Hunted - A Kingdom Hearts Story

The Final Goodbye

Slowly I faded away from the life of Ven I seemed to be trapped in. I felt like I was falling, like I did in my station of awakening. Only this time… my chest felt like it was being filled to the brim with warmth.

Roxas?! Oh my gods, you were in Ven's memories for twenty minutes! I was suddenly trapped in a hug by Xion as I placed my feet on a surface. I laughed as she hugged me. Once she released me I looked around and found that Aros was the only other person in the room.

"What happen to Ven?" I asked as Xion slowly pulled away from me.

That warmth you felt in your chest earlier was from Ven becoming one with you finally, So you might as well say your good byes this time.

What did he mean by that? "… So you're saying… that this is the last time I'll see you and Xion?" Aros nodded as Xion cupped my chin with her hand. Suddenly I was pulled into a kiss from her.

I've always wanted to tell you Roxas. Xion said as she released my lips. But the time for me to tell you became too, short… you'll see when you take my trip… Aros is going to go before me…

"Xion…" I said as Aros stood in front of me.

Well, I had a good run for the few days I got on Earth as my own being. Just wished it was earlier. Aros took my hands in his and looked up into the sky. I followed him at looking into the sky.

My name… is Roxas Strife, Prince of all Fantasy's…

"I'm pleased you know your name… but I think you should be your own person." Aros stood, staring blankly at Maleficent.

"New Name?" he asked as he stood in front of the witch as she cupped his chin.

"Yes my dear! But maybe we should start back to your origin." Maleficent smiled as she wrapped an arm around Aros and pulled him to an orb. "You see, my dear you were born from this boy here. Once he lost his memory, you came to be. But for some odd reason, his brother did not have someone like you." Maleficent explained.

In the orb was a picture of the royal family. But the image quickly skipped to Roxas trapped inside of a fake Destiny Islands. "That is the younger of the princes?" Aros asked.

"Yes, the other you. But he is now known as this boy's nobody." Maleficent said as once again the image flicked to a picture of a boy with caramel spikes. "This boy is known as Sora, the keyblade warrior. He is a wretched boy, but after Roxas is set free from him, Saix will put Master Sephiroth's plan into action."

"Aros…" Aros spoke as he stared at the orb as it flicked to where Sora was being monitored on one half of the screen and Roxas on the other.

"Aros?" Maleficent asked.

"My name…" Maleficent only nodded with a small chuckle.

"Ah, so Aros it is! Well then Aros, let's take you to meet the rest of our group."

For weeks on end I trained… until that fateful day that…

"Sora!" Aros watched as both the Dog and Duck ran over to the boy known as Sora. He hid in the shadows waiting for the perfect moment to capture the blonde nobody, which was soon to leave the younger boys body. Aros watched as the boy released the hearts that were gathered in him spread to the seven hearts of light.

Aros was told of Kingdom Hearts, and Xemnas had promised that he would eventually gain Kingdom Hearts someday, and when he did, he would supply Aros with his own heart. So he could know what it was like to be able to feel. Xemnas wished the same for his good and for the organization.

Suddenly out of thin air, there was the blonde blending in with the light surrounding the other boy, as he was set free from his prison.

"Remember Aros, once the young prince has been released take him to Twilight Town, Xemnas will take care of the rest." Aros remembered the order given to him from Sephiroth, and he did as Sephiroth pleased. Quickly he swiped the blonde from the ground and ran for towards a dark portal.

There he met Maleficent. "Well it seems Riku has turned on us." Maleficent snarled as she paced. Aros gasped when he saw her there. He thought for sure she was dead.

"Maleficent? But, But I thought Riku killed you?" Maleficent could only smile at Aros.

"Oh, it was merely just for show, but now we are going to have to rely on Sora, to finish that traitor off." Maleficent sighed as she opened another portal for Aros as Roxas shifted a bit in his arms. "Go on, Xemnas has left an RTC there for you."

"…" Aros said nothing as he passed. He knew he was like Riku, nothing but a pawn in a much bigger game.

He walked through the portal as he appeared in front of a mansion and just across from him was an RTC.

"You know…" He said to the still unconscious Roxas. "I always wondered what it would be like to meet you." He laid Roxas down on the ground.

