Hunted - A Kingdom Hearts Story

Angel's Letter (Part 2)

I struggled as I was thrown down onto the ground by Sephiroth. How the hell did I get here!? Did he ambush Axel?

"What's the matter Roxy?" Sephiroth asked as he walked into the cave, he threw me into. "Can't understand how you got here?" I kept back pedaling, even though I still couldn't figure it out, how the hell did I get back into this mess.

'There you two are!' Mom? Was that mom? I was awake as I lied between Axel's legs, still pretending to be asleep. 'I need to talk to you.'

'I wish I could your majesty, but Cloud will have my head if I don't hurry and get Roxas back to the cave.' Axel said as he licked my ear. I shivered at the feeling.

"I can take him…" Xion said, so that's who else my mother was talking about. "Besides, Lexia will know where I'll be later and I can come up with something to tell Cloud about Axel."

'Well, kid you better hurry.' Axel joked as frail hands picked me up careful not to make the wrong move to wake me.

"I think I'll get there in time." Xion said as she scratched me behind the ear. "Besides I'm pretty fast with these." Suddenly I heard wind in my ears. Eventually I heard Xion hit the ground. "I brought him…" Xion said as she placed me on someone's back. "Now, let Ven go!"

'Fine, Fine.' Vanitas? 'He's in the tree over there…' Ok I'm not being traded right now! I stretched to show I was wakening up, and I opened my eyes, that was a very bad idea…

The rest of it was a blur… "Come now Roxy…" Sephiroth said as he started to straddle me. "One little kiss?"

"No! Freak!" I cried as I tried to kick him away from me. He had my arms pinned to the ground of the cave, and I was not happy by this. "Let me go Sephiroth!"

"I'll let you go on one condition…" Sephiroth said as he used one had to keep my hands pinned, he used the other to caress my face. "You kiss me… and you meet me here every morning."

"Hell no!"

"Then it looks like I'll have to do this in one go." He grabbed my chin making it impossible to move my head as his head got closer to mine. Finally I felt his lips on mine. I struggled as much as I could before his hand that was holding my chin traveled to my back. He started to scratch my back making me gasp which gave him an opening to stick his tongue in my mouth and explore.

I started to melt into the kiss when his tongue started to entwine with mine. I still struggled here and there but he had me under his full control… he was trying to get me to fight for dominance, but I didn't even try, because I was running low on air. Eventually he did too.

"Damn… Rox…" He panted. I was panting too, that is till I felt my eyes start to drop… "Don't worry love, we'll continue this is a few…" Finally I passed out…

"Dammit Xion!" Axel cried at me. "Why the hell would you do that?!"

"Axel… Don't blame her!" Ven said as I held my head in shame.

"Let him Ven…" I said as Cloud and Axel threw all they could at me. I didn't care, I didn't even remember what it was I did, everything is just one big blur. I was on Destiny Islands, going through a memory and after that… everything else is a memory.

"Do you know where they are?" Cloud asked after a few minutes of silence.

"I'm sorry, your majesty, I don't…" I said as I felt a hand on my shoulder. You're doing good Xion Vanitas… such a bastard

"Ventus, go get Riku and Sora, we'll take them with us…" Ven and Axel left, leaving me with Cloud. "As for you young lady…" I looked down at the ground feeling dull and lifeless. "Go home…"

"I wish I could your majesty."

"Why can't you?"

"I've been banished… I'm not strong enough to remain as I guardian angel, and soon enough I'll fade and never be able to return to earth." I said as glanced at my hand that was fading in and out. "Soon Roxas won't have a guardian angel, and he may never be able to get away, ever again unless someone can break him free."

"Is there anything you could do to remain a guardian?"

I shook my head… "I was told to head home by the King of all Fantasy's, Ansem the Wise has told us in training that if we are ever told to do anything besides protect our fantasy… by the king we are to never return…" I sighed as my whole left arm was blinking in and out of life. "I deserve this anyway… I tried… but I am too weak… and I will never be able to protect your son, your majesty…"

So long, Angel

"Xion… I…"

"Don't worry sir, Yuffie was next to take my place, I don't think she'll be as noticeable as I was, maybe your son will be more safer…" I smiled slightly, "If you ever see him again… let him know… that I'm sorry…"

"Xion!" I looked up at the king as he tried to touch me, but his hand went straight through me.

"Goodbye, you majesty…" I smiled as I faded away completely.

Roxas… Axel…

We had some fun times while working for the organization… even though I was really only a puppet of Roxas… but when we all became Werewolves, I think that's when I finally found, I did have a heart, it was part of someone else's though. That someone else is the somebody of a boy I'd once protected as an Angel…

Sadly… I failed to protect him, I knew this day would come… this day when I failed at taking him home for the night… I still don't remember much of what happened that night. I honestly feel like this was meant to happen, from the day I was killed.

Sure I was happy to see you two again, but was it really worth it sense all I did was hurt you both? I think not, Roxas you may say differently, Axel… not so much.

I was glad… that we were once friends… now I'm nothing… not even a memory to you two, I'll soon be erased from you memory, so writing this letter won't mean much, but I just wanted to say goodbye…

I really hope Yuffie does a good job of freeing you Roxas… and I'm sorry that I failed you… I really hope you get home safely, this war will end soon… it has too, and once it does… you and your family will be together again, You Your father, your mother, and brother, and who knows, maybe even Axel will be.

I hope you and Axel live forever happily, and I'm sorry I couldn't be there to enjoy it with you two… I hope you both have a wonderful life… without me in it…

So long my friends… you may not remember me… but… I'll remember you…


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