Hunted - A Kingdom Hearts Story

Angel's Letter (Part 1)

After what felt like hours of running with Axel around the forest I didn't want to stop, but eventually we had to head back to the cave.

'Aww, do we really have to?' Axel pouted.

'Yes,' I said as I started to turn around and walk the other way. 'You know how my dad gets. If I'm not back before the moon is over our heads he'll think I'm in trouble.'

Axel sighed as he ran to catch up with me. 'Fine.' He said as he licked my nose. 'But I think you would like the walk back so much better on me.'

'wha—hey! Axel put me down!' I laughed as Axel grabbed the back of my neck and put me on his back.

'Sorry Roxy.' He said as I instantly felt like taking a short nap. 'Feel free to go to sleep we still have a while before we get back to the cave.'

Jackass. I thought as I nuzzled into his back getting comfy.

'I heard that.' Axel said with a chuckle.

'Damn, mind readers.' I mumbled into his back, as I fell asleep.

Destiny Islands

He walked over to the shore of the beach… he was upset lonely, confused… but why? He bends down and picks something up… probably a seashell…

"Xion…" He mumbled. Oh… that's why… he isn't sure who to trust… I did… I trusted Ansem… the Organization wasn't right… I actually took Riku's advice… I went to find a new crowd… but I took Roxas with me.

Roxas… I missed him so much… I wish there was something I could do…

'Xion?' I was pulled out of the flashback as I heard Axel call me.

"Hi Axel…" I said silently, knowing Roxas was with him. I didn't even have to turn to know that he just placed Roxas on the ground beside me. I still find it funny how because Roxas is so short that he still about the size of a little pup. Axel on the other hand was like and adult.

'Any reason why you are sitting out here all alone?' Axel asked as he too laid down on the ground having Roxas between his front legs.

"I'm… just thinking…"

'Oh…' We sat there in silence with the waves lapping against the shore the moon was a little above our heads when we heard a noise come from the woods. Axel growled silently but I raised a hand telling him it was okay.

'There you two are!' Lexia shouted as she ran over to Axel and I. 'I need to talk to you.' I looked down at Roxas who was still sound asleep between Axel's legs. His chest rising and falling in a steady rhythm.

'I wish I could you majesty, but Cloud will have my head if I don't hurry and get Roxas back to the cave.' Axel said. I glanced up at Lexia then back to Roxas.

"I can take him…" I said. Both Lexia and Axel looked at me. "Besides, Lexia will know where I am and I can come up with something to tell Cloud about Axel."

'Well, kid you better hurry.' Axel joked as I picked Roxas up carefully.

"I think I'll get there in time." I said as my wings appeared. "Besides I'm pretty fast with these." I waved Lexia and Axel off as I flew into the air and headed towards the cave. At least that's what they thought…

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