouth he gave up and wrapped an arm around my waist, but before he started to pull me away… I saw a girl with angel wings.

She was being held back by a bunch of Heartless gathers, I but I recognized this girl. "Xion?!" I asked. She looked up at me and smiled.

"Hello, Roxas… Sorry we had to see each other like this…" She said.

"I don't really care! I'm glad to see your alive!" I ran over to her as I was able to get out of the creepy guys grip. She squeaked a little as I got about a foot away from her.

"Sorry," She said. "Maleficent cursed me… I can't go a foot near you or else I get shocked with pain."

I growled as I heard this… "Sorry about this master… I'll take her away." Maleficent said grabbing Xion's arm.

"Do as you please… just don't bother me and Roxie." I was about a few seconds away from slapping this guy. He again wrapped his arm around my waist and dragged me away into the forest.

Xion… my best friend was alive.

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