Hunted - A Kingdom Hearts Story


"What is your report Marluxia?" Saix asked as the brown wolf trotted up to him.

"We were trailing him, not knowing that we were leading Vanitas to him." Marluxia said as Vexen trotted up beside him.

"From what we observed it seems that Vanitas has gained a new power one that could greatly hurt us, if we want XIII back then we are going to have to bring him back, not by force…"

"What do you mean by that?" Saix asked as he crossed his arms glaring at the two men in front of him.

"It seems that our little friend has found… love…."

Sora, Riku, Axel and I walked over to Cloud's house, all of us with a backpack on our backs ready for the long journey we are going to take today for our new home, we aren't going to be living in a house I can tell you that…

"So Axel's on our side now right?" Sora asked still shaky about Axel just changing sides after our kiss. Axel threw his arm over my shoulders and smiled at Sora.

"Of course I am!" He smiled, I just grinned but went back to my thoughts. Trust me you would too, if you were attack about 5 hours ago using mind control, you would still wonder if you still had your body. Why would he call me Ventus? Do I even know a Ven?

'Yes.' Vanitas' voice said in the back of my mind. I just ignored him and continued on forwards with my friends.

'If I do know one then why can't I remember him, jack ass?' I thought as I remembered last night.

'Ouch… I'm so hurt…. Like I said before… the answers well come eventually.' I sighed as we came closer to the house I was hoping we could start as soon as we showed up, but of course Zack and Aerith were missing from the party. I really had nothing better to do, Axel of course was being glared at from almost everyone in the room, me I was just curled up on couch trying to get some sleep, but thanks to Vanitas I was getting nowhere.

'Can't you ever be helpful?' I asked as he sighed making my ears ring, he sounded so close to me, but he was somewhere, hopefully far away from me.

'Not really…' He snickered making my growled inwardly. 'Look if you have listen to me last night you would have gotten the answers you wanted…'

'Yeah… or straight into a trap…' once again Vanitas sighed making my ears ring. 'Anything else you want to tell me before I actually try to go to sleep.'

'Stop listing to me and listen to your surroundings… you may just find your answer…' As much as I tried to ignore him, it wasn't working because I was taking his advice once again.

"…It looks like he's asleep…" I heard Yuffie say close to me. By the way… I have my eyes closed, "pretending" to be asleep.

"I feel bad for the poor kid…" Zack's voice was next, trust me pretending to be asleep is pretty easy for me, I did it all the time in the organization.

"It's been 3 nights in a row… bet the kid feels hunted…" Cid said, he has actually hung back for the past couple nights, not sure why… Cloud and Leon do though…

"I would too, maybe it would be best to keep him near us at all times…" Tifa said.

"Not only does he have to worry about Hayner and the gang… but now he has to deal with the Organization…" Sora said.

"Not only them, but Vanitas too… and his master…" Axel said… I guess he sat down because the spot on the couch next to me got lower.

"Axel?" Namine asked.


"Do you know anything about Vanitas and his Master?"

"I know very little about Vanitas' master, but I know a lot about Vanitas… Kid's got freaky powers, the one he used last night on Roxas was his Mind control, but that's not all if the kid even breaths on you better be prepared to pass out." I felt a hand mess with my hair as I heard Vanitas sigh once more.

'Will you stop that!? You making my ears bleed!' I yelled as I just heard Vanitas snicker again.

"At least we all know to stay clear of Vanitas then…" Riku said.

"Could you tell us about the Organization's powers?" Leon asked.

