Hunted - A Kingdom Hearts Story

Finally Freedom

"The time is here Axel!" Axel growled as he was pulled out into an open field by Saix. "I will have Roxas Strife!" Sephiroth yelled as the sunset and they pack of four transformed. Maleficent watched from the side with Xehanort and Vanitas. It was there job to lead the separate groups to the field.

'You'll never be allowed to touch Roxas ever again!' Axel yelled as he broke the chains bounding his front legs. He quickly scurried off into the woods.

'Should we go after him master?' Saix asked ready to go after the red wolf.

'No, he is no longer my problem now.' Saix growled at this but complied with his leaders wish. 'Xehanort and Maleficent will take care of the group I'm sure our captive will run into. Vanitas, he'll bring Roxas and his family with him.'

Sephiroth looked up to the sky as a beam of light shot up in the night air. 'Soon Cloud Strife you will fall to me and I will get my revenge.'

"This is so boring!" Hayner complained as he Olette, Kairi and Pence sat on the steps of their apartment.

"Yeah, we have nothing to do now." Pence agreed.

"We should be out hunting!" Hayner protested.

"Hayner, you know fully well that we can't do that." Olette said. "We don't know if any of those wolves are Roxas' friends. I really don't want to hurt him again."

Kairi could only sigh as the two started to bicker. She messed around the crown necklace Sora had given to her when he told her he had feelings for Riku. She wasn't hurt though, mostly surprised. She couldn't help but notice a glint on the necklace. When she looked up there was a giant beam of light shooting up into the sky.

"Hey guys look at that!" Kairi said as she pointed at the beam.

"What do you think it is?" Olette asked.

"Isn't obvious?" The group turned to look at Seifer. "That's the light of the Prince of all Fantasy's"

"Roxas is doing that?!" Hayner asked.

"Yes." Fuu said as she stood behind Seifer with Rai and ViVi.

"We're going to help ya know." Rai said as he stood proudly.

"Then we're going to!" Kairi declared. "Roxas is our friend, and when my friends are need I go and help!"

"Kairi's right I'm in!" Pence said. Olette nodded in agreement as she stood up with Kairi and Pence.

"How about it chicken wuss?" Seifer asked the sandy blonde.

"Hell yeah!" Hayner said. "Let's go kick some ass!"

Axel was in shock when he looked up at the light. He knew that was his boyfriend. He had to get over there and soon, but he didn't expect to run into his brother. 'Reno?' Axel said as the other red head turned to his younger brother.

'There you are you idiot where have you been?'

'Look Reno I have no time to explain but I got to—'

'Axel!' Sora said as he jumped the younger red head. Axel whimpered a bit when Sora hit a bruise that was still trying to heal. 'Oh sorry are you ok?'

'Yeah I'm fine, but I really need to—'

'No you don't Axel.' Leon said as he showed up with Namine and Riku. 'Cloud is over there with three of the strongest people I know, Roxas will be alright. Right now we need to worry about you. What happened?'

Axel explained to the others what happened last night and when he was done telling his tail the group was surprised by the sound of Kairi as she picked up Sora.

"Sora! Oh my god I haven't seen you in forever!" Kairi yelled with joy. Suddenly Hayner, Olette, Pence, Seifer, ViVi, Rai and Fuu where they with her.

'Kairi? What are you guys doing here?' Sora asked them all through his thoughts.

"We saw the light from Roxas." Olette explained.

"Help." Fuu said as Kairi placed Sora back on the ground and went to hugging Riku, then Namine.

'You guys are going to help?' Riku asked as Sora repeated what he said to the others.

"Well yeah, most of the things that affect you guys don't do much to us. Besides we know how some of enemies fight." Hayner said as he rose a fist.

"Besides I don't think you guys mind the extra help." Olette said.

'She does have a point there.' Reno said

'Then it's a deal!' Axel said. 'But right now I got to get to Roxas.' Before anyone could object Axel was moving towards the light faster than ever.

