Hunted - A Kingdom Hearts Story

A Family Reunion

Sephiroth laughed as the golden wolf's hair changed to black, except in some places for his head neck and tail. 'That's it my pup, let the darkness consume you.'

The coldness of the darkness… it's freezing, but in the same way it's…. comfy.

That's what Darkness does, Roxas. It wants to keep you around…

I could stay… for a while…

That's good to know…


The black and gold wolf, stood shakily on all fours, as he looked around he noticed the silver wolf outside of the cave. 'Do you think you're a mindless slave now, Roxy?'

The wolf growled at the nickname and walked past him.

'You should know you first mission yes?'

'Bring you Cloud.'

'Good pup, now go get him…'

This is really aggravating, I was just sleeping in the darkness and the next thing I know, I got to get up to go find my father.

'Why the hell is he?' I growled as I stood on the tallest branch I could find. I could see most of the forest from where I stood, but I still couldn't catch a glimpse of Cloud.

You know I could just take over, you can come back and—

No! I thought. Even though I want to go back to sleep in the darkness, I have to make sure I don't hurt Axel while I'm like this.

Is that what's keeping you so strong?


That burning love of Axel, is that what keeps you going while I'm in control? It sure as hell seems that way.

If I love Axel you should too… after all you are me.

Yes, but a darker version of you…

Do you like be the darker version Aros? Yes, I finally learned my inner Darkness's name, I didn't find out till earlier when Sephiroth called him that.

Not always… I do envy you…

At that I had an idea pop in my head… Why not let light guide you? That's what I did…

But you let the darkness guide you, why?

Because I was tricked by my own emotions… this is strange because I don't have any. But I was really worried that my relationship with Axel was going to end like my father's… I wanted to make sure that never happened…

You would go back to light?

Of course, the light, is my Axel when he isn't around… but it also seems to hold powers to me… and according to Xehanort I have yet to discover all of them…


'Roxas!' I looked down the tree trunk to see Cloud at the bottom looking up at me with worried cerulean eyes. But they suddenly change to a glance of evil.

'Cloud?' I whimpered as I tried to climb down to him, but every time I jumped down a branch, he would growl, of snarl at me… what it is that's got him so flustered. 'D-dad?' I choked on the word, it would be the first time I've called him 'Dad' sense I found out about my past life.

Then I figured it out as a silver wolf jumped on top of me. Then I saw Xinev pop out from the bottom of the tree trunk. 'Did Aros, let you have control, Roxy?' Sephiroth said as he stood over top of me.

'Aros?' Cloud asked as he back up from Xinev.

'Yes, Aros… the wimp little piece of Darkness in your son, Cloud.'

'Don't you talk about Aros that way!' I growled as I slipped out from under Sephiroth.

'Oh, so little Roxas has a mouth now does he?'

'Leave him alone, Sephiroth!' Cloud growled as Xinev looked over his shoulder at me. Seeing a sliver of his golden eyes before they went back to amber.

My actually brother was still in there somewhere… Xinev… what are you up too…

'Why should I Cloud? It should be more like you leave him alone.'

'Not if I have anything to say about it!' Aros said as he popped onto the branch with me and Sephiroth. I looked over myself to see that the black fur returned to my golden fur, but as I looked at Aros, he was the one covered in the black fur. 'Go Roxas!'

'Aros, I—' I tried to say before he cut me off.

'Go, your moron!' He turned to me and as I jumped off the branch landing on Cloud's back.

Cloud took off with Xinev following us, I looked back to the branch to see Aros looking at me. 'Thank you' I mouthed at him. He just smiled and pounced on Sephiroth who tried to follow as well.

Maybe the next time I see Aros, I can thank him properly.

'Did you really think you could take me on, Aros?' Sephiroth snickered at Aros as he was slammed into a tree trunk. 'You're even weaker than I thought…'

'No… you're… wrong on that.' Aros said as he stood shakily, but he soon stood his ground. 'And I'll prove that the next time we meet, Ventus, Me, and Roxas will show you what we're made of, as one.'

'Is that so?' Sephiroth laughed. 'You little runts won't be able to take me on, I'm stronger weather you all use your powers or not.'

'You just keep thinking that!' Lexia said as she jumped from the tree pouncing on Sephiroth. 'Aros, go! I'll be right behind you!'

Aros nodded and headed in the other direction the other went, with Lexia right beside him. But because of the battle wounds he gathered, he wasn't healing fast enough to keep up with Lexia. Lexia slowed and grabbed the teenage wolf by the back of his neck and tossing him onto her back.

'Lexia, where are the others?!' Aros asked as he saw their old hideout.

'Reno, Rude and Vincent?' Lexia asked. 'They moved, they have been for the past month, we move every two to three days.'

'Oh.' Lexia slowed as they came to a dead end.

'Aros, behind the vines is a hole, Reno, Rude and Vincent should be in there, I'll keep watch and join you four when it's safe.'

'Are you sure, Ms. Lexia?'

'Dear, you are in worst shape than me.' She smiled at him as he reminded her so much of her son, 'Now hurry along.'

Aros nodded his head and crawled into the hole. Lexia left the dead end only to be cornered by Cloud and her actual son on his back. 'Mom!' The smaller of the two blondes pounced on her tackling her to the floor.

'Hi sweetie.' Lexia said as she licked the younger blonde's ear.

'Lexia…' Cloud said as he stared in disbelieve, sure he knew about the death of his wife, but when he was told the whole story of the swapping, he hadn't see Lexia forever.

'Hello Cloud.' The younger blonde backed off his mom to let his parents to reunite after a few years.

'I've missed you so much…' Cloud said as he nuzzled Lexia, who nuzzled back. To Roxas this felt like a family reunion, but there was still someone missing…

'You know…' Xinev said as he walked into the scene, 'I've been waiting for this moment for a long time.' Roxas smiled when he noticed that Xinev was normal Xinev.

'Me too sweetheart.' Lexia said as she dragged Xinev into the nuzzling, Roxas was also dragged in by his father. They all nuzzled each other happy to be a family again.

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