Hunted - A Kingdom Hearts Story

Memories (Part 1)

Maleficent couldn't help but laugh as she saw the two boys in the tree, sunset was near, and in order for her to follow Sephiroth's orders, their prize would have to be a werewolf, and as far away from the others as possible, it was up to Xehanort and Vanitas to get the boy alone in the woods, but based on what she could see, it would be a lot harder with the red wolf near.

But the more she thought about it the more she could tell, Sephiroth wanted this boy not only for revenge, but more likely love.

Aros walked out of the cave, looking up and down, he was still a werewolf and in black fur, but his head was a light brown but a dark gold. He looked over to Lexia, Reno, Rude and Vincent; they were all human unlike him.

"Well, look who's finally up." Reno said as Aros stretched.

"Good morning Aros, did you sleep well." Aros could only nod his head, because no one there would understand him. Well, maybe one person could.

'Where are we going?' Aros asked as he watching Rude and Vincent throw backpacks on their backs.

"We are going to meet, with the king, and the princes." Vincent said as he tossed a bag at Reno.

"Vincent you could understand him like this?" Lexia asked.

"Yes, I'm surprised that her highness can't understand him,"

"Well, my husband, can when he is in human form, but he has never had the chance to teach me." Lexia said as she looked up at the sky, she could see the orange glow of the sun as it was setting, "We should get moving now." Reno, Rude and Vincent nodded as Reno picked up Aros.

Aros didn't mind having a free ride, but there was still something that he didn't like about leaving, it was this nagging feeling, but then again… he knows what is going to happen tonight.

Xinev, Ven and I all sad our goodbyes to the others saying we would return in a bit, Axel being the overprotective boyfriend he is wanted to tag along, but Cloud said he would be around and so would my mom. He easily backed out, but I could tell he wanted to still come.

"Hey Roxas." Ven said as we walked behind Cloud and Xinev. I turned my head slightly to let him know I was listening. "Have you been feeling… strange… lately?"

"Strange? How so?" I whispered, sense Ven whispered the question.

"Like, you are just…" He stopped short and raised a hand to his heart "Fading…"

"Fading?" Just then the hand over Ven's heart started to become translucent. "Ven!" Both Cloud and Xinev turned back at us as Ven was becoming completely translucent.

"Ventus!" Cloud yelled, they were still a good distance from us, but I could only watch as Ven gave a small smile.

"You know… Roxas," He said. "I never thought I would see Terra or Aqua again, but, they reside in Sora's heart, and you have part of Sora's heart in you."

"Ven… what are you saying?"

"I'm saying, that… I had no idea that I would die tonight…" Then as Ven finally disappeared I transformed into a werewolf, and from my vision I could see the green light, that had killed my friend.

Night had fallen by the time Lexia and her friends reached the meeting point her and her husband agreed on, but they seemed to be running late. On the way to the spot, Aros had fallen back asleep; it took a lot of energy out of him to have his own form. So Reno understood why he was so sleepy.

'Your majesty would you like me to go find them?' Rude asked as Reno set Aros under a tree.

'No, Rude, what if you were to get lost then we would have to look for you too. I'm sure they are just running late.' Lexia said she glanced over to Vincent and Reno who were guarding Aros. The pup was also hunted now sense he was and exact replica of Roxas. Aros has all of Roxas' powers or at least the powers Roxas knew about.

'But your majesty, surely I could go, you know I have a great sense of direction—'Vincent was cut off as Lexia growled.

'No.' she growled. 'That is my finally answer.'

Unknown to the others, Aros was slowly fading…

It was bound to happen sometime… Aros thought, as the pup moved ever so slightly. Roxas, you're going out to war, and in order for you to have all the powers you'll need to defeat Sephiroth, both me and Ven will have to become one with you. I just wish… I could have realized that the light was in me all this time…

I growled as the light started to move away. I was glad that Maleficent knew not to mess with me after she just killed Ven.

She didn't kill him idiot.

Well if she didn't then who did, Aros?! Who else favors the color green?!

'Roxas?' Cloud asked as I turned and marched passed them. 'Roxas?!'

Roxas, it was bound to happen.

You knew that Ven was going to die?

No, but I knew that you were gonna need us too.


