Hunted - A Kingdom Hearts Story

Little Talks

'How long has it been now?' Axel looked at Cloud as they both sat on a hill looking at the moon.

'About 4 days,' Axel and Cloud have become really close to each other. Both looking for someone special to both of them, Roxas Strife the Prince of all Fantasy's.

'Has anyone found any clue of him?'

'Afraid not, sir.' Axel looked at the moon, fearing the worse for his boyfriend.

'Gather up the others, meet me and the rest of the pack back at the cave.' Cloud said not taking his eyes off the moon.

'Yes, sir.' Axel said as he took one last look at the moon, he then turned and headed off to the town, to gather the Hunters.

'Xehanort, how is our prince doing?' Sephiroth asked the silver standing behind him, a golden one sitting on a tree branch in the background, golden eyes staring down at him.

'Splendid Master.' Xehanort said as a black dropped down by the golden one.

'Is he talking about you again?' the black one asked.

'Yes, he kind of has to if I'm going to kill my father.' The golden one said staring at the moon.

'That doesn't surprise me.' Sephiroth said not turning his back from the moon. For a split second, time seemed to stop and both the golden wolf and Sephiroth had their thoughts going through their heads concerning each other.

Roxas… the perfect bait for his brother, his father on the other hand… that's going to be a challenge.

The creep actually thinks he can just get me to turn to darkness? Just because he filled me with darkness doesn't mean I'm just going to let it control me.

Although… Roxas seems to being taken a liking to the light again…

Two instead of one. This would be really ugly if we battle during the day…

Sephiroth let his eyes shifted over to were the golden wolf was sitting in the tree. Looks like it's time for him to finally accept the darkness, a few lies should fix that. After all the boy remembers nothing of his past…. To easy.

'The two of you may leave… I would like to speak to Roxas… alone.' Xehanort bowed and backed away Vanitas stayed put.

'If it makes you feel better Vanitas, I heard Ventus has returned, why don't you go find him?' Xemnas said from behind them. Vanitas growled softly and left with Xemnas to go mess with the search party for Roxas.

'Come here, Roxas. We have some stuff to talk about.'

"Why did you guys have to pull me out of bed?" Kairi wined as she arrived at the hunters house.

"Well Kairi, we had to pull you out of bed, because Roxas is missing, and it turns out he is royalty." Hayner said.

"To think all this time we were best friends with a Prince, funny, he doesn't seem like royalty." Pence said.

'That's what we thought, until Ven told us that Roxas had his memory swiped.' Axel said using his power to talk to the humans for the night.

"Whoa! How did he do that?!" Kairi asked.

'Being able to turn into a wolf isn't exact for most of us. We end up getting our own powers…. How I have no clue.'

"Well, what are we waiting for, come one guys let's go find Roxas." Olette said with a smile as she stood up beside Axel and Kairi.

"Right." Hayner and Pence said as the nodded their heads.

Hold on for a bit Rox, we are on our way…

'Roxas…' Sephiroth said as I stood next to him. 'How much do you remember?'

'Enough, to know my father despised you with all his heart.' I said waiting for him to pin me to the ground.

'Your correct, your father did not like me one bit, but I'm sure that you not worried about that now correct?'

'Maybe…' I said. I was really thinking no, because one, darkness can live in my heart, but it will not take it over. I share half and half of my heart.

'I see… well I do have some news for you…' He said as a slick smile appeared on his face. Curious I asked him what it was. 'It seems your old pack has given up of the search…' I froze. 4 days has been the longest I have been kidnapped ever. So it could be true that my pack gave up… but Axel and Cloud would never.

'That's… not true… it can't be… Axel and Cloud would—'

'Never give up on you, but they have.'

I looked down at the ground sadness clearly on my face. '… No I can't give up on them yet…' I mumbled.

'Roxas, I know it's hard to take this in… but believe me… Xemnas and Vanitas have confirmed it.'

'No… they can't give up… not yet.' Face it! My inner darkness said. They've given up! They don't care about you anymore! 'No!'

Sephiroth smiled. Come now Roxas, you know them… if you can't find it, you won't get it. They've lost this battle, and in return for them giving up on you?! Only one way…

'Never! I will never give in! You can try all you want! I won't do it! As long as I trust my pack, they won't give up, they'll get reinforcements! I can't give up on them!'

Sephiroth's smile faded and he leaned over my and looked me straight in and I could see my reflection in them. My eyes changed back to the deep sea blue they were. 'Fine then Roxy.' He said his tone sounded so pissed that if I even tried to run that let me know he had reinforcements to help stop me. 'Looks like we are doing this the hard way.'

