Hunted - A Kingdom Hearts Story


"I can't believe him!" Sora yelled as he watched his nobody skate away with Tifa. "Why wouldn't he tell us?!"

"Sora… think about… we hunt his kind… he's probably scared shitless…" Riku said as the bit healed. It wasn't a deep enough bit to turn him but still he was going to lock himself in his room for tonight just in case. Hurting his boyfriend would kill him.

"Should we even hunt tonight?"

"No… I think not…. Although something does come to mind…. Remember your first kill?"

"Well yeah of course I do…. Why?"

"I think she was a friend of Roxas'."

"Oh… we scared him because…"

"Yep… guessing that his closet is cleaned out, I have a feeling that he knew this day would come and he packed just waiting for us to figure out his secret."

"Zexion." Saix said as he saw the cloaked schemer covered in blood. "What happen, where is number XIII?"

"He figured out who I was before I could get him to follow me… then his whole new pack attacked." Zexion said as he leaned against a tree holding his ribs.

"He is smarter than we took him for…" A man with an eye patch over his eye and a long grey streak going down the middle of his hair said.

"I was, however able to get him to pass out, just as I was about to send him here Namine had rescued him."

"Ah, so that's where our little Daisy went it's a shame she won't come back, then it would be real easy to catch our prey." A man with pink hair said as he twirled a flower.

"Yes… that is true… Zexion how much information did Roxas give to the Keyblade Masters?"

"Noting more that not telling the truth about his change during the night."

"Good, we'll have to watch him for now… until then Master will have to wait until we can get him alone again… because our enemy has also found out about XII special power…" A man with golden eyes and silver hair said as he glared down at the group. He had noticed something a special red head was missing. It was becoming dusk as well.

"Looks like someone went to their mission early," Xigbar said.

'Roxas?' I heard Cloud's voice say. 'Are you okay?'

'…Cloud…' I heard myself whimper, which told me that it was nightfall. When I opened my eyes the whole pack was staring at me hurt and regret on their faces. I noticed I was lying on my side. When I tried to stand up though, I was wobbly, so wobbly that Cloud had to help me onto my feet.

'It's okay Roxy…' Yuffie said as she came over to me.

'We are we?' I asked as I finally got to take a look around.

'We had to move out so we traveled farther into the forest.' Cloud said as he nuzzled me. I could tell he was worried about me because ever sense I gotten up from Zexion attack I was getting nothing but love and help from him.

'Of course we have a reason why you can't go back home now…' Leon said as he walked up beside Cloud.

'As soon as we can, you are going to go back to Sora's get your stuff and come back to my house.' Cloud looked at me his blue eyes scanning me for any cuts or scrapes.


'Because it's not safe for you there… neither for that the Organization knows your there along with the hunters living 2 doors down…' Tifa said.

'Plus… they know you secret now… we don't need you to end up like Xion.' Cid said as he came around to the front of me.

'For now we all need to get some sleep, each of you will take a turn on guard tonight, Roxas nor Namine cannot be chosen.' Everyone growled looking at Cloud, but that all change when he said he would take the first shift.

'Good night Brothers, Sister, Sons and Daughters.' Cloud said as everyone was getting into a spot to lie in. Me, I like high spaces so I chose a tree branch that was out of sight, but it was Easy for Cloud to still see me. I know how he is he wants to see his whole pack before he goes to sleep if one person is missing everyone is woken up and sent on a search.

'Roxas…'my ear popped up as I heard Axel… even though he seems miles away I could still hear him. My gaze went over to Cloud who was looking at Namine who was below me. 'Roxas…I know you can hear me…'

'Go away Axel…' I said as I shut my eyes again.

'Roxas… you have to hear me out…'

'Why? It's bad enough Zexion almost sent me back I really don't need you trying to do the same…'

'No Roxas… you have to listen to me they want you for a reason.'