Cloud was rather worried that his son had been out cold for almost 12 hours, and Reno still hasn't come back with his pack. But his worries subsided when Lexia and Xinev returned. Lexia explained to Cloud that she told Rude and Vincent to get some rest as well.

"Where's Reno?" Lexia asked.

"I sent him to get the others earlier but he hasn't returned." Cloud explained. He then looked up into the sky as the sun began to set.

"I see…" Lexia said. "What about Roxas how has he been?" Lexia looked behind to Cloud to see her son still sleeping peacefully his head resting on a bunch of leafs. His hands resting on his chest moving up and down as he breathed.

"He's been like that sense I brought him here. His only said a few things it was pretty hard to make out at the time, but now that I think about it… it sounded like he said… bye to Xion." At this Xinev bunched his eyebrows together. So that's what happened to the angel. He thought.

His parents continued to talk but he walked past them when he saw a twinkle by Roxas. When he went to investigate, he saw that his brother had summoned his keyblades. "Mom Dad, we need to move." Xinev said as Roxas moved all on his own.

"Why do we-?" Cloud was cut off as he noticed Roxas' movements.

"Xinev!" Lexia cried as she ran to her eldest son and pulling him back as Roxas stood. When he opened his eyes they were unfocused, his pupils were missing.

"I… need… an… open area." Lexia suddenly knew who was talking.



"This way." Cloud said as he grabbed Roxas' hand. Once they were in an open area Aros turned to Lexia.

"Thank you Lexia, I wish I could thank Reno and the others…" Aros said as he motioned the other family member back.

"Aros…" Lexia said as she stared at Roxas. "I will never forget you."

Aros turned to her and smiled. Just as the other family members transformed, Aros released all the energy that had built up in Roxas body. It sent a giant light beam up into the air. The others had to shield their eyes from the light.

"We won't forget anyone." Lexia smiled as all four of the teens spoke. Ven, Aros, Xion… and her Roxas, she heard his voice… his voice stood out the most.

I felt like I was floating when I opened my eyes again. I was instantly blinded by a light though. But I made my eyes adjust when I saw Xion, Ven, and Aros standing in front of me.

"You've been granted… the gift of a werewolf." Ven said. He then disappeared.

"The gift of darkness…" Aros said then his disappeared as well.

"and finally… the gift of light…" Xion said as she walked up to me. "Roxas… use our powers for good… I know you can defeat Sephiroth… I believe in you…"

The light then died from around me as I shifted into a werewolf. 'Roxas!' I looked up as I was tackled to the ground.

'Well hello to you too.' I laughed as I was licked by my boyfriend.

'Oh my god, don't you ever do that again! You almost gave me a heart attack!' I couldn't help but laugh at him.

'Roxas!' I turned my head to see both my parents and my brother running towards us. 'Roxas, dear! Are you okay? How do you feel?'

Axel got off of me and let my mom near me so she could examine me. 'I feel fine.' I said as I stood. But what really surprised me was when I stretched and I noticed two wings. One was black, it was on my right shoulder and the other was white and on my left shoulder.

'Well, look who has finally evolved' I turned as Vanitas jumped down from a tree branch. 'So, little Roxy how does it feel?' I growled at the name as did Axel. Suddenly we were joined by Rude and Vincent, but I was also surprised when the rest of my pack came along with Reno and eight different humans.

'Hmm, pretty good if I must say so.' I said as I noticed the look on Vanitas face as he looked at all the wolfs and humans.

'Well, I must say the odds are against us here.' He smiled. 'But we very well know that there is a war ahead of us.'

'Well let's get it over with then!' Sora said and he growled.

'Very well follow me then.' Vanitas took off through the woods, my little group followed me after him as Sora explained the events to Hayner and Seifer's gangs. Then they were right behind us.

'Ah, so you all have finally made it.' I stopped dead as I glared over at Sephiroth and his gang. He and I stood in front of our own armies. I watched as Sephiroth changed into a human with one wing on his right shoulder. It was exactly like mine. "I am the legacy Dark Demon Hound!" He shouted. "I hereby challenge you Roxas Strife the legendary Twilight Wolf to a battle, Pack against Pack."