'Touch him! And you die!' I froze I turned to see Xinev behind me.

'Ah, Xinev! So nice to see you again.' Sephiroth said as he stood over me. 'Would you care to join us?'

'Us? This looks more like you want this, my brother on the other hand does not.' Xinev looked down at me with his hard golden eyes, but they soften a bit when he locked eyes with me.

'What do you mean? He loves me, don't you Roxy?' He looked down at me and I just growled. 'Exactly what your father did,' he sighed and he started to glow in darkness.

Xinev eyes widen as he told me to run, I did and appeared under him. Did… did I just skip?

'Great, you gained a new power.' Xinev said. 'Skip to anywhere but here, ok?' I nodded in response and thought of Axel. I then closed my eyes and when I opened them again, I was sitting on the clock tower.

I sighed as morning appeared as I transferred back to human. My feet reappearing in my shoes and socks, my jeans and jacket as well. I was home and away from everything that had just happened. But Xinev wasn't. I could only think of him getting out too, I think I sent him away as well.

"Roxas?" I had my head buried in my knees I was hoping to return home, but over the past 4 days, my only home was the ruins of my old home. "Roxas? Roxas honey?"

I looked up to see Lexia. My mom as herself. "M-mom?" I asked choking a bit.

"Oh, Roxas." She bent down and hugged me. I hugged her back. "I've missed you so much and I see you gained your 4th power correct?"

I nodded my head as tears slipped down my cheek she sat beside me and placed her hand on my cheek and whipped them away.

"Sweetie don't cry, everything is going to be ok." She cooed in my ear.

"Mom's right, Rox." I turned to see my brother standing by the stairs. His hair stopping at his ears, blue baggy jeans and a white t-shirt is what he wore.

"Xinev, thank you for looking for him… I proud of you both." She said as she rubbed my hair.

"Rox, you do now that what Sephiroth told you—"

"Wasn't true? Yeah I knew, Axel and Dad would never give up on me after 4 days."

"Well, it was great to see you again, sweetie, but I do believe it's time for you to return with Xinev." She said as Xinev sat on her other side, she wrapped her arm around both of our shoulders. "I do believe your father will be reviled that you are both alive."

"There's only one problem with that mom." My brother said. "Sephiroth has planted darkness, in Rox."

"That can't be good."

"What can we do?" I asked as Mom whispered something to Xinev.

"Roxas, skip to Dad."


"Roxas, sweetie you have to, we have to keep this meeting a secret ok. Your father needs to think I'm still dead alright." I nodded.

"I love you mom." I said as she hugged me and kissed my cheek.

"I love you too sweetie, now go." I closed my eyes and skipped to the cave. When I opened my eyes I was a wolf again and Xinev and Mom were nowhere in sight. Neither was the pack.

'Where is everyone?' I asked out loud. I walked over to a tree, I climbed to the highest branch and looked over the forest. 'Did I skip here from Sephiroth? Was that talk with mom and Xinev just a dream?' I saw nothing of any wolf until I saw a familiar crimson red wolf.

"So Roxas is a prince of all Fantasy's? Does that mean that werewolves aren't the only things that are real?" Kairi asked as she Axel and Hayner's gang.

'Oh, yeah. Vampires, Demons, Angels, anything you can think of as supernatural, it exists.' Axel said.

'Axel!' I said as I jumped down from the tree. Axel jumped as I pounced on him.

"Well looks like we weren't needed after all." Pence said.

'Roxas! How did you escape!?' Axel asked as he licked my nose.

'I got a new power! I can skip now and I skipped away.'

"Anyone have any idea what they are talking about?" Hayner asked.

"No clue. Hey Axel can Roxas talk to us like you can?" Kairi asked.

'No, but I can translate, Roxas developed the power to skip from places and he skipped back here to the cave.'

'By the way, where are the others?'

'Probably still searching for you, they are going to meet up with at the cave in about 10 minutes.' I smiled as I yawned.

"Do you guys still need us, cause after all the 4 us still have to go to school?" Olette said.

'I'm not sure, you guys can head home through, I'll just tell Cloud that I found Roxas before I meet up with you, but in order for that to work you can let Cloud or the rest of the pack know about Roxas and his dad, ok?'

"Fine by me." Hayner said the rest nodded and they all just left.

'Hey Ax.'


'How do you know about me and Cloud being father and Son?'

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