Yes both Ven and me, Roxas you're going out to war, and in order for you to kill Sephiroth, you're gonna need both me and Ven back in your heart, because we have the rest of your powers.

'Roxas! What's wrong with you?!' Xinev asked as he stood in front of me preventing me from going any farther.

Roxas, you need to be at the meeting place before

'Before? Before what?!' I shouted as I began to run. 'Follow me hurry!' I yelled behind me to Xinev and Cloud, they looked at each other then back to me. 'Come on!'

Maleficent smiled as she noticed the disappearance of Ventus. "One down, one to go." She laughed to herself as she noticed the golden wolf stare at her. "Did you get all of that master?"

'Crystal and Clear.' Sephiroth said as his face appeared in Maleficent's staff.

On the receiving end of the image, Sephiroth laughed to himself as he locked eyes with the image of the golden wolf. 'Go on little pup, think this was all my fault.' Sephiroth couldn't help but snickered as he could see the anger and hatred glowing in the young pup's mind.

"What shall I do Sephiroth?" Maleficent said reminding him that it was her being his spy.

'Keep watching him, inform me when he has his powers all together… in the meantime…' Sephiroth looked over to Xemnas and Saix as Saix dragged the red wolf behind him, seeming to be unconscious. 'It seems my order has arrived.'

'Lexia!' Reno shouted as he turned to check on Aros. 'Come quick!'

'What is it Reno?' Lexia asked as she woke from the nap she was taking. Rude and Vincent were still searching the area for any signs of the others. 'What's wro—' Before Lexia could finish she noticed Aros, who was fading. 'Oh dear.'

'What do you think is happening?' Reno asked as a burst of wind speed past him.

'Roxas!' Cloud called as he noticed where the pup had gone. The young pup's chest heaved up and down trying to catch his breath as he stood shakily under Lexia.

'Cloud? What's going?' Lexia asked as Rude and Vincent returned chest heaving at the speed they ran to see what the commotion was about.

'Mother, it's happening…' Xinev said as he slowly walked over to his mother and brother. 'it's happen already to Ven, and it seems that he's next.'

'No, not know!' Lexia said as looked over to Aros. 'He was only just freed yesterday.'

The other four wolfs could only watch in confusion as Xinev and Lexia looked on at Aros and Roxas. It was only moments before Roxas laid himself down to watch Aros. Roxas had yet to say a word, sense the wolfs had meet with each other, yet he had no words to speak, his only concern was a friend…

Aros… what's going to happen?

Roxas… I think we are getting ready for the merge, I'm going to have to pull you under. I could only lay down at the thought of losing another friend in only mere seconds of losing one.

Do what you have too, but there is one thing I want to say before you do…

What's that?

Thank You…

Aros laughed as I let my eyes slip close. You really are the world's biggest idiot next to your own somebody.

We are a part of him

There was a flash of light as I felt Aros completely fade from my thoughts… as he did though I was plunge into darkness and when I opened my eyes to see nothing but pitch black. I sat up and then looked down. Xion… I thought as I looked down. Xion's head was in the middle of the platform, and surrounding her was all of her friends Sora, and Riku, then I looked around to find Ven and Aros, then Namine and Kairi, Finally at the bottom by her feet were Axel and I.

You know Roxas… I never thought it would come to this…

"Xion?" I asked as I looked around, and there I saw Ven, Aros and Xion all staring at me.

You were always special, even if you don't think so…

Yet, deep down you know you did something right.

But you still think little of yourself.

"What are you guys getting on about? I couldn't be me if it weren't for you three!"


We need you to understand, it has to be you who gain all these powers.

"But why do I have to lose you three for them? I don't need—"

Yes you do idiot! Sephiroth isn't just an ordinary werewolf.


Sephiroth has made many deals with the devil.

Sephiroth is a werewolf of the dark angels and demons…

He is a dark demon hound.

"I still don't understand what this has to do with me?"

You're the only one who can obtain all the powers of an angel, demon and werewolf.

Because you're the Prince of Fantasy's. Xion said as she walked up to me she placed a hand on my shoulder, Now you'll obtain all of our memories of our lives before we were like this.

Besides you'll need to know how to use our powers for your use…

And our memories will help you.

"I… I don't want to lose you guys though,"

Roxas you won't because as long as you have our memories you'll remember us, even if they disappear, your heart will hold onto them tightly.

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