Hunted - A Kingdom Hearts Story

Let's Take a Little Trip

"You both are pure Monsters!" Aqua cried at Vanitas and the old man as she watched the boy that look like Ven disappear from view.

"Yeah, we are and we love it… just to let you know you're one of them…" Vanitas snickered.

"Shut-up you bastard!" Aqua yelled as an old man with golden eyes showed up behind Vanitas.

"Has the task been finished?"

"Yes, Master… everything is going as planned…"

Axel wrapped his arm around my waist as everyone was falling asleep so we were wide awake for tonight… tonight we are moving out to a cave system where we are going to live. I felt his gripped tighten as I saw my hands disappear he must have lost sight of me and tighten harder to make sure I was still beside him. I sighed inwardly wait for night to come.

'What's wrong, Roxas?' Ven asked as he appeared at eye level with me.

'I can't sleep… I don't want to…'


'Do I even have to explain it?' I closed my eyes as I saw Vanitas again grinning at me.

'Oh… I see, but it would be wise to get some sleep…'

'Yeah… I know…' I closed my eyes again waiting for sleep to come to me, but something felt… strange… Axel and I only kissed we weren't officially going out… but we are sleeping the same bed together.

"Roxas?" Axel sighed in my ear.


"Can you turn visible again so I can see you?" I smiled as I saw my hand again. "Thank you."

"No problem…" I sighed again and felt Axel's hand move from my waist to my back. He puts his hand under my shirt and rubs my back, instantly putting me to sleep.

Now when I say something doesn't fell right, I'm usually wrong but this time it… felt… right. When I woke up I was as a wolf with me riding on Cloud's back as Sora was on Leon's.

'Cloud?' I asked as I yawned looking at him.

'It's okay Roxas… we are almost there… Axel told us about you having a hard time sleeping last night so we let you sleep…'

'Sora on the other hand is a very heavy sleeper we've tried everything to wake him up.' Leon said as I noticed Sora smiled. I shook my head only to see that I was invisible I guess no one cared to tell me. I jumped off of Cloud's back and onto the ground and started to trot next to Cloud.

'If you want to, Roxas… go on ahead and take a little run; the cave is just up ahead the hill to the left.' I smiled at Cloud as he nodded his head giving me permission to use my power. Just as he said I ran up the rest of the hill and found the cave on the left. It was huge. Plus there were trees everywhere. Perfect place to climb trees and relax for a bit, but I wanted to run some more.

That is until Yuffie came up the hill huffing. 'No fair you have super speed, and I wanted to be the first person here.'

'Sorry Yuffie, maybe next time.' I smiled as she ran after me, me I just jumped onto one of the trees with the super speed enjoying the wind go pass my ears as I did so.

'Hey!' I looked down at the bottom of the tree to see Axel there smiling as he locked eyes with me. I smiled back as he started to climb the tree with me.

'Oh, you climb trees too?' I laughed as I won the race we had to the 10th branch from the 5th.

'Yeah, got it memorized?' We laughed as the other chuckled to them self's as they entered the cave and picked a spot to sleep in.

'Hey Axel, Can I ask you something?' I asked as Axel watched the moon.

'Sure, what is it?'

'Are we actually going… you know… out?' I asked as I looked down at the ground locking eyes with Ven… he actually was my look alike. He has the same color hair as me and blue eyes we looked like twin wolfs.

'Only if you want to… After all we did kiss…' I felt heat rising through me, I guess I was blushing but I don't know where it was showing as a wolf.

'Well we never declared it an actually relationship.' I said as I moved to look at Axel a smirk crossing my face as I caught his emerald eyes look at me.

'Then I guess there's only one thing to do…'

'What would that be?'

'Roxas would you—'Axel's eye left from mine to somewhere behind me. I turned my head to the side as he growled.

'Axel? Are you ok?'

'Roxas, you need to go into the cave and stay with Cloud…' I looked at him as Ven appeared beside me.

'I'll take him Axel, I warn Cloud and the others as well.'

'No… this is my fight, not yours…Both of you go in there, don't warn anyone understand?'

'But Axel, I—'

'No Roxas! You have to trust me….'

'Axel…' Ven nudged me to following him off the tree, my heart was completely breaking. But that shouldn't be possible… I don't have a heart. I went inside the cave and took a spot next to Cloud, Ven lying on the other side of me. I looked outside the cave entrance and watched as Axel ran into the forest.

'Axel… you are a nobody… you shouldn't have emotions.' Saix said as Axel ran up in front of him.

'But I do Saix, Roxas does as well… Demyx and Zexion… Marly and Vex… Xigbar and Xaldian… You and Xemnas. You all do… but why is it so hard for you to understand that Xemnas lied to us?'

'He would never lie!' Saix growled. 'It's because of that brat you love so much…. He is the reason why everyone feels they have emotions! You're the one who can't understand anything!' Axel tackled Saix biting and scratching the wolf making each cut burn like a living hell sense he had the power of fire.

