Hunted - A Kingdom Hearts Story

Mind Tricks

I'm once again in a Station of Awakening and let me tell you I was not pleased to find out that I would be in here as a werewolf. Not to mention that Sephiroth was circling around me even when I was unconscious, which I'm honestly thinking that Sephiroth is more than just a freak, I think he honestly wants me because my dad declined him for my mom.

'Roxas… Why do you think I want you so badly?' Sephiroth asked as I let him to continue to circle me but I kept my eyes on him at all times.

'So you can turn me into a mindless slave like my brother.' I said more like a statement than a question.

'More or less' He said stopping over a picture of Axel on the platform. 'But do you really know?'

I looked down as I mumbled 'My father…'

'Ah… so he does have a brain!' Sephiroth laughed as I growled at him.

'Fuck off, Sephiroth!'

'Calm now little pup…' Sephiroth walked closer to me and when he was too close for my liking, I was about to make a run for it before Sephiroth had me pinned, under his front legs. 'Why don't you relax a little, my pup while I tell you a story…'

I struggled for about another ten minutes before I felt his tongue lick my ear. I couldn't help but shiver at the contact, after all it was Axel who started the whole licking ear thing… Maybe Sephiroth sent one of his spies to watch me and Axel, and the spy reported back about the whole—you know what let's skip this topic please.

'You know my little pup… when I was younger, I meet your father… Cloud. He would always run into the forest when he got mad with your grandparents…' Sephiroth said as I looked up at him, was he really about to tell me about him and my father? Suddenly his eyes changed to a darker shade and then suddenly there was a white light.

"Why do you always do this to me? Can't you tell I want to find love of my own?" Cloud screamed as his parents tried to follow him out of the castle.

"Cloud!" His mum called as he shot into the forest with his super speed.

It's around night time by the time Cloud finally decided to head home. He walked back in his tracks unaware of the other wolf.

Sephiroth looked up from his branch as he spotted the mumbling wolf. 'Hey!' he yelled down to the other wolf.

Cloud kept moving ignoring the wolf knowing that he was going to be disciplined for leaving.

'Hey! I'm talking to you pup!' Cloud halted in his tracks.

'What did you call me?!'

'A pup! Because you sure are acting like one.' Sephiroth said as he jumped from the tree blocking Cloud's path.

'Well excuse me…' Cloud mumbled.

'Look pup, what's got you so upset?' Sephiroth asked as he started to circle him.

'My parents that's what!' Cloud growled.

'Ah, always the parents…' Sephiroth said 'Lucky me for not having any.' At that moment Cloud looked at the silver wolf that just climbed onto a lower branch on the tree he was once in. 'Anyway, continue, what are you mean parents forcing you to do?'

'They're forcing me into marriage…' Cloud said with venom.

'Well, pup I see why you would be pissed, after all you are the prince, don't you all have to marry a Princess?'

'How did you-?'

'It's not every day a regular family forces someone to get married; you'd have to be royalty for you family to do that.' Sephiroth laughed slightly.


'Look pup, if it really bothers you that much, stay out here, be free for once! Live a little!' Sephiroth jumped down from the branch as he said. 'Tell you what pup, how about I help you do that?'

'You would? But how?'

'That's for me to know and for you to find out.' Sephiroth laughed as he started in the other direction of Cloud. 'See ya pup.'

A few months later

'Hey, so all this time you liked me calling you pup, Cloud?' Sephiroth asked.

'I hated it for a bit.'

'Well what stopped ya?'

'You know what, smartass!'

'Oh that's right! When I asked you out and you happily agreed.' Sephiroth said with a smile as him and Cloud sat on a branch with their tails intertwined.

'That I did… I just don't think my parents will be fine with me being bi though…' Cloud said with a frown. 'I'm still having to marry this chick.'

'Yea, well not if I have anything to say about it.' Sephiroth rubbed his nose against Cloud's as they both closed their eyes.

A few years later

Cloud and Sephiroth have become great friends now they run around and live while the can during the night, Sephiroth was taught how to hunt by Cloud and Cloud learned how to climb trees from Sephiroth.

'Hey Seph?' Cloud asked as he spent his last night as a free man.

'What's up blondie?'

'Over the past two years… I was able to meet this girl… and she's actually—'

'Oh don't tell me you turning soft already blondie?' Sephiroth teased.

'I don't know why Seph… but… she feels like the one…'

'Oh… I see…'

'I still can't believe that all this time I was thinking they were going to make me marry a slut… guess I was wrong…'

'Cloud?' Sephiroth asked. Cloud turned his head to the silver wolf, knowing what the wolf wanted was serious. 'I'm glad we are dating…'

'Yea… about that…' Cloud closed his eyes as he let out a breath of air. 'It has to come to an end…'

'What?!' Sephiroth had fire burning in his eyes. 'Cloud I can't lose you!'

'I'm sorry Seph but, Lexia is… the one… I know it, maybe we could still be friends?'

'You know what Cloud Strife! Fuck you! I gave you everything I could… and now you're leaving me for someone you've only just met!' Cloud flinched knowing that Sephiroth was going to storm off. 'Don't worry I will get revenge! But you won't ever know when! I'll will get my revenge you slutly bastard!'

With that Sephiroth took off into the woods and found a cave where he stayed until he met them.

Sephiroth licked my ear again as I regained consciousness, I don't even remember passing out. 'Do you understand now my little pup?'

I couldn't speak… I was Sephiroth's revenge… I was what was going to tear my father from the throne. Suddenly I felt something rub against my nose, I looked to see Sephiroth's nose there. I looked so much like my father when he and Sephiroth first met.

'I know you do… this is why I need you…' Sephiroth said as the two wolfs changed from Cloud and Sephiroth to Axel and I, and I was the one in Sephiroth's position. I could tell Sephiroth smiled then… but I could really care less… would Axel ditch me… for some girl… like Namine? Or Xion? Even Kairi? I knew him and Larxene had a thing at one point. Would he go back to Larxene?

Sephiroth moved his nose from mine and licked my back. 'Axel… why…' I breathed. Sephiroth stopped knowing that I saw our places changed. I felt his pain in that moment, I saw the guilt in Axel's eyes… would… would Axel leave me… for someone better? Would I leave him because I'm forced into marriage? No! I never would… I love him too much.

Question is… does he love you that much back?

The platform we were one soon started to ooze black, but I wasn't scared I wasn't happy I wasn't even nervous… I was calm. I was ready for what was coming, and Sephiroth knew… he left the platform leaving me to take care of what I needed to… soon there was a small circle and in this small circle was me… standing on a picture of my father.

Let me in Roxas… Let me consume you…

Do it.

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