Hunted - A Kingdom Hearts Story

Memories (Part 2)

I blinked as the white light that surrounded me faded away with a gust of wind. I noticed that I was at Destiny Islands at sunset, but I wasn't alone. A man with white hair wearing black clothes stands at the water's edge. "This world is just too small." It fades to a night suddenly, with a man in a black coat standing in the same spot.

Is that Xehanort? I thought as the man faded once more the same man in a black coat stands on the smaller island, holding someone wrapped in a white blanket in his arm. "There, you see? An empty world, like a prison. I imagine you'll be right at home." He lays the boy on the curved tree on the island. The boy is… it Ven?

Suddenly a white light blinds me and I hear my voice. "Hi there! Do you know where I am?" I asked a shirtless Ven He was standing on a white platform but part of it was broken.

"Who's there?" Ven asked as another white light blinds us.

"I'm a brand new heart." My voice said.

"But this is- Why are you in my heart?"

"The sorrow you have brought me. I heard you crying out in the distance...and followed your voice here." I explained.

"Yeah. That was my cry." Ven said. "But my heart is fractured. And now...the little I have left is slipping away."

"Why not join it with me?" I sounded so young I'm sure I would be smirking if I wasn't a heart at the moment.

"What? Why would you do that?" Ven asked.

"Well, I am soon to be the new born baby to the King and Queen of Fantasy's." I said. "So why not start now?"

Soon the broken part fills in. "How…?"

"Our hearts have touched, I healed you but, I know you hold a great power that will be needed towards the near future." I said sounding so much like a wise old man. "I'll need your help then, but till then. Live your life."

"Right. Thanks."

"It's time to wake up now. All we need to do is..."

"Open the door."

Axel growled as once again he was punched in the face. He had been chained to a tree and refused to open his eyes. "What's the matter number VIII? Not use to the punishment you need?" Xemnas said as Saix took another swing at the red head.

"You… betrayed us!" Saix growled out punching Axel in the gut.

After spitting out blood, Axel replied. "Look, I wouldn't have to if I knew that this whole thing was about kidnapping Roxas!"

"Shut up!" Saix growled giving Axel a swift punched into the jaw.

"Now, Now Saix… be easy on our visitor." Axel nearly chocked on the blood in his mouth when he heard Sephiroth's voice. "Now, what do they call you, Axel is it?"

"Piss off." Axel said spitting blood once again. He opened one eye to glare at Sephiroth. The sick bastard that had kidnapped his boyfriend many times. "What the hell do you want from me?!"

"Ever heard the phrase, all is fair in love and war?" Sephiroth asked as he raised his hand showing an image in a ball.

"You sick bastard." Axel hissed as he looked over to the ball. In the ball was Roxas who was asleep with his hands over his chest and his head in his mother's lap. As he was surrounded by his father, brother, and Axel's brother Reno, he was sure there were others there but he couldn't get to them because the image shifted to Roxas' peaceful face.

"You and pup sure do have a few choice words about me." Sephiroth snickered. "But when pup awakens, he'll have his true powers and will be more than ready for his rightful father to take him home."

The image of Ven faded as another one appeared, Ven and a girl with blue hair were sitting while a man with brown hair stood behind Ven.

"Yep, hard to believe there are so many worlds out there besides our own. The light is their hearts, and it's shining down on us like a million lanterns." The man with brown hair said.

"What? I don't get it." Ven said

"In other words, they're just like you, Ven." Ven stands up and walks toward the guy.

"What does THAT mean?"

"You'll find out someday, I'm sure."

"I wanna know now." For some reason this seemed so familiar.

I ran through the castle glad that I was able to skip my piano lessons because my parents had called for me. I had to make a pit stop though at my room to get out of these itchy clothes.

I came out of my room wearing a white shirt and black shorts. A smile on my face as I walked across the hall to my parents study.

"Mommy Daddy?" I asked as I entered. It seemed I was in a more of a hurry and got here before them though. I looked around only being in their study maybe once or twice. I knew how to respect my parent's space so I didn't snoop through anything.

"My, my… you do look like Cloud." I jumped at the sudden unknown voice as a man with silver hair shut my only exit. "A spitting image…"

"Who are you?" I asked with a bit of a bite in my voice.

"Let's just say… I'm related to you…"

"What does that mean?" I asked tilting my head to the side.

"You'll find out someday… you're too young to know now." Suddenly I was being pushed up against the wall. The silver haired guy was taller than me, so he had me dangling in the air with my back against the wall. I was able to look him straight in the eyes as I glared at him.

