Hunted - A Kingdom Hearts Story


"You're kidding!" A brown werewolf said.

"No we're not…. He got away…." Larxene said.

"You have to try something…"

"Saix, is right… if we can't obtain XII then Master will have us skinned."

"Count me in as well…"

"Alright, when do we start…"

Once we got to the part of the forest that I was nabbed at last time we were here Cloud told everyone to head to their spots because when you get enrolled in the group you take this long walk around the forest and for every new member is a new path open and the new member get to be the person to take that path.

Cloud watch as we all left, it was nearing dusk so the enrollment would take place soon. For now Cloud had to have Sora, Riku and Namine talk about something to pass the time. While the rest of us had to practice our part of the oath that each member must take.

My part was 'I welcome thyself to the pack where I protect my Friends and Siblings.' I actually feel bad for Cloud because he has to make new parts each year or have the others wait at the end of the walk.

"Roxas… "I looked to my left to see that Aerith was following me.

"Hi Aerith." I said waving with my good arm.

"Cloud wanted me to tell you to be careful tonight…"

"I will thanks..." She smiled and cut off to head to her part of the forest.

I had settled down to relax for waiting for the sun to set, tell you the truth where I was I could see the pink clouds change to the grayish bluish color they are at night, it was actually relaxing until a branch snapped…

It had been an hour sense I heard the branch snapped at first I thought it was just a squirrel turns out it wasn't I knew someone was watching me, I couldn't tell who thought I was just wishing Cloud would get here faster. For me it didn't take a full hour to go on the walk… but then again we only had the older ones, Yuffie arrived after me.

'What's taking so long?' I heard Yuffie whine, I turned my head to the side, how could I hear Yuffie all the way over here she was on the other side of the forest, she was the person before me. Cloud likes to do the zigzag stuff, it's actually pretty fun.

'Yuffie?' I asked I didn't get a response until maybe 5 minutes later…

'That's it! I'm looking for Roxas… he maybe in trouble and everyone's over there protecting him…' I was shocked that Yuffie thought I was in trouble, I was fine, but she won't if she's not in position when Cloud shows up… Although I'm worried too, my friends are somewhere father off in the forest and I'm just sitting here just waiting for someone to jump me.

'Don't do it Roxas…' my ear popped up as I heard the strange voice. 'Stay put… Cloud would want you too…' I shook my head and went with my gut to stay… it was strange how I actually listened to some strange weirdo in my head.

'Roxas…' I lifted my head of the ground as I heard Cloud's voice. I looked around me wondering how again I could hear someone that wasn't around…

'Sons, Daughter we need to find the others and warn them about—'Cloud's voice was cut as I whined from the pain on my left side. I turned to lay on my right side to observe the pain on my side. My eyes widen as I saw it was a thin cut going from my rib to my leg.

'Well… well if it isn't Roxas…' I lifted my head off the ground to see a brown wolf glare at me, I was confused. No one that I knew had brown hair in the Organization, so who's this guy?

I growled in response I turned to my stomach and struggled to get to my feet, the cut had gotten pretty deep enough so it was a struggle to have my left muscles work right. 'Who are you?!' I growled as I felt my strength return as the cut healed.

'Aw! Roxie doesn't remember me? That's a shame… I know your friend Sora killed me when I was both Werewolf and Human.' My eyes widen as I could smell the air change from the smell of wood to the smell of roses. The smell mad me gag as I fully healed.

'Why the hell did they send you?! Heck I bet Vexen would be better than you!' I said as I followed Marluxia with my eyes as he circled me…

'Funny you should talk about our science friend…' I snapped as Marluxia's leg sense he had got closer to me… over the hour I practiced some of my battle tactics I'm just hoping Marluxia wasn't here to see some.

'Indeed…' My head turned at the sound of Vexen's voice as he had his claws out… sure his power was ice, but with his claws one touch of them and well let's just say you freeze where we stand. 'And when I was observing earlier he had come in contact with one of our little friend's power.'


'Opps looks like you said too much Vex…' Marluxia said.

'Oh, no looks like Daddy didn't tell him that another person lives within the heart he has.'

