Hunted - A Kingdom Hearts Story

Darkeness Takeover

Axel was still trying to comprehend what Ven had explained to the pack, what had happened and that Roxas' memory from the past had returned.

"His memory returned?" Cloud asked as sunrise came upon them. Excitement was clearly in his voice.

"Yes! But I won't say much about the past, if you don't wish for it to be told."

"Ventus, you can tell them… some of them know already…" Cloud said as he turned to Leon.

"Alright…" Ven told the story detail by detail of what he saw from Roxas' own memories. He choked up a bit when the Aqua part came up. "Right now, The other silver haired wolf, or the master mind of this whole thing has Maleficent sending heartless gathers to find, Xinev, while Roxas is trapped under his watch."

"Guessing from the story this new silver haired wolf is pretty strong," Riku said.

"Ven, you said that every time the wolf's name came up it was blocked?" Axel asked. Ven nodded in response. "Cloud, do you still remember the wolf's name?"

"Yes, I do."

"Should we share his name?" The rest of the pack looked at Axel surprised to see he wasn't in a rush to safe Roxas.

"If you must… as much as I don't want to hear the bastard's name, it has to be said."

"His name is Sephiroth…" Axel said as Sora and Riku both gasped. Aerith and Zack looked over at Cloud who eyes were shifting from sea blue to amber ones. Leon Held him tightly trying to calm down his loved one.

"Wait, I've fought a Sephiroth before!" Sora said. "He's that one winged angel! He has that really long ass sword too!"

"That's him alright." Tifa said. "That bastard tried to kill Aerith when Cloud was still dating her. But then he met Lexia and well, you know the rest."

"I was perfectly fine with Cloud dating Lexia, they looked happy together, and now they are about to reunite with each other again." Aerith said as Zack hugged her.

"Leon, I'm sorry that I had to use you as a cover…" Cloud said looking at Leon.

"That's okay, we had this planned anyway." Leon said.

"We?" Sora asked.

"Yeah!" Yuffie said. "Leon and I knew Cloud way back when he was next in line for the throne."

"Lexia told us the story, and she asked to keep the part about her with and Aqua switching places a secret." Leon explained.

"I get it…" Ven said. "When Aqua died, Leon helped Cloud by keeping him as if he forgot his memory too."

"Exactly." Leon said. "If Sephiroth happened to come by, he would see me with Cloud and would instantly think that Cloud has forgotten about his past and moved on to me."

Axel couldn't keep it in anymore he had to ask. "So what are we going to do about Roxas?"

Walking around the forest with creep glued to my side was not fun. But honestly I could tell you one thing; this guy was crawling with Darkness. The smell of how powerful he was with all that darkness, let me know, one wrong move and my life would be over.

"Roxie…" He said as he pushed me up against a tree. "Look at me…"

I stood still trying to calm the pain in my back from the throw to the tree. My body was so weak… that when I closed my eyes from the pain I wanted to stay that way.

"Roxas, Look at me." I felt his hand grab my chin and pull my head up. I slowly let my eyes open. "You don't look so well…" He smiled as he leaned closer to my body. He let me slide down the tree a bit, but it wasn't too long before I felt him slide his way underneath me.

"Why…" I asked.

"Why what?" He cooed in my ear.

"Why… hold so much… darkness?" I asked as I felt his lips make contacted on my neck.

"The darkness in my opinion is power… After all I'm a holder… of what's left of Ansem the Heartless." He said as he moved me around. I felt my back make contacted with solid ground. "Tell me, Roxas… do you love your powers?"

"…Yeah…" I said.

"What if I could make those powers stronger?" He said. He pinned my arms to the ground and put his knees on other side of me.

"You can do that?"

"Of course." He whispered. Then my body was feeling completely better when his lips made contact with mine. My eyes widen I could see that we were both topless now. "You know… this is the same place, I told your brother this…" He said breaking the kiss.

"W-what did he say?" I said as I struggled to get free.

"He declined my offer to make his powers, more powerful… and I bet… you'll do the same." He sighed. "But your brother wasn't as much fun to play with as you are." Great so he has rapped both me and my brother.

"I will never let darkness in me…" I said as he pushed my down harder on the ground.

"Exactly, what I hoped you would say." He started to glow in darkness; I could see his whole body in it as he leaned down and kissed me again… but this time he caught me off guard and was able explore my mouth. Only when he did… my thoughts changed.

So much power… I-I feel so strong… The darkness… it's so… wonderful!

He broke the kiss and I looked up at him his darkness was dying down, he had given me some of his darkness. "You brother was able to get away, but I caught you… and you're the one who can hold the most power, with both yours and your brother's powers combined you will be unstoppable!" As he said this I felt the creepiest smile I have ever worn on my face, happen.

Darkness… it feeds me… it fills the hunger of power I have! I will be unstoppable!

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