'I know because I have like this 6th sense I know, I know…'

'No… Roxas that—' I sat up as I heard Axels' voice just disappear I turned to look for Cloud to see that he had moved his spot.

'There you are… oh… I see you found him.' I heard… Xigbar? Xigbar really? Great.

I was about to howl but I was caught back by Xigbar pulling me off of the branch. I felt his teeth tighten around my rib cage as I tried once again to howl, but I was getting now where…

'Xigbar! Stop!" Cloud said as he and the others were surrounding Xigbar with me in his grasp.

'Oh! Look it's the welcoming comity!' Xigbar said as he dropped me onto the ground and started to scratch my back. As much as I wanted to run I couldn't, one wrong move and I would have a cut going down my back.

'Xigbar, let him go…' Zack said as he moved forward towards Xigbar and I. He made the wrong move, before I knew it I felt pain go through my back and down. I whimpered in pain. As Xigbar was a shape shooter back then his claws became as sharp as his arrows. Zack backed away back into the spot he was in.

'Oh… did I hurt the poor puppy's back. It's a shame really he does have really pretty hair…' Xigbar said as he bent down. Usually when a werewolf is hurt we heal automatically but if the person who cause the damage licks where the damage was made then the damaged wolf heals faster.

'Cloud… we have to do something he's hurting Roxas' When Yuffie is being playful she uses the nickname I dread but when she's serious she uses my actually name.

I saw Cloud look around, but I didn't hear anything of the plan they are planning. 'There all better…' Xigbar said as he pulled me closer to him. I tried to run for it, but I was just grabbed and pulled away from Cloud. I seriously feel like I'm the last bone and everyone fighting over me. 'Where do you think you're going squirt.'

'Home…' I mumbled as he started to scratch my back again. I tried my best not to enjoy what he was doing to me because it's a sign of weakness in Xigbar's eyes, every werewolf loves getting their back scratch but not by Xigbar.

'Ha! Home? You all are sleeping in the woods for crying out loud. Plus where I'm taking you kiddo you'll be calling it home in no time.'

'Hey! His not a kid! He's 16!" Yuffie shouted Xigbar looked at her and I could feel hid middle claw dig deeper into my skin. I flinched as I felt his breathe by my ear.

'Now!' Leon shouted. Everyone jumped at Xigbar, Xigbar being defense left my back alone and I ran for it… I didn't know where I was just going were my feet told me too… Sora's house.

"Riku!" Sora cried as I came through the door. It was a cry for help someone was upstairs, it must have been someone from the organization. I rushed up the stairs to see Riku in Sora's arms as Saix and Larxene crawled closer to them.

'Back the fuck up!' I cried as I jumped in front of my somebody and his boyfriend.

Larxene smiled at me as she came walked to my left. Saix walked to my right… they were going to circle me. I barked hoping Sora would understand that I was trying to tell him to hide but he just stared at Riku as he changed forms and became a teenage wolf in Sora's arms. I looked away to see that Sora had a bite too, soon he was going to change too.

'Well, I guess you escaped from Xigbar… I'm guessing your pack helped you, but you weren't lucky enough to get away without getting hurt.' Larxene said as she walked behind me where I'm sure was dried up crimson blood shining in between my gold hair.

' Your also too late to help your friends' Saix said. I turned to see Sora now changing. Finally he would be able to understand me.

'Sora! Run! Take Riku!' I yelled as Larxene jumped on top of me. Sora nodded and shook Riku until he was up on his feet they then ran to my room and shut the door behind them.

'Tsk. So much for dinner.' Larxene said as she climbed off of me. Before I knew it lighting flashed 2 inches from my face. I was lucky enough to roll away before I got hurt anymore.

'Nice to see that you still got it in you…' Saix said as I tackled Larxene and bit down hard on her neck. She growled at me as she attacked back, biting my leg.

I growled at Saix as I kicked Larxene off me and into the wall knocking her out. 'Well why don't you prove you do too.'