'Roxas…' Axel said as I shifted into a human as well. I turned to my pack. Humans lined up the back row as adults Axel and Xinev made the second row, then the final row... Sora, Riku and Namine.

"Well Roxas, all of us are here to back you up!" Hayner said.

"Right! We are proud to serve your majesty!" Kairi said as she bowed all of the other hunters followed after her, then one by one everyone except my family bowed to me.

"Alright then Sephiroth." I said I turned back to him. "Challenge Accepted."

As the words left my mouth everyone turned white behind me becoming human, and behind them all were the spirits of everyone who has fallen over this time. Cid, Yuffie, Aerith, Zack, and Tifa.

Sephiroth laughed as he snapped his fingers, then I stood in fear. Xemnas, Vanitas, Xehanort and Saix became human once more as well. And surrounding them all was heartless and Nobodies like no tomorrow. "Attack!" He shouted.

Everyone behind me roared and ran forward after I did. It was me verse Sephiroth, everyone else against the heartless and nobodies.

"You're mine!" Sephiroth growled as he swiped at me with his sword. I blocked his blow with Oathkeeper.

I did a back flip to dodge an attack from a heartless. Then i used my wings to advantage. I combined my light and super speed to get close to Sephiroth. When I got to him I blasted him with four light beams to paralyze him in place so I could smack him around.

Once the beams disappeared I was thrown back by a suddenly gust of wind. "Ah!" I had ran straight into his sword and it got my leg pretty badly. But I got back up and created 20 balls of light and shot them forward to him. He was able to demolish 5 with one swipe.

"You disappoint me, Roxas." I was suddenly surrounded by a dome of red beams. I glared over to Xemnas who was able to trap me while Sora, Riku, Kairi, and Seifer were trying to take him down. Cloud, Leon, Tifa and Yuffie were taking on Saix while Hayner and Lexia took on Xehanort, while Axel, and Xinev took Vanitas. Everyone else were running to each group healing someone and taking out heartless while they could. But it came to my attention that Maleficent was nowhere in sight.

"Shit!" I cursed as a beam hit my arm. It did bring me out of my thoughts enough to notices that I had to deflect all of them before I could get to Sephiroth, but then I had an idea. "Copy!" I made replicas of myself and while they deflected most of the beams I left through a hole and chased after Sephiroth who was head towards my father group.

"Strife!" he yelled. Cloud looked at him as he rose his sword and was about to swing when I appeared using both Oathkeeper and Oblivion to block the blow.

"Move!" I called as my father stood there in shock. "I said move dammit!" He shook his head then and moved away. I pushed Sephiroth back and glared at him gritting my teeth.

"Hmp, you're getting better with your new powers Roxas." Sephiroth said as he suddenly vanished. "But I have a few tricks up my sleeves my dear boy." I was suddenly surrounded by heartless and swiped at them and they turned into nothing more than black goop in one swing.

My arms moved on their own to block a blast of darkness and I made it split into four beams and sent one towards each one of Sephiroth's men. I watched as Xemnas and Xehanort cried out in pain from the blow, but Saix and Vanitas we able to dodge it. I growled as I turned to beams into light and pulled them back to me sending them in for a critical blow on Sephiroth.

"Oh really?" I said as Sephiroth's unconscious form turned back into a werewolf.

'I'm very impressed Roxas… you've already got me down a level.' He said as he became human again, only this time he was still on his feet, his wing was missing. "But we've only just begun."


Axel staggered backwards and Vanitas blocked yet another one of his attacks. The kid was like water. Anything could go threw him and not hurt him at all.

Xinev seemed to be doing better though. He had Vanitas down on stamina. Which gave Axel a clearing to attack; they kept this pattern up until Vanitas started to use his darkness to handle them.

Axel was lucky enough to dodge his attacks, but Xinev was having problems when one of his arms was paralyzed.