"You're too young to know now."

"Quit treating me like a kid." Ven said as the girl laughed.

"Hey, what are you laughing at, Aqua?" Aqua? Ven knew Aqua? The girl who had chosen to die for my brother and mother's safety… if she was still alive… I'll have to thank her one day.

"I can't help it, Terra" Aqua laughed. "You two would make the weirdest brothers."

They all laugh as I head Ven once again.

I loved them both. My very best friends…. But then…. I met Vanitas….

Ven is laying on his bed in his room, swinging a wooden Keyblade back and forth. He stops and holds it above him, where I notice it says "Terra," and sighs. Bells start ringing. Ven gets up and runs to leave his room.

"Better hurry, Ventus..." I shivered at the voice of Vanitas.

"Get real Vanitas." Ven laughed as he stood in the doorway.

"What? I can't mess with you even a little bit?" Vanitas asked as he took off his helmet.

"No, besides if you mess around too much, you're gonna get us caught."

"Sure I will." Vanitas said he reached behind Ven pulling the door close and pushing him up against it kissing him deeply. It made me blush a bit… I turned away from the picture though.

"Come on Vani I got to go…" Ven nearly moaned.

"Fine, but we'll finish this up later…" Ven nearly sighed as he began to dash out the door. "It's gonna suck when you find out what I have to do to you sweetheart."

We kept in secret about dating of course there were battles between us…. He always got angry at me… even when I didn't do anything…. But then… I realized he was using me….

"So we meet again…" Xehanort said as he punched Ven to the ground. I could see Vanitas leaning against a cliff side his mask once again on.

"Xehanort…" Ven said as he struggled to get up. "Why do you insist on making my life terrible!?"

Xehanort completely ignored his question and held his hand up. "X…. a very powerful weapon…" Xehanort stopped short as Ven let out an ear piercing scream grabbing his head. I noticed Vanitas twitch as Ven finally fell to his face. "Only two people in the whole worlds can make it happen."

"W-who?" Ven asked as he closed his eyes.

"Why you and Vanitas do dear boy." Xehanort said with a smile. "I know of your so called relationship…" Suddenly Ven was on his knees "Did you boys really think that your master wouldn't notice the way you sneak around all the time. Jump every time someone tried to tackle you from behind?"

"Vanitas! You said you wouldn't!" Ven screamed at him. Tears trailing down his face. Slowly Vanitas pushed off the wall and moved over to Xehanort.

"You thought that stupid thing was real?!" Vanitas laughed. "That was only to make you stronger; I at least want a worthy opponent when the time comes Ventus."

"How… How could you Vani!?" This I saw Vanitas jump back from the waver in Ven's voice.

"Oh please why don't you—"

"Shut-up!" Ven cried as Xehanort only laughed.

"Do as you please Vanitas… just don't start anything… " Xehanort said as he left.

"Ven!" Vanitas said as Ven got up as well summoning his keyblade. "Ven! Come on!"

"No Vanitas!" Vanitas took a step back from where he was standing. "You promised, and you broke it!"

Vanitas too in shock stood there and listened to Ven. "I trusted you… I did everything you said. I never asked for much from you. I always loved you, and I will always." With that Ven took his leave.

I was expecting the scene to change but it didn't and I saw as it changed to night… Vanitas was still there still in the same spot he had been in, only his helmet was off. I was suddenly no longer hovering in air I was on the ground and I could see Vanitas' tear stained face.

"Maybe… I took it too far…" Vanitas mumbled.

"No… you didn't…" I turned to face Xehanort as he walked up to me. Could he see me? I took a step back and realized there was a younger version of me standing there. "This boy looks alike like Ventus… I bet you know who he is…"

"The newborn prince." I looked up to the moon and saw it was half full. "In about a week or two… he'll become a werewolf… like his parents…"

"As will we…" Xehanort said. "Terra has been added to our family… I've taken it upon him to make Aqua part as well… Ventus… will be all yours when the time comes…"

Vanitas looked up at the smaller version of me suddenly he is down on his knees. "Yes master…"

"But before you do that…" Vanitas looked up to Xehanort. "Bring the prince to me…"

I knew Xehanort was up to something… but I was too convinced that Terra and Aqua were in danger to do any- Suddenly Ven's voice was cut off as I fell to my knees. Roxas?! Roxas!