'Saix you know what Xemnas said…' Larxene said as she stood up her legs buckling to make her fall once more. 'The job is done… we need to go…'

'Well looks like he'll have to wait…' Axel said as he walked up beside Saix. I growled as I looked at Axel with a glare. I saw sorrow in his eyes but they changed back to the unreadable expression that he always has on.

'Roxas!' I heard Sora scream from the other room. I turned to look at the door and when I looked back at Saix and the other they were gone.

'Hold on Sora!' I ran into the room to see that Sora was holding protecting Riku from Zack… 'Zack!'

Zack turned to face me and saw where Larxene had bit me. He turned back to Sora who I guess he thought was the one who attacked me.

'Roxas! Why is he looking at me like that?!' Riku said as he opened his eyes to see me and Sora. He blinked as he looked at himself discuses covering his face.

'Zack! It wasn't them! Larxene did it.' I said as I felt a paw on my back I sat down knowing the command that Cloud uses.

'Bother… leave our sons alone…' Zack turned looking at Cloud then down at me. He walked over to us and we all looked at Sora and Riku.


"Sorry we didn't tell you two." Yuffie said as she sat across from Sora. He was still pretty mad that the pack had kept the secret from him. Riku thought was focusing his gaze as my arm where Larxene had bit me. It had to be bandage because the bit hadn`t fully healed before dawn.

"Why couldn`t you guys tell me?" Sora asked as he looked over at me. I flinched as I remembered that dreadful day…

'Come on Roxas! It can't be that bad…' Xion said as we walked closer towards the Radiant Gardens' boundaries.

'I don't know Xion… something… doesn't feel right…' It was then that Xion was on the ground crying in pain blood going everywhere around her… this was the day we had left the Organization to join with the Radiant Garden pack.

"…We… didn't… trust you as much as we used too…" Leon said. I felt a single tear roll down my face at the painful memory of Xion.

"Roxas… I'm sorry I… I didn't know…" Sora said. Everyone was looking at me. It was too painful to even think of the memory or talk about it without my crying just a bit.

"We never knew it was actually you guys…" Riku said. I looked up at him.

"But your first kill… you knew who he was…" I said as Riku stiffened. "Ansem… you killed him… that's why darkness is no longer a threat to you…"

"He's right we all saw your first Kill. It was a great Depression for the Organization… but a great victory for us." Zack said. I gave him a look and he just glared at Riku. Ansem was actually a good person back at the Organization. He was the one that told me and Xion that we had to leave… but we never saw him again… that's when Xion was killed…

"Great job kid!" Hayner said as he patted Sora on the shoulder. Olette and Pence following behind them. I was laying beside Xion when I heard Hayner.

"And he comes your second…" Pence said as he looked at me. Sora was glaring at me… it was like he knew I was that golden wolf with Sea blue eyes.

"Go on… take him out already…" Olette said as she handed Sora a gun. I looked at them shocked that my old friends from Twilight Town had come to live on Destiny Island's . Sora raised the gun at me… but I was quicker than the bullet… I scratched at each of them each leaving with Scratch marks on their legs and watching me run towards my new home.

"…That was you…" Sora said. I looked up at him everyone did. "You were that Wolf Pence wanted me to take my second kill on… you're the one that had scratched us…"

I nodded my head and Cloud looked at me disappointment crossing his face. "Well now that we are all caught up on the whole story how about we get to the enrollment!" Cid said.

Everyone nodded and followed each other out of the house, me having to stay by Cloud the whole way. It felt weird to have Cloud do this. Xemnas would do this also but he would keep a hold of me never letting me go. Cloud just wanted me in sight of him.

"Uh… Roxas what are we enrolling for?" Sora asked.

"You guys are become part of the Pack… sense I was attack during Namine's we couldn't enroll her yet.. so she is going to be enrolled with you guys."

"Why are you being attacked all of a sudden?" Riku asked. If only I knew Riku… if only I knew…

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