Cloud's group was breaking Saix to the bone, the lunar diviner was sure to break in no time flat. Once he did. Cloud and Tifa were going to help out Hayner and Lexia while Leon and Aerith went over to help Axel and Xinev.

Sora and Riku were able to handle Xemnas on their own and sent Kairi and Seifer to help out with Lexia and Hayner.

"Look out!" Hayner called as he took another hit for Lexia. He didn't mind the extra push he got when he was hit, but it was hard to snipe Xehanort when he moved all over the place. "Dammit, old man stay still!"

"Halo's light!" Lexia called as an overly large Halo hung over Xehanort and within ten seconds he was burnt to a crisp but the light of the halo.

Hayner took this chance to snipe Xehanort in the shoulder. The old coot cried out in pain, but he soon shifted into a werewolf. 'Damn human!' he growled as he ran towards Hayner, but he was shot in the stomach by another bullet only this one came from his left. There he saw that Kairi was the one who shot the bullet.

"Nice shot Kairi!" Hayner yelled. The four of them continued their attacks on Xehanort. But Xehanort stopped dead as did everyone else, save Roxas and Sephiroth who were holding each other at bay with their sword or in Roxas' case swords, when they heard Saix and Xemnas both shout out in pain as they like every other organization member except Axel faded. With them both out of the way Sora ran over to help with Xehanort along with Cloud. He sent Tifa off to go help the others who were fighting off Heartless and Nobodies.

"Xehanort, give up, you're no match against us!" Cloud cried.

"That you are right on, but be warned I will be back…." With that Xehanort left in a dark portal leaving Vanitas and Sephiroth. Cloud watched as his five dead pack members vanished within the wind leaving with smiles on their face glad to be of help in their final hour.

That left the others to help keep the heartless and Nobodies away from Roxas and Axel's group.


Sephiroth had got both of my wings gone, so now I was battling under the moon light with just my keyblades and light.

"Sephiroth, it's no use now!" I yelled as we locked swords again. "Xemnas and Saix are gone! Xehanort left you!"

"SO what Strife!" He said as he pushed me away from him. He swung his sword as it made another cut on my cheek. "I don't need them, I need Vanitas, to do his part! Then you're all mine!" He laughed as I ran towards him light on both of my keyblades.

He shot darkness at me which I swiftly dodge and stabbed him in the chest with both of my keyblades. Which knocked him down to his werewolf form. He got up and ran at me he bit deep into my left leg that he had got earlier making me cry out in pain.

"Roxas!" I heard Axel say then I watched in horror as I knocked Sephiroth off of me as Axel was hit to the ground from an attack from Vanitas. Riku ran in to get Vanitas off of Axel as Xinev followed after the two. I looked at Sephiroth hate flowing in my eyes.

'I told you… I was waiting for Vanitas.' I raised both of my blades both of them glowing in light and darkness.

"I've had it up to about here with you Sephiroth!" I shouted as cried silently "I'm tired of you being the cause of all of my friends deaths!" I stabbed him with Oathkeeper pinning him to the ground. "I'm tired of being you bait! I'm tired of being your revenge!"

I watched as Xinev and Riku got Vanitas pinned to the ground. The others started to surround us as I gave my speech.

"I'm not going to let you hurt me or my family anymore!" I raised Oblivion high into the sky.

'Trust me Roxas… I'm not that easy to get rid of!' He smiled as he coughed blood. 'And I will get my—'

I shoved Oblivion through his neck shutting him up. "No Sephiroth…. I will be the one to get my revenge."

Sephiroth faded away leaving my keyblades behind in the dirt and dust. I did it… I killed the bastard. But… I didn't care about that at this moment. I was running over to Leon and My mother who were working on Axel.

"Is he going to be okay?!" I asked as i sat on my knees holding his hand.

"He should be fine, he lost a lot of blood though." Leon said as he finished wrapping Axel's torso.

"What does that mean?" Namine asked with tears in her eyes. I knew how she was when people die. Luckily for us, everyone still stood proud and strong. I was really proud of my pack.

"He'll be asleep for a while." Lexia explained as she stood and walked over to my dad.