"Well I guess… Xemnas basically can cut you pretty deep, Xigbar is the same but he can still defy gravity. Xaldian controls the wind as usual; it's a great way to get Roxy here trapped. Vexen has three types of claws, ice, poison and fire. Lexaeus, Luxord and Demyx have the same powers from before only Luxord can attack like Lexaeus without his cards, Saix's the same only he can mind control like Vanitas. Zexion uses magic, no need to worry about any new powers, Marluxia and Larxene as well." Axel said as he moved his hand from my head to my face. I then heard him sigh… "Roxas on the other hand… well he has new powers, for some reason he can't wield a keyblade as a wolf only as human, But the new powers he has we all don't know… not even the poor kid himself…"

"So that would explain why he is being hunted…" Yuffie said. Axel's hand moved away from me leaving me alone as I tensed.

'See, I told you… know one but the master knows… we're your only Choice Ven… it's time to come home…' As Vanitas said this, I had finally fallen asleep, but it wasn't good for me…

'Ah, well done Vanitas.' A deep rough voice said from behind shadows as I stood in front of the shadows, Vanitas standing behind me. I looked around to see that we were in a different part of the forest.

'Don't worry Kid… it's only dreamland, we look real to you… you look like mist to us…' Vanitas said as he walked closer to me.

'What do you want now!?' a voice said from behind the shadows I turned my head to the side as the voice sounded like a girl. 'What? Does he—' the voice was cut off all I heard was total silence until a women with bright blue hair and blue eyes walked up to me.

'Aqua… so nice to see that you remember your friend! Only thing is… does he remember you?' The women looked at me tears streaming down her face… the name Aqua… she felt like a friend… I knew a long time ago…

'V-Ven?' She asked as she put her hand on my cheek… I stood still watching Aqua's movements. 'Come on Ven? Don't you remember me? You know? Aqua?' I looked at her she was taller than me, so she crouched down so she could look at me eye level.

'I'm sorry… but I don't think… I know you? My name's Roxas… not Ven or Ventus…' I said. it made me feel guilty as I watched her expression change from shocked to depressed.

'Roxas… look at me…' I had turned my head away from her because I didn't want to watch her cry because I wasn't the one she was looking for…

'Well Vanitas looks like Ventus has been living in this boy for so long that he can't remember his true name…' the man said.

'Roxas… look at me… whatever you do, do not follow Vanitas anywhere, anytime you see him you run the opposite way understand…?' I nodded my head and she smiled. 'Take care Ven…' Just as everything was starting to fade I saw Vanitas and Aqua change,

'Get him.' The man said just as everything went black.

I shot up from the ground seeing that I was in the middle of the forest once more…

'Roxas!' My head turned to the side to see Axel glaring at me. I tilted my head to the side as I looked at the werewolf.

'Hi Axel… what's wrong?'

'What's wrong is that you gave everyone a heart attack when you just vanished!' I looked at Axel completely confused…


'Don't apologize….' My eyes widen as I turned to see Vanitas standing behind me, 'You didn't do anything… Axel didn't know of my new power so he blamed it on you… it's really kind of sad to see that your boyfriend accuses before asking…'

'Roxas! Don't listen to him!' Axel yelled.

'Why!? He makes a point… I was about to say sorry for something I didn't even do, but hell if we know! Because I have new powers!' I yelled. Axel eyes widen as he knew that I was listening to him earlier.

'Roxas i—'

'You what?! Never knew I was listening, yeah well know you do…'

'Roxas…' I huffed as I turned to run; I needed to think this all off. Vanitas just smiled as I passed him I knew he was going to chase me, but that was before I relized that he wasn't anywhere near me. My eyes widen as I relized that I had super speed.

A new power cool! A great get away… now what am I going to do…? I thought as I found a tree that was at the edge of the forest, it over looked the island and the ocean, it was beautiful tonight, it was a perfect night for peaceful thinking.

I can't go back to either the Organization or The Radiant Garden pack… maybe I wasn't meant to be part of any pack but my own… I can't just live here either, it would be nice but as everyone said I'm being "hunted". I sighed as I just wished I could be invisible so no one could find me, I actually just wanted to be left alone.