Lexia brushed the fringe out of her son's face as he slept peacefully… she was jealous of him… he could sleep unnerved unlike her… She glance over to Xinev and Cloud as they talked to Rude and Vincent. Reno was busy sleeping as well. The four others were talking about Maleficent's sudden disappearance. She said she had gathered all she needed and left without another word.

"Lexia…" Cloud said making her jump as she was pulled out of her thoughts.

"Yes?" She replied as Roxas twitched a bit in his sleep.

"Why don't you get some rest… both you and Xinev." Cloud said as Xinev walked over to them.

"Dad's right mom. We do need our rest. You and I both know what's gonna to happen when Roxas wakes." Lexia sighed as Xinev said this. She knew Roxas was going to face Sephiroth. The only thing she wanted to do was make sure Roxas had a normal life, at least as a werewolf.

"I know… I just… want to be there for him…" Lexia said in between yawns.

"Don't worry, I'll be keeping an eye on him." Cloud said as he took the blonde into his arms. "For now we have to find some where safe for Roxas to hide, out here the open won't do us any good."

Reno sighed in agreement. "Cloud and I will be up most of the day, we'll keep him safe Lexia." Reno said. Lexia was amazed by Reno's actions. She remembers the time Roxas and Reno first met….

"Lexia, he looks so much like Mr. grumpy pants." Reno said as he poked Roxas in the cheek. Reno was there with his 3-year-old brother Axel, and much to Cloud and Lexia's surprise, they were the first to show up at the hospital. Xinev was there sitting on his father's lap glaring at Axel who was the same age as him.

"I suppose it wouldn't hurt…" Lexia stood as did Rude and Vincent.

"We'll escort you and the prince to a safe place to sleep your majesty." Vincent as he could tell both the royals where basically asleep on their feet. Rude, also noticing, swiped Xinev off his feet. Usually Xinev would protest, but the younger wolf was so sleep deprived he didn't mind.

The four took their leave and when they were out of earshot, Cloud looked over to Reno. "Reno, I know you and Axel aren't on the greatest terms, but I do need my pack here, I know Leon is taking care of them, but still, I do worry about them."

"I know, I know. I'll go get my brother and the rest of your pack…" Before Cloud could reply Reno was up and walking. Cloud could only sigh as he held his son in his arms.

"Why now of all times Xion…?"

I was suddenly pushed into a wall as I looked up at Terra, he only laughed with his golden eyes. "Ventus, I should have taught you better." I was raised into the air as he pulled my up by my throat.

"What are you talking about Terra!?" I glanced over to Aqua as she tried to get past the barrier that I had made to keep her out. "You taught Ven all that you know!"

"No Aqua…" I said as tears streamed down my face. "Terra's right…"

"Don't talk about yourself like that Ven!" Aqua yelled as she finally broke the barrier.

I smiled. I knew Aqua was stronger than me too, as Vanitas said I was always the weakling. "It's better this… than having to fight the one I love…" I said as Terra pulled back his arm that was holding his keyblade.

"Sleep well, Ventus!" He laughed, but before Aqua to get to me, Terra's keyblade was already at my heart…

What do you mean he just suddenly disappeared Ven?!

I can't communicate with him… he moved on to my lock of sleep…

Which means he should be coming back at any moment…

I still don't get it Ven, it seems like you had a time limit of telling you side of the story… I know it shouldn't take me long… what about you Aros?

Ten minutes at tops… Ven was at about fifteen before he lost contact with Roxas.

Then it is a time limit, good thing I was first so everyone could figure this out.

Ven gave a smile as Xion and Aros laughed a little. All three of them knew they were destined to become one with Roxas. But they all wanted a little more time to say goodbye to their other friends.

Axel sat in silence as he was chained to the cave wall. He hated that Roxas was unconscious without him there… He still wondered if anyone had noticed his disappearance yet…

'I should have gone with them…' Axel growled as he paced in front of the cave entrance, the others have all retired for the night, but Axel hadn't had a wink of sleep sense the others left. 'Dammit, Cloud… where the hell are you?!'

'You know Lea… I've always wondered why you would hang out with XIII and that puppet…' Axel froze as he listened to the voice coming from behind him.

'That's none of your concern Isa.' Axel said as he turned to the blue wolf.

"Man, do I feel like an idiot…" Axel looked up at the glowing ball that was still focused on Roxas. It was going to be a very long night if Roxas didn't wake soon… although, he really didn't want Roxas to wake up… he looked so peaceful and calm… it pained Axel to know his boyfriend was in danger and he couldn't do a single thing.

"Roxas… I love you…"

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