I smiled and sniffed telling me i was crying. "He deserves it." I laughed. Thinking about all of this. I always knew my life was crazy living as a nobody werewolf, turns out my life was crazier than that. I was the Prince of all Fantasy's, I was going to safe the world at least once in my life. Next time I'll it to Sora.

"I'll say!" Riku said. "Good gods all you and Sora ever did in this Damn war was sleep!"

"Hey!" Sora and I said.

"He has a point."

"Oh so you're taking his side now Xinev?!" I said as my older brother ruffled my hair. "Besides it's not like i had a choice." I mumbled.

Everyone laughed at Sora and I. We both fumed, but I quickly got over it when i heard Axel laughing light beside me. "That's true." he mange to say.

"Hey, dont talk to much babe." I said as I gripped the hand I was holding. "We'll have plenty of talking when we get that apartment."

"Heh, dont have to tell me twice." He said. "Besides, I'm the one that really needs sleeping."

"More like we all do." Reno said as he walked over to our little group. He was talking to Hayner, Pence, Olette and Kairi, but the Hunters seemed to be going home. I hope to keep in touch with them, after all they are friends of mine. "I saw we all go home."

"Huh, Home." Cloud said. "I guess we still have the old house Leon and I rented out."

"I think that's perfect. And we can still meet there! After all Vanitas and Xehanort are still out there!" I said with a smiled on my face.

"I agree with Rox, we can even have to Hunters become family too." Sora said.

"Alright, i guess it's settled then." Cloud said. "Let's go home everyone."

2 years later

"Hurry up Axel, breakfast is getting cold! I made French Toast!" It's been two years sense the final battle with Sephiroth, and Axel and I finally got that apartment in Twilight Town. Here we can never turn into werewolves because it's always twilight here.

"Did I hear someone say French Toast?" Axel asked as he sat down at the dining table.

"Yep." I said as I sat a plate full of toast on it, then walked back into the kitchen to get the syrup.

Me and Axel weren't the only ones who were happy at the moment. Riku and Sora went back to having a normal life after we uncursed the moon so now they both turn into werewolves during the full moon. Kairi and Pence got together based on my sources from the other two love birds Hayner and Olette.

My brother eventually got married to Namine, and they are expecting a boy soon. Mom and Dad were glad with the way me and my brother decided who was going to take the crown. I sure as hell didn't want it. So I let my brother have it all he wanted. We still meet at Leon's house, after my dad moved out to go live in the castle with Xinev and Namine, Leon had some extra room and had Reno, Rude and Vincent come in.

"Babe, you're day dreaming again." I was snapped out of my thoughts when Axel pulled me onto his lap.

"Was I?" I asked with a grin.

"Yes you dork." He said as he flicked me in the forehead and made us each a plate.

"Oh I'm the dork?" I asked as he just smiled at me with his cocky grin. "Dipshit." He smiled but that disappeared when the phone rang. "Ax, I got to get the phone."

"No, I like you on my lap babe." I rolled my eyes as I got up from his lap and reached for the phone.

"This is Roxas." I said.

"Roxas?! Oh my god Riku you were right! Oh, Roxas i hope you dont forget about the-" Axel pulled the phone away from my ear as Sora screamed like a girl.

"Sora was this just to find out our number?" Axel asked into the phone.

"Damn straight! But you guys better-"

"Well then you made Roxy get off of my lap to answer the damn phone for no reason. Thank you for calling and don't call again. Thanks bye!" With that Axel hung up and looked at me.

"You handled that well." I said as I avoided his arm of catching me again. "Besides i think Sor, was trying to tell us not to forget about the meeting today at Leon's house." This Axel groaned at.

"Aw come on Roxy I just want to cuddle today." He said while pouting.

"You had that chance at 7 this morning." I said as I walked into the living room to receive our cloaks from the coat hanger. "Get your ass in gear we got Heartless to dispose of today."

"Whatever you say babe." Axel said as he pulled me back on him once I had my cloak on. "Just know that I love you."

"I love you too Axel."

The End
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