'You take that back!' Axel growled as he bounced off of Saix. Crimson red streaming in spots on the blue haired wolf as he struggled to stand up.

'You can't make me… it's true and you know it… He is different than us, he and Vanitas both…' Saix said as he spat blood out between each pause.

'He is nothing like Vanitas! He uses his power for good; the poor kid only figured them out last night!' Axel growled as he finished healing from the minor scratches he got from the fight.

'Roxas is nothing like any of us, sooner or later Cloud will relized this and banish him from the town… his own home… but me… I was only a minor distraction…' Saix chuckled as his gaze went to the cave not too far from behind a few trees. 'Right now Xemnas is in there getting your little puppy and taking him close to the hunters…'

'Shit…' Axel growled looking at Saix then to the cave. He took off towards the cave he was in between the cave and the forest before Saix tackled him.

'Hmp… if we can't have him… no one can… death will be the only solution to this problem…' Saix smiled as a silver haired wolf with golden eyes walked up to them a little blonde ball was curled up on his back… unconscious.

'Roxas!' Axel yelled as he kicked Saix off of him and ran after Xemnas who took off with the blonde wolf on his back.

'Poor Axel…' Larxene's voice sounded through the trees. He ignored it knowing that Roxas was more important than Larxene, but he soon regretted it when a lightning bolt hit him dead in the back making crumble onto the ground as he saw the silver wolf get away with his loved one.

As Axel left, I had nothing to do but worry I didn't want to sleep, I wanted to be the first one to help Axel if he got hurt. Even if I did fall asleep and someone heard it I would be the first one there because of my super speed.

'Roxas…' my head lifted as I saw Namine looking at me.

'Hi Namine…' I whisper. She smiles at me and nods her head towards the entrance. I nodded and followed after her. We stood just about 5 inches from the actually opening but we were far enough away from the others so we wouldn't wake them up from our chat.

'How much do you like Axel?' My eyes widen as Namine focused out at the moon shining just above us. Dawn was on its way.

'A lot… really. I don't know myself let alone how much he loves me back.' I sighed.

'That's a shame…' I looked at Namine as she glanced back at me.

'What is?'

'That you don't even know how much your own boyfriend loves you… if my boyfriend never showed how much he loved me then he isn't the right one for me…'

I smiled as Namine giggled… 'I see…'

'Just thought I let you know… well I'm going to go back to sleeps… see you later Roxas…'

'See you later…' I said as she walked back into the cave. It felt strange to actually date a boy… it's my first time… from what Xion used to say about Axel when they were dating he would always keep stuff bottled up… like he was doing something he wasn't supposed to.

"Hey Roxas, has Axel been acting strange lately?" Xion asked as we waited for Axel to return with the ice cream.

"No. Why?"

"I don't know… he just seems to be keeping stuff bottled up… it's like he has something to hide from us."

Back then it was the true secret about Xion and how she was a puppet made to take half of my power… but that all changed when Saix had bit us all.

'Roxas. Number XIII. The hearts chosen one.' I felt a cold chill go up my back as Xemnas' voice filled the air. 'It's a pity really that we have to… dispose of you.' I turned just in time to see a red claw come close to me but I dogged it and jumped back.

'Xemnas!'Riku growled as him and Ven showed up behind the silver wolf.

Xemnas chuckled as he looked at Riku then at Ven. 'Well if it isn't little Ventus.'

'His name is Ven!' I growled as Xemnas' attention came back to me. He swiped at me again but Riku blocked it falling to the ground sliding across the dirt to hit the wall.

'Roxas be careful… Axel said he could cut really deep.' Ven said as I dogged yet another claw.

'Ven, don't worry about me… Riku is the one that's really hurt.' I said as I used my speed to get beside Ven.

'Roxas!' Sora yelled as he came up behind us. 'Where's Riku?'

My gaze went over to where Riku struggled to get up from the wall. He hobbled back to us holding up his front paw showing us that he was hurt.

'Riku!' Sora yelled as he and Ven went over to Riku and helped him to safety. I was paying attention to my friends wasn't paying any attention to Xemnas witch got me a giant cut across my stomach.

'Oh no… Roxas!' Namine said as she came up beside Ven and watched as I fell to the ground on my good side.

Xemnas smirked as he put me on his back. 'If you were wise… you wouldn't follow.' Xemnas said to my friends. Sora was the first one to try to get to me, but Ven held him back. I only got one last look at me friends before I started to fade into unconsciousness. I whimpered as I felt the cold air on my cut on my stomach. Xemnas knew I was starting to lose to much blood, but it was enough to keep me knocked out for a while.

'Roxas!' I heard Axel scream my name as more sound started to fade. Even the wind from Xemnas running was starting to fade. I was either dying or Vanitas was about to pull me back into dreamland….

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