Hunted - A Kingdom Hearts Story

The Ups and Downs of Love

"Roxas?" Axel asked as we were sitting in a tree staring at the setting sun.


"I never got an answer from you." I turned to look at Axel he was still focused on the sun.

"For what?"

"Would you go out with me? Can we start officially dating?" I smiled as I turned my attention back to the sun.

"I would like that."

"Good." Suddenly, Axel had me up against the tree trunk, smashing his lips into mine. I was a little shocked at first but melted right into the kiss as he started to lick my lips asking for entrance. I let him in and he tongue was everywhere in my mouth. I didn't even bother to fight for the dominance of the kiss. It was pleasure with him as the leader anyway.

The kiss soon ended through when the sun finally set turning us both into wolfs. We were both panting like no tomorrow.

'How… was… that?' he panted as he tail intertwined with mine.

'Wonderful…' He licked my nose and then smiled.

'Come on, it's time to hunt. I'll catch you something good.' He smiled as our tails broke free from one another and I began to climb done.

'hmm, I like that… but how about after a… little run.' Once Axel was on the ground we both took off one another, I ran at my normal pace instead of cheating with my powers and just stick with my boyfriend.

I like tonight already.

'Ven, please I never meant that night!' Vanitas tried to manage with the ghost werewolf.

'I don't care Vanitas, you lied to me.' Ven was pissed out raged that he was tricked to something so stupid. Sure it was a while ago, but with the numbers flatten to even, time was running out, and if Ven and Roxas where to happen to pass in the war there was something he wanted to let out, but now, he doesn't even know if it's a good decision to.

'look I know I made a mistake, but—'

'But nothing! I trusted you! Roxas let me in control so I could talk to you! He was sneaky for me! He worried about where Axel was because of me! And it all lead to a stupid trap!' Ven said as a tear slipped from his eyes. 'I thought we could start over…'

'We can!'

'No… we can't, Vani. I can't trust you like I could back then… you've changed sense I've left, and you are only getting worse…' Ven started to back away from the black wolf. 'I could never trust anyone back then, they all lied to me, and you were the only one who didn't… but I can't deal with lies anymore, Vanitas, it's over and I can never EVER be fixed!"

With that the golden wolf dashed into the woods and never looked back at the black wolf who stood there in shock and pissed that he had ruined the one he loves heart.

'There! Are you FUCKING happy?!' Vanitas shouted. 'I sure hope you are!'

"Xinev, I'm not sure about this." Lexia said to her elder son. "You and I both know that Roxas will flip, he'll hurt you."

"I know, but if it's the only way to keep you safe then I'm willing to take any beating from my brother any day."

"Xinev, promise me you won't speak much to him."

"I promise mom. Just stay hidden from everyone ok?"

"Ok, good luck honey!"

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