'What do you want from me?!' I cried as they both stood in front of me Vexen's claws had changed back to normal and Marluxia smiled like Xemnas did the first time I met him.

'Soon Roxas you questions will be answered, but for now, you will have to return with us, to make sure you do…' Vexen said as his claws changed to purple ones, I looked at him this was a new power I've never seen him use before.

'Run Roxas! He's going to hurt you really bad!' My eyes closed as I thought of Axel actually wanting to help me. For once in the 2 years I ignored him I listened and ran.

The air started to smell like wood again until I caught another whiff or the smell of Roses. They were ganging on me and I was the fastest runner of the pack, unless…

I looked up and saw that they were jumping the trees, that was all going to change. I stopped and listened, they hadn't stopped. I turned to run the other way but I ran into another wolf. He was all black and had golden eyes. 'Ventus… nice to see you…'

I growled at him for some reason I didn't know the guy and yet I growled at him. 'What do you want!?'

'It's not really a good hide out if you ask me Ventus.' I turned my head to the side as I finally relized that this guy was the voice in my head from earlier. 'And it looks like your friend finally caught on Veni.'

'That's not my name!' I growled at the black wolf and he just smiled. 'It's Roxas!'

'Roxas or Ventus, you both are the same… better ask for answers Roxas… '

'Roxas!' My head turned to the side as I saw Sora and Riku standing behind the wolf.

'Don't pay attention to them…' the wolf said as he hit my head to face him again leaving two claw marks on my cheek. I growled not taking that to lightly. 'You want answers you follow me…'

'Roxas! Don't listen to him! He made of Pure Darkness!' Riku shouted.

'What answers?'

'To why you are just a cover of the real thing… to why you have powers, to any question you have…'

'Where are we—'I was cut off as Sora howled. The boy looked at him then back at me as his eyes change from gold to purple…

'Follow…' I didn't respond as he took off to the left… my body instantly going after him even as my brain told my body to stop… I followed him as he told me.

'Roxas!' Aerith called as we passed her, Tifa was with her… 'Roxas! Where are you going?!'

'Come on! Keep to my right!' The boy said. My body increased speed instantly doing his command once again that is until a flash of blonde ran straight into him.

My body was under my control again… What was that? Was he mind controlling me? I stopped as the boy fought underneath of Cloud trying to get him off. 'Now Leon!' Cloud said.

'Roxas… look at me…' I heard Leon's voice from behind me as my head turned. He looked at me straight in the eye. 'Oh no… Cloud it's still in him!'

'Take him—' Clouds voice was cut off from the boy's voice in my head.

'Run!' the boy's voice said.

'No!' Leon screamed as my body once again was underneath of the spell from the boy…

'Keep running out of the forest a friend will be there…' he said. I still had a little control over my body, but it was still going strong that is until Axel jumped in front of me. I stopped my body getting into fighting stance.

'Roxas, don't listen to him I can answer your question! You need to break the spell!' Axel said.

'I… I don't… believe you!' the spell was taking over my voice now… great. 'You lied to me!' Axel shrank back... 'You said you would bring us back! And you never fucking did! I should have never listen to you!'

'Why did you stop?!' The boy said.

'Vanitas is lying to you!' Axel said. My head started to spin 'Come on Rox, come to your senses!'

'Axel…' He looked at me smiling 'you have to help me…' My body was fighting the spell. Axel came over to me and he put his head on top of mine and he threw his arm over my back. The spell was wearing off, but something came over me, i-i- I think it's love.

Dawn was here and we evolved back to humans, our bodies touching each other as our lips touched one another's. It was his fire power making my whole body hot my cheeks the most as we broke away…

"Damn, Rox. Didn't know you were that good of a kisser…" Sora said as he and Riku were holding hands watching from the hole Axel made when he stopped me. My eyes closed as I felt more heart rising to my cheeks, who would have thought that My somebody's gayness would pass to me…

'Oh his more than good his excellent!' Axel said as he pulled me back for another one my eyes widening as I felt his lips on mine again. Damn, his better at kissing and making moves then I am…

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