Just as I wished I actually became invisible I couldn't see my paws so that proved it… I guess… figuring out 2 new powers in one night… this is going to take some getting used to…

'Roxas… I know that you want to be along… I would too, but you have to listen to Aqua… you can't go anyway near Vanitas.' A new voice said.

'Let me guess… your Ven right? The Boy that lives in me?'

'Yeah… and it's all my fault that—'

'Let me stop you right there… nothing is your fault… this was our destiny, this is why this place is called Destiny Islands…'

'You really believe that?'

'Yeah… it's home to me, if I could I would swim to that island over there, but knowing anything Sora and Riku would be there looking for me…'

'You do know that you have to go back at some point…'

'Yeah… but I think I just need the night to think it off…' I sighed as I watched the water ripple from a tear that had fallen from my face, it wasn't me that cried, although it felt like I had, It wasn't actually that bad sharing a body. Maybe Ven's right… The Radiant Garden pack is my family… I will have to go back eventually.

At some point I had fallen asleep making myself open bait, but I was woken up by the sudden howl behind me. I turned my head over the side of the trunk to see Cloud searching around the area for me. He must have alerted the other that I was nearby. I wasn't really in the mood to be found yet, so I climbed the tree a little higher to see who all was with Cloud…

'Any luck?' Cloud asked Leon and Tifa.

'Not a single sign of him…' Tifa said.

'We just have to hope that the Organization didn't get a hold of him… lord only knows what they want from him…' Leon sighed.

'The Organization?!' I felt the hair on my back stand as I heard Vanitas snicker from beside me. Cloud, Leon, and Tifa looked up at us Vanitas smiling as he looked at me. I noticed that I had stayed still and was invisible; apparently Vanitas was the only one who could see me. 'He should really be worried about me and my Master.'

'Where is he Vanitas!?' Cloud growled as Vanitas looked down at him.

'Oh! You can't see him beside me? My little slave?'

'He's not your slave Vanitas!' Axel growled as he came up behind us and grabbed the back of my neck with his teeth taking me down with him by Tifa, Cloud and Leon.

'Oh, but is he?' Vanitas smiled as he looked me dead in the eye, his starting to change color… I looked away only to relized that he wasn't after me… this time he got Axel, Tifa, and Leon's attention Cloud was fighting it, but it was slowly taking him over.

'Roxas…' Cloud said I opened my eyes to see his eye lose their pupils, leaving only blue in his eyes. 'Whatever you do… don't hold back…'

Cloud backed away from me Axel, Tifa and Leon doing the same as Vanitas came down to look at me. His eyes still changing colors but I still looked away, not once opening my eyes. It was hard to tell where he was sense I could only hear growls coming from my friends surrounding us. Just then I felt a paw on my lower back, claws coming up and down on my back, something didn't feel right thought…

'Just lay down…' Ven said, obviously he could actually see what was going on, me having my eyes closed so I wouldn't fall under the spell. 'It's okay, Vanitas left…'

'Thanks Ven…' I opened my eyes to see the pack around me looking at me with worry; everyone was in human form… what happened?

'I don't know… I think Vanitas was playing mind games with you…'

"Hey Cloud! He's awake…" Yuffie said making me cover my ears. "Oh, Sorry Roxy…"

"Geez Roxas are you trying to scare us!" Sora cried as I sat up…

"W-what happen?" I asked as I shivered it felt incredibly cold in the room I was in.

"You slept through the whole night…" Riku said. "We thought you were hurt…"

"Don't blame him…" Ven said as he showed up between Riku and Sora. Everyone looked at him with shock. "It was Vanitas' fault he gained a new power… he can mess with you in your dreams… but that's not the only thing…"

"Oh… right…. Uh… Axel said I have new powers and let's just say that Vanitas showed me them.."

"Well what are they!" Sora asked with excitement racing through him.

"Roxas, has super speed and can turn invisible." Ven said a smile coming on his face. I smiled back as everyone laughed as Sora made a face trying to turn invisible too… I think Ven was going to make a great new ghostly member….

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