Hunted - A Kingdom Hearts Story

Battle for the Heart

"Master, look what I have here." Maleficent said as she point to the black-haired boy and unconscious white-hair woman. They both tied.

"Great Maleficent. Now, you dismiss. I have a little talk with them." Sephiroth walked towards the boy, "Especially this one." He said as he lifted up the boy's chin.

The boy had hatred, pure hatred in his golden eyes. How can't he? First, this man is the reason why he being separated from his father and his brother. Second, he made his brother forget about his past, but that problem is already solved. Third, he planted the darkness, his pure darkness inside his brother heart, tainted him. He had done it once, when he took him and erased his brother memory. Last, he and his fellow subordinate catch him and his mother. God, what's next?

"Why do you see me like that, Xinev?" Sephiroth purr his name, making him disgusting.

"What do you want? Why do you plant your disgusting darkness inside my brother?!" He growled.

"Why I put my darkness inside him? Just to let you know, soon or later, he'll accept that darkness and releasing his dark side. When the time comes he'll become unstoppable monster under my command." Sephiroth said happily.

Xinev really doesn't like that idea. This man is about to use his brother to become pawn. But, he know one thing, Roxas will never the darkness inside him, right?

"He'll never accept his darkness. I'm sure of it. You can wish and hope as much as you want, but he'll never accept it." Xinev shouted him. Sephiroth

"Are you sure? If you so convenience, how about a little bet?" Sephiroth back his attention to him.

"What bet?"

"If he can solve his darkness, you win…" Before Sephiroth can continue. Xinev cease him.

"And if I win, you will leave our family alone? Never to disturb us again?"

"Very well, but if I win, I will have you under my command. You will do whatever I command. But, sure you know if I win, I'll have your mother killed."

Xinev flinched, he sure wanted this man to leave his family alone. But, not have his mother killed. Before Xinev can answer, now it's Sephiroth who cease this time.

"But, sure. You will never accept the risk. You doesn't want lose your mother and especially your brother, am I right?"

"No, that's not true! Fine, I accept it!" Xinev answered.

"You accept it? You know I will win and have you and your brother under my control, right?"

"Yeah, I know. But, he'll never accept it. I know him." Xinev answer him.

"Fine, let see how it is going." That's all Sephiroth said before leave both Xinev and Lexia all alone.

In the forest near a cliff. There's a blonde werewolf with blue eyes. He looks for a moment at the moon, before a silver werewolf with amber eyes comes

'What are you doing here, Xemnas? Where's Roxas?' Ask the blonde werewolf.

'Him? You mean the prince? Am I right, Cloud?' Answer Xemnas.

'Quit with the riddle! Where's my son!?' Said Cloud.

'He is with our Master.'

'You mean Sephiroth!?' Cloud's blue eyes starting to turn into amber one.

'Yes, I come here to tell you that he's now on our side. He is accepting darkness like he supposed to be. But, maybe he'll come for you. For a little visit.' Xemnas eyes lock with him.

'You're lying.' Hissed Cloud.

'You will see it. Once he comes, you'll see the darkness inside his heart.' That's all Xemnas said before he disappeared between the dark night.

When Axel and I were still on our way to the hideout. I told him about my encounter with Xion. God, I still can believe. She's alive even if she is angel. I can't express how happy I am. Sadly, she can't go anywhere near me. That makes me feel even terrible about my whole life at the moment.

Axel told me that Xion was brought back by God to protect me as angel. So, Axel knew all this time and he didn't tell me!? I just push away my question and put a smile in my face. Even thought, I'm still upset, why didn't he tell me? We're friend, aren't we?

'We're almost there, Roxas. Cloud is going to be happy that you're back, especially with your memories back.'

Axel told me that Ventus saw my memories and he told about how my memories came back to the pack. I just hope, this nightmare will be end soon. Me, Xinev, Cloud and Lexia, my father and mother, we can start over, together.

'Cloud, I brought Roxy back!' Axel shouted. Seriously, why he call me by that girly name?

'Axel, you already back! You also found Roxas!' Said Leon as he ran up to me and nuzzled me. I accepted the hug. 'Are you okay?'

'Where's Cloud, Leon?' Axel asked.

'He went out about some time ago. He should be back in any minute now.' Answered Leon.

'The others?'

'Hunting, Sora and Riku become the leaders this time.'

'And you?'

'Cloud told me to stay here, for when you came back, or if Roxas got free and came here.'

'Okay, thanks Leon.' Axel replied.

'Uhm, Axel?' I ask nervously, knowing the answer to my question was going to be no.

'Yes?' Axel said as he looked at me.

'Can I walk for a minute? Just until Cloud and the others come back?'

'Not unless Axel or I go with you.' Leon answered. 'After all you probably are still being hunted down.'

'Ok, come on Axel.'

'Okay. ' Axel said as he kiss my forehead.

We ran out from the hideout to the forest.

I walk inside the middle of dark forest. This place is really dark, only moonlight shine in here. This place is strange, even if is now night, it's more dark than midnight. What is this place?

Why you don't accept the darkness? My inner darkness said to me.

'No way! Not a chance! I will not let you consume me!' I said only for Axel to look at me. I felt my body weaken.

You really weak and pathetic, you know? Only if you accept it, or maybe let it consume you. You'll be the strongest.

'I am not weak!'

Then show me! Just as he said that my body collapsed.

Suddenly, I teleport to Dive to the Heart and turn back to my human form and the darkness begin to surround me and become one, forming a orb of darkness. The orb is began to take a form of… Xinev? No, it's not Xinev. This person is only look like Xinev except, instead of black hair, he have more long silver-white hair, about past his shoulder and his eyes is sapphire but more dark almost look like the blue of the midnight.

"Who are you!?" I ask angrily.

"I'm darkness inside your heart. I've lived with you this whole time." He said with sinister grin.

"That doesn't matter. I'll make you vanish!" I draw out my Keyblades. The strange thing is only Oathkeeper appear at my hand.

I look at him, he had Oblivion with him. "How can you have Oblivion!"

"It's because I'm part of you too. So, I can wield Oblivion."

I prepare to attack him, he held Oblivion like Riku and Vanitas do when they are about to fight. I ran towards him and try to attack him, but he moved –or maybe skip– behind me and attack me. I spun and tried to slash him. Fortunately, this time my attack connect to him. He back away a little, before he skip to my back. I was about to spin, but he slash me at hand. I growl and try to attack him back. But, he's already skip to back away.

"See? How weak you are! Why didn't you let me consume your heart. You'll be able to control darkness too, like that silver-hair kid, what's his name again? Oh yeah Riku." He said with mocking tone.

"Never! Whatever you do, I will not let it!" I shouted to him.

"Fine… You leave me with no choice." He said becoming an orb of darkness as he blasted me.

The orb of darkness then enter my chest and spreading the darkness around me.

"Wh-what are you doing? S-stop! It's hurt!" I grab my chest, it's really hurt.

Don't worry, I just put more darkness inside your heart. I'm not about to take control now. But, I will wait until darkness is spreading and reduces your light. He said as I begin to lost consciousness.

"I'll… never… let it… happen!" When I said it, I lost all my consciousness.

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