I watched you silently in the shadows as you lived life in the organization… then it happened…

"Aros!" Aros ran through the castle as fast as he could. He knew that there was something strange going on. With what he just witnessed, his suspicions were confirmed. "Don't worry Aros it won't hurt!" Aros knew that Xigbar was faster than him but he was still giving Xigbar a run for his money.

"No way! Not happening!" Aros shouted back.

He had just seen Saix bite Xion, which meant that Roxas and him where next. The minute Roxas woke, he would wonder out to see the whole Organization had been turned.

That's why it was up to Aros to get to him before Xemnas did.

"Aw, does Aros not want to return to his original form?" Xigbar said as he finally pounced on the look alike, making him yelp as he face connected with the ground.

"Well I'll be dammed." Both Xigbar and Aros looked up to see two men walking to them. "Vincent was right, the prince would be here!"

"You two?!" Xigbar said as he pulled himself to his feet, pulling Aros up with him. "I thought you two jackasses got caught in the fire?"

"That's what you think, one eye." The other man who hadn't spoken said.

"But it's going to take a lot more to kill us."

Xigbar growled as he wrapped an arm around Aros' waist. "Hmp."

"Now if you don't mind, we'll be taking the prince back now." Suddenly Aros was pushed towards the more silent of the two men. He then turned to look at Xigbar.

"Xigbar what are you-?" Aros was cut off as a rag was placed over his mouth.

"Geez Rude, did you really have to sedate him?" Then everything went fuzzy.

"What do you mean, Axel isn't here?!" Reno asked Leon as the brown wolf was the only one there for the moment.

"He's not, he didn't even come into the cave last night." Leon explained. "He was worried about Roxas last night, I surprised he didn't just follow behind them."

"Well obviously you don't know my brother too well." Reno said. He placed a hand on his head. "That idiot is probably looking for them, and we haven't been able to move sense Roxas passed out."

"Roxas passed out?!" Reno suddenly flinched at the high tone of the blonde girl as she arrived with Sora and Riku.

"That poor kid is always either unconscious or being attacked." Leon stated as the trio walked up to the two men.

"We didn't find Axel." Riku said. "But we did find some blood trails not too far from here, Namine thinks the blood belongs to Axel."

"Well, I would think the Prince, would be rather upset with me if I brought everyone but his boyfriend back with me." Reno said. "Let's go safe my brother, shall we?"

The pack nodded and followed Riku as he led the way.

A few months later, I met Lexia and Vincent. It seemed they had planned to get you back. But once I let them all know that I wasn't really you they all kind of deflated and left me alone for several months….

'Lexia, maybe we should just return him to the organization.' Aros flinched as he heard Vincent talk about him. He too had been turned when Roxas had, only his turn was a bit later.

'No, Vincent.' Lexia defended. 'He may not be my actually son, but we shouldn't treat him differently.'

I was actually quite surprised when I heard Lexia defend for me. I stayed with them for quite a while, but then I started to fade away… and… became one with you again…

I snapped my eyes open as I sat up abruptly and glanced around the white room. "This place reminds me a bit of heaven." I whipped my head around to see Xion there her wings exposed and she was in a white dress instead of her organization cloak.


She turned to me and smiled. "Roxas… you know how most of my life went. And really there's only one thing I want to show you…" She poked me in the forehead and suddenly we were sitting on the clock tower in Twilight Town.

There's only one memory that I know you know, but it will help fill your heart with light.

Suddenly I was moved to the corner of the roof and there was Axel and Xion.

"Xion… I have something I need to tell you…" Axel said as he held a Popsicle stick in his hand.

"Axel, I already know you have feelings for Roxas." I watched as Axel's face lit up with a pink shade. I couldn't help but sinker a bit.

"How- How'd you know?" Axel asked.

"The way you act around him. You're always making him smile. And I can see the ways you two click." Xion said. "Believe me Axel, you and Roxas will go out eventually."

"Yeah, but what if he doesn't feel the same way about me?" Axel asked.

"Axel, you'll know…" I smiled as they sat in silence it was a comfortable silence too. Then I appeared and sat with them.

"I see you've finally woken up Roxy." Axel said. There he was using that name again.

"Oh shut it!" I said as I pushed his shoulder. He laughed and rubbed my head. Xion laughed to the side. But she did something I didn't notice that day. She was silently crying.

I really hope you can defeat Sephiroth, Roxas. Good luck… I'll miss you… Bye Roxas.

Bye… Xion.

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