Hunted - A Kingdom Hearts Story

Light Always Wins

Black, Darkness, Cold. I… I can't… remember, what happened? I have a feeling that my darkness was victor. So does that mean I've let it consume me?

"Yes, you have let it consume yourself, Roxas." Sephiroth said as he walked up to me. I stood on my station of awakening. The one I stood on before when Sora was starting his second Journey.

"What do you want?" I asked. My voice was ice cold like, I was actual darkness.

"I've come to claim my prize." I turned to look at him; he smiled when I growled under my breath crossing my arms. "My, my. Looks like you don't have to be in your wolf form and yet you still growl at me."

"The hell to you." I barked as he rested a hand on my shoulder. "If you think I'm leaving with you, you'll have to think that over."

"Oh, hon. You'll have to reconsider, after all, your brother and I made a bet, and I was the victor."

"Bet? What bet?!"

"Oh, it's nothing really, the deal was that if you defeated the darkness in your heart, I was to leave you and your family alone for live, and if your darkness, took over, I was able to claim you and your brother as my own, and well, kill your mother." I growled as I felt him push my shoulder down, he was pushing more darkness in me.

I only just met my mother 20 minutes ago, and Xinev was making a bet with Sephiroth, which he should have obviously knew he was going to lose. "You are a sick and cruel bastard, you know that?"

"Oh, Roxy, just as sweet as your brother only better." He whispered in my ear and he snaked his arm around my waist. I pushed his arm away from me and turned my heal only to run straight into Xinev.

"Sorry. I can't let you leave." He said as he grabbed my arms.

"Don't be so rough with him Xinev." Sephiroth said as I thrashed to get out of my brother's death grip. "Although I restraint might make it easier for him to gain my trust."

"Let go, you jack ass!" I cried to my brother who I know tensed at the harsh words. "I can't believe you would agree to something so stupid!"

"Shut up." Xinev said as he kicked the back of my legs making my knees buckle, which sent me onto the ground hard onto my knees. "I did what I did so I could protect you sorry ass from him!"

"Don't you think you could have found a loophole?!" He ignored my question and pulled on my arms. "You are a jackass, I don't care if I haven't known you my whole life. But you are not the Xinev I know, and that I love."

"Blah, Blah." Sephiroth said as he walked over to me. "I've had enough with your disobediences, Roxy. It's time for you to trust me." With that said Sephiroth picked my chin up to make me look him straight in the eye. I didn't move, I didn't look away. I glared hatefully at Sephiroth and his now all of a sudden purple eyes. But I didn't know what he thinks he'll accomplish.

"Just a heads up Sephiroth…" I said as I got to my feet, feeling my broth pull my arms to make me stay at Sephiroth's level, but I ignored the pain. "Whatever the hell you think you're doing, it isn't working." I smiled as I saw that my Cold sea blue eyes where glaring at him in his eyes instead of the amber one I thought that we there.

"What!" Sephiroth said as his eyes returned to normal.

"Maybe you forgot, but, light always wins." I said as my arms started to glow. "And I intended to make sure it stays that way!" With that my arms, slipped out of Xinev's grip and went up in the air making the whole place glow in white light. When the light died down both Sephiroth and Xinev were gone. "You may have my jackass of a brother, and killed my mother, you will never touch me the way you did ever again, and I will not let you kill any more of my friends, or my father."

"Xemnas!" Xehanort growled as he was in the middle of the forest with four organization members lying there dead. "I found them!"

"Demyx, Xigbar, Larxene and… Luxord." Xemnas said as he walked up to Xehanort.

"That's not all." Maleficent said joining them. "I found Xaldain and Lexaeus not too far."

"We aren't the only one losing members." Sephiroth said as he joined them with Xinev. "We just found Aerith and Zack's graves a few miles back."

"Well, the organization is finished, it's only Xemnas and Saix who remain." Maleficent said.

"Which only leaves, Xemnas, Xehanort, Xinev, Maleficent, Saix, Sephiroth, and me." Vanitas said jumping down from the trees. "After what I just saw, their numbers went down again, the only ones left on their side is Cloud, Leon, Sora, Riku, Axel, Namine and Roxas."

"Well, looks like we are even on numbers. This shall be and